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  1. Yikes, still better than my first render lmao...
  2. holy hell, 98% linear?! are you even human? holy hell.
  3. BladerInc

    Helicopter Rig

    Looks like a good game.
  4. BladerInc

    Helicopter Rig

    What’s unturned? Dangit, should’ve added that Maybe, Thx
  5. BladerInc

    Helicopter Rig

    Here's the Rig https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NX0O7jC3E3RjYXlcRsjn4nug1wfTUCcL *Both the front and back are ugly*
  6. Thought these were gonna be bad, I was very wrong, sorry I doubted you, this is quite impressive.
  7. Nice work, though i do feel it could be a bit more smooth, this is quite impressive!
  8. If you wouldn’t mind me asking, where did you get that helicopter rig?
  9. Hmmmmmmm, that may work, but turning animations are very difficult to make and make it natural at the same time
  10. Spend more time using mi,and you’ll get good, trust me,
  11. Kids, remember this......... vans are evil, stay away from them...
  12. NOOOOOOOOOO! David is leaving? Well I’ll give nimi a chance...... either way, this is sad...
  13. Wait,this might sound stupid, but will 1.2.0 be the last update ever?
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