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Found 484 results

  1. Another maximum quality render, and I loved this outcome. The credits goes to: @Hozq for inspiration of his "some highway render idk". Give him a applause. @Ghatos for the infamous muscle car, also one of my favorite cars. @Dawid24M for his police cars. Nice details, mate! @Phyre for tutoring me on some lighting, and scene of this render. @Frost for tutoring me on DoF(yeah, I got some troubles which is best). Ladies and Users, may I present you: FAST AND FURIOUS
  2. Here's my lamest I MEAN latest wallpaper
  3. I am reporting a problem. For some time I have problems with rendering 4K video animation in .mp4 format before I could render freely, but with the download of the new version my imator starts to be bothersome. I am reporting a problem. For some time I have problems with rendering 4K video animation in .mp4 format before I could render freely, but with the download of the new version my Mine-imator starts to be bothersome.
  4. Halloween or not, I posted this to match my first pixel weapon: Deathtoller. It was a pain, but the school computer managed to up to maximum quality of it. Constructive criticism are always welcome. Don't forget, I made this to show my weapon, not the theme please don't say it's not even halloween
  5. This was a project took longer than I intended it to take. Added as much as I could and had to optimize a bit before Mine-imator would give up. I made all models and used JosSamLoh's displacement map illusion on the ground to add depth and 3D realism. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The render shown above is the last render of the project that Mine-imator would render before crashing.
  6. The Spinosaurus rig goes to MaskedIndominus, he's found in SharpWind's Discord Server if you want the rig. Hope this brightens your day. :3
  7. Credits goes to: Me- for the weapon, skin and background, and a couple of camera effects @ShotUAnimations for the assist for more lighting fixes and camera renew(oof)
  8. made this because i was bored also i love mornings
  9. my son stupid
  10. my attempt at isometric attempt 2
  11. i hate my posing
  12. CC appreciated
  13. A new year, a new beginning. HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYONE! There it is, my own official wallpaper for the year 12,020 HE! © Prism Δ Productions, 2020-2021 I posted it as a JPEG mainly because of the ridiculously massive file size (50 MB!!!) that even compression couldn't help and because I want to protect my image. Is there a world record for how many tags someone can put in one post of these forums?
  14. CC appreciated
  15. I want to thank @MicrogamerCz for rendering me thins in 4K.
  16. This is to cheer my lad, @jakubg1! It's not about him quitting MI, but to have his heart warmed up. go to house to bake cookies
  17. There's a heavy load upon our backs, of things we carry from the past. Thanks to: @CoLahaust for their guitar rig, @Frost* for the campfire rig, @9redwoods for rendering it, and my amazing friends Joseph and @Hagus because they're just awesome.
  18. The Nightingale, a Time Lord in a Type 27 TARDIS, lands somewhere to think. To figure out where he'll go next. Every planet. Every star, everything that ever has been or will be... Where will he start..?
  19. Do you think we'll always be this way? Railroad by @Ethaniel.
  20. Credits goes to: @Zuexs for his King rig. @Mr. Cat for his Prince rig. @ky_09095 for his Ender Dragon rig. I spent this for hours and couldn't finish it, because of Thanksgiving delays.
  21. "Yes, I will go and capture some confidential documents in that Ching Yan building. I oughta be surprised my old friend is one of them. Ok, I gotta go. Titan out." My Spy submission for the @AnxiousCynic contest considering a collab of a Spy theme. Started doing this thanks to the Spy wallpaper of @anima cryses. Thx m8! Credits: @rakaela for the Papers, Please rig, and I made it look like a document @SoldierGG1 for the pistol rig.
  22. Credits goes to @Batman4014 for Genji and Hanzo rig. Pretty detailed. The Hanamura map goes to RehctElf68 This is the first collab between @ShotUAnimations and me. He's in 1st place in Best Renderers in MI forums. Also, 100% MI.
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