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  1. Let's be honest. We were that blue guy at once. (This video was rushed for some personal reason)
  2. ZOMBEQUIET! Let me sleep would ya? Will fresh flesh meal be enough to mute them?
  3. Steve's survival in the zombie apocalyptic world! But zombies are a bit dumb.
  4. What will happen if something other than gold meets the apple? Maybe a disaster? (There are some religious stuffs in this video. Hope you don't take anything seriously)
  5. Thanks. One is good enough. Thank you. I'll try to keep that brilliance.
  6. Boney Man met his match this time! Meet the powerful lightning-struct Charged Cow! To be honest, the ending was quite disappointing. I'll come back with something more crazy. Some of the forum members are in this video as cameos. See if you could find them!
  7. Next animation will be another Boney Man. Thanks a lot. Also, extra thanks for recognizing my efforts trying to put a lot of things into it.
  8. What was the version of Minecraft you've first played? Don't you miss those times? If you do, then this is for you. Past interacting with present. Indev Steve/Beast Boy model is Not mine. It's made by @mbanders
  9. Sub Zero VS The Former Sub Zero. My first action animation. I tried something entirely different this time. No story, no skeleton, just action. Song Used: RED - Yours Again(Instrumental)
  10. Wow I never thought my character would get a fan art.
  11. If you want your character as a cameo, you can just say it here. I'll contact those people when I work on the next Boney Man
  12. If I get another silly idea, I think he would! But I'm glad that they're not like Willcraft's Monster School knockoffs Thank you for enjoying the video and leaving the comment @DCTAnimations
  13. Highlights: 1:29 2:41 3:45 5:08 Meet the dumbest hero in existence! (Video quality is somewhat low due to unknown error while uploading)
  14. This one is WAY better than my second animation. Nice job.
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