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Found 523 results

  1. Well... New Horizons really... Does great job. The probe will still continues to wander into the Kuiper Belt, waiting to approach something. Pluto: Pre-New Horizons Pluto: New Horizons
  2. "Officer Ken on hot pursuit. Went into Highway 101, through north-west perimeter. Advancing toward the targe-wait, he stopped. -KSSSSH- Going to investigate. -clickclack- Approaching the vehicle... FREEZE! -KSSSSH- Dead. Something mauled his thro-god..it can't be a bear, or a wolf. He's messed up. Very bad. Need backup now. -KSSSH- Found some prints. Looks like wolf, but it's so..odd. Ah, backup's comin-what the hell? -KSSSH- Something's behind the car. Antlers, could be a deer. But it's big. Real big. Backup now. NOW! Oh no, no no no no..help. HELP HELP! -screaming and a THUD-" Credits: @Floofy for the Wendigo rig, it inspires me so much @Ghatos for the Sedan rig. Pretty neat, no? @Dr. Nexil for giving me advice on putting blue/red lights cuz police lights. Before ya ask, Wendigo slammed against the car, and the left headlight's electricity jolted. So, no light on that left headlight. CC would be much appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, I have decided to remake a old render I made long ago, Antlers: Credits goes to @Floofy for the epic wendigo rig he made. CC is much appreciated.
  4. hi... i'm here i guess. have this i guess or something. whatever. i hate everyt- COUGH HELLO! I'm here, been a while, not an edgelord just yet. Got a sudden urge to make some stuff in Mine-Imator once again. No it's not supposed to be fad, I think. Just something that best fits what I was going for . Hope you've all been well too, I might visit again, sooner or later. Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  5. Made this Portal 2 render, really happy with it. Chell isn't used cuz i figured out "why not have a custom character?", and I placed myself in lol. Anyways, credits! @BaconSandwich for his portal 2 pack, the wall textures, floor textures, the entrance/exit thing, the portal gun, and his turret. Glados is made by me(half complete), and MAYBE it will be private(not really sure). Happy extremely late b-day, Bacon :D, the Glados rig will truly be yours soon! CC is very much appreciated, might need help with lighting and stuff like that
  6. Was originally going to change some things, like the puppet rig and w.bon rig and positions, but when COVID-19 pandemic happened, I couldn't go back to school and fix em. It was really frustrating and sadistic at the same time. Worked on this thing for months, and now that's all I got. Yeah, used school computer since it's really powerful. Made it UHD 4K cinematic before, but covid, so now all I got is the discord one, not even 4k ;( Criticize all you want, the damage is already done. Credits: @Ystijger for Withered Mike @ShotUAnimations for Mangle and old w.bon rig @IAmOnlyMasada for oldest puppet rig. Couldn't find a better one until Yst made a way better one, but covid hit it, now I can't change it. I am probably the unluckiest guy in the MI forums on school computer project thing
  7. Today was my friend's dog's anniversary. His name was Yanos, a shepherd dog the size of 7-year-old toddler. He was so caring, so loving, and he never let me down. It has been 6 years since I met and played with him in Italy, each summer I would walk up the street to greet his satisfying smile. Then, at the end of 6 years, I was playing in my backyard with my ball, and my mother went to notify me that...Yanos' dead. Hit by a car at night and went in coma. Later in the hospital, he died. That day was when I cried so bad I couldn't hold back. I still mourn my best friend, but I know in my heart he went in a safe haven. May he rest in peace Credits: @DragonPixel for rendering and fixing some lighting issues. @Floofy for his rig. @Swingzero for his old skin(he's behind the door, really dark to see) And yes, I remade my OC. Remember, take care of those who needs help, even animals. They always warm your heart. Please do this favor for me, my friends.
  8. Made this render to show my two original gone animatronics, inspired by @Jnick(although he says ew they not gone), I also made Gone C h i c a, but it doesn't fit in this theme. Please put out CC, cause I am having a hard time perfecting renders from these buggy shadows btw if you guys think why i do fad renders today is cause they give me ideas, while non-fad ones are difficult to build together, so yeah
  9. Honestly I don't know what the glowy stuff is, or why I put it in the image, but it's already been fully rendered and I'm too lazy tired to remake it without the glowy-stuff in it
  10. 9redwoods had recovered from the nerve-wrenching reflection maze and went into the vast, mysterious trail that will lead him to another part. He doesn't know what awaits him, but it's better than staying in the void forever. @9redwoods for his V4 rig @Ystijger for rendering this for me Beacons by me "Hope" that you enjoyed this! Please leave CC out here so I would improve on posing, lighting, and theme
  11. I don't know why I rendered this in 4K, but it looks pretty nice. - Edit: Yeah I probably should've improved the ambient/moonlight lighting, but.. I got lazy.
  12. Benji


    "Send out the signal and I'll fly low, If it means the death of me, I won't let goAnd if I'm lost in the worlds shadows, I'll use the light that comes to meFrom your halo" I won't let go...
  13. So basically nearly everyone have their own OC rigs, @9redwoods's OC model inspired me to make my own. So yeah, me greeny. Credits to @Hozq for his sharp mouth, but then I modified it a bit and made my own teeth. CC is well appreciated.
  14. No need to scream, little one. Allow me to send you to a place where all this nightmare never happened. Don't worry, my dear. Everything will be FINE. Vector is the custom animatronic I made for Geo the Animator since he made it in Blender, so I made it as MI version, made it better. Credits goes to some guy for the horror mansion. I don't know the name, hopefully I will find out.
  15. I tried to go for the shading and lighting style of the Anime Dr. Stone Rigs By: @WAZZL3 Crafting Table by: @ULTRABEAST Software: Mineimator and CSP
  16. Credits: @ShotUAnimations for skin @Phyre for inspiration(ack i need to stop being inspired ;-;) Dreadbear and Grim Francisco Pizzaro are made by me, and they are private. I had plenty of feedback in Discord, like from Ian, IKEA, and _Mine(no need to ping), and Shot also helped me. CC is much appreciated.
  17. i was trying to make the title sound like old english
  18. I made another F N A F character: Dreadbear! I made Grim F o x y before, and now I decided to do this one(actually it's still wip, the waist is ongoing)! Credits: @Phyre and her team for their Dreadbear teaser, inspired me. Trainguy for Dreadbear's head. CC is appreciated!
  19. My own Beast Bendy rig, inspired by Trainguy Edit again: f i forgot to credit @Hozq for sharp mouth Rendered 4k, and yeah, not my favorite render, but just to show ya guys my Beasty boi
  20. "Who am I?" Yay, something not fad. I know what you thinking, my graphic card is terrible, and I am in decision to upgrading my PC. Credits: @9redwoodsfor V4 rig CC is appreciated, and this is a sequel to "Hope":
  21. CC welcome
  22. https://imgur.com/qmpl5L5
  23. Hey guys i hope your having a fantastic day and i wanna show you this wallpaper i made
  24. Grim F o x y by me, inspiration from @Phyre I kinda 'copied' the head compared to Phyre's, but the rest is by me. The textures, even the size too.
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