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Found 406 results

  1. Hey everyone!! So I posted a status earlier today showing off this bad wallpaper I made for the AnxiousCynic wallpaper competition, and apparently, everyone loved it so I'm posting it here Unedited: Thanks to SKIBBZ for the outdoor sets and @OzFalcon for the amazing pumpkin model! Ok bye
  2. Howdy, here's a wallpaper I made. Thanks to @Slime for letting me use his skin! Bookshelf rig, and book rig by @PigmanMovie Thanks again to Slime for making this variation of my skin. Constructive criticism is appreciated as always.
  3. Nerdy Animations

    Your Worst Nightmare 4K

    This is a wallpaper I made in my free time. I love the new bloom feature.
  4. Thebloxpro

    A Starry Night (4K)

    Well, This is a place I have not been to in a while... But I have seen the new mine-imator pre release and I was playing around with it for a while while playing around I made this cool wallpaper!
  5. Foxtrot0806

    Untitled [4K Cinematic]

    Oof. So I opened Mine-Imator to make a classroom render and ended up making this. What is it? I don't know. Working to this:
  6. 9redwoods

    Broken [4K Cinematic]

    I can't get enough of including weather in my wallpapers! Here. I'm sorry these wallpapers have only been half-decent. I've been struggling a lot with wallpaper ideas. This may reflect my internal struggles or the drama on the forums recently. It doesn't have a true purpose, though. Okay bye.
  7. OK! Finally, It's done! Thank you to everyone who gave me their skin and rigs. This was a really fun wallpaper to create! Let me hear your thoughts in the comments! I'll see you all later. The forums need to give up on using Mine-imator because of a tiny bug David needs to fix. But people are resistant to David's requests. All the people of the MI forums have an all-out war over what is right. WHO WILL WIN? People in the wallpaper: @BaconSandwich @Ian_The_One @DuallyElemental @MikTRF @YoshiHunter @hiendiep55 @Slime @JH Animations @TecnoGamerJW @ThatRobloxerGamerYT @WAZZL3 @Ninja Dino @EnderSculptor @GamingQuick @XxEmeraldSquidxX @AlfaProductions @Obsidian_XK @-StickyMations- @Netherall Brimstone @JB Animations @Nerdinq I know, the wallpaper sucks, I'm sorry to disappoint you all. It was the best I could do. One thing you might or might not have noticed is that there are some skins you probably don't recognize in there. That's because those skins are some of my good friends: IzzyDog200, RadReagan2005, Mr_GeekG, and the all-famous PopCorn. Alright, I'll catch you all later! Bye!
  8. Something New I'm going to take a break from the edgy/over edited wallpapers. I'm going to start posting more unedited wallpapers, so I hope you like them.
  9. Knife rig by: @Tomas1O1. Made in Mine-Imator And MediBang! Map: World Of Worlds 3.1
  10. WAZZL3

    The Lake (Kind of) 4K

    Facial Rig by @Dr. Nexil & @Keep on Chucking Made in M.I. and edited in MediBang.
  11. SwiftDrew16

    Steve's World {4K Wallpaper}

    "Welcome New Player, To Your World...." Just a quick wallpaper/poster that I made, It took only about 30 to 35 minutes to make and edit to my liking! Criticism is welcome, but it has to be valid and not off-topic. Unedited Version Edited Version Hope you guys and gals enjoy, I will make sure to upload more frequently if I can! "Ok" ~Swift
  12. Hey y'all. New wallpaper, spent about 3 hours on it, not including time to rig I made a new facial rig for it, as well as weapons, creatures, items, ect. the facial rig is inspired by Skibbz, although it's not as good as his. lol Anyways heres the wallpaper: I know you're all probably looking for the rig pics I don't think I can post them here but shh don't tell the mods!
  13. Rendered by @Liuverdea Raw Render ▼
  14. 9redwoods

    Road Trip [4k cinematic]

    So I made this wallpaper. My best yet?? Let me know! I also made a speedart! Watch it, I need views
  15. I have homework to do but meh, I wanted to do this instead. AGAIN it's all MI:CB with no edits (except the watermark). Took around 5/6 hours to make. @UnmutEMC Pls tell me what you think :3 4K wallpaper: imgur link: Anyway, you can use this wallpaper however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks ;3 Previous Wallpaper:
  16. I guess I did ANOTHER wallpaper, this time I wanted to make one with a dark feel to it, so I made a basement. This took about 2 days to make and I'm really proud of the outcome (like always, it was made in MI:CB without editing it in any other program, except for the watermark) 4K Non-cinematic 4K cinematic: Imgur Link: You can use these wallpapers however you like, just don't claim them as your own, thanks ;3 Make sure to check out my previous wallpaper too!
  17. Stolderan

    Remnant of the past

    credits: @Hozq for the facial rig @EnderSculptor for weapons
  18. Rig is made by me, without using any other rigs.
  19. Rollo

    EXILED (4K)

    This is the second in the "series" I suppose (I'm just making these for fun, and to improve my posing, lighting, and editing skills). There's a story somewhere. Tell me if I improved from the last one! The "first":
  20. BaconSandwich

    Just a Casual Stroll

    I've just taken up art in Mine-Imator lately, and I'd like to say I'm pretty good so far. I'm using stuff like this as practice for a real animation, and because I enjoy making art this way. The premise of this render is that my brother (left) and I (right) are walking through a forest at the crack of dawn in the summer, as he tells some sort of story. I really wanted to make it feel lush, and I think I've accomplished that. Please give your honest opinion. Imgur Link
  21. Nonecares

    In The Dark [4K Wallpaper]

    My best wallpaper yet!
  22. Oh yeah Before ya'll give me critisism does anyone know how NOT To lose motivation on something?
  23. (click image to view in full resolution) W/o additional lighting: W/o edits: Some other edits I made for the funsies: Made this for fun. there's no real story to this (this character's real tho ).
  24. Suicunicide

    The Devil's Train

    Got the idea from a song. Unedited: Edited: