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  1. BladerInc

    The Modelbench Armory

    Make the most earliest known gun....... the flintlock! Make the most earliest known gun....... the flintlock!
  2. BladerInc

    Modern F16 Fighting Falcon (Jet Rig)

    Did u not read the text? I still don’t get it
  3. BladerInc

    Modern F16 Fighting Falcon (Jet Rig)

    What do u mean fade point? I’ll take u to My little pony land! Wanna go with me to a magical adventure?
  4. BladerInc

    PL4 Defender

    No, I’m okay
  5. BladerInc

    Modern F16 Fighting Falcon (Jet Rig)

    Alright, this is hands down my worst rig ive made so far...... Spent only a day, making this crap, also bear in mind that this was heavily rushed af, due to me being like *Yup too lazy to do this* but imma be honest here, this was my worst and least effort put into it lol, also u might only want this rig to act in the air, not in the ground as its ugly af... if u do wanna download it. here's the rig, *someone, plz edit this rig and make it better*
  6. BladerInc

    PL4 Defender

    Any last prayers? @CodyBI what’s taking so long? Get over here!
  7. BladerInc

    Small car rig

    Nice, but it would’ve been nicer if it was smoother, but that’ll lag the heck out of your pc, other than that. Good job!
  8. BladerInc

    PL4 Defender

    U won’t only be receiving critique but Cody’s special slap on the face when people make a gun rig lol
  9. BladerInc

    PL4 Defender

    @CodyBI prepare to reck this guy
  10. BladerInc

    Guns Schematics

    Simply useing cubes work great for me, it’s not 2D like Item sheets plus if u like a nice smooth gun or a car rig then use cubes, I use them a lot, check my stuff out cause I need upvotes lol
  11. BladerInc

    Realistic Turning animation

    Plz praise me lol
  12. BladerInc

    Realistic Turning animation

    That’s okay, but make sure the turning animation looks natural,
  13. BladerInc

    The Button Collab

    Can I join?
  14. BladerInc


    Nice wallpapers!
  15. BladerInc

    Basement | Realistic 4K

    Why, can’t I achieve this...
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