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  1. Hopefully episode 2 will be released somewhere around September or October of 2021, mostly because I have A levels to worry about lmao
  2. fun fact the grenade scene was actually a scene similar to that of heats 1921 outbreak series
  3. Not your fault, the video is a very heavy file apparently
  4. Hello mine imater forums, first time uploading a full length animation with decent quality, there were a few issues in the animation, but it’s quite good Imo regardless you are free to decide whether it’s well animated or not
  5. this looks strangely similar to a model i once made
  6. been nearly four years, where's the more detailed part? also very good
  7. damn, this is srsly underrated
  8. no embed, try adding the image link again?
  9. yo this is dope, good job!!!!
  10. im sorry, i had to downvote this.... sure you got some skills, but why this?
  11. Welp, no idea what’s going on here, regardless I don’t think the overall rig is bad, including texture, unfortunately I do not have any experience in texturing or modeling characters (I mostly model objects, Animate and do lighting) but the rig does look off, regardless both sides could’ve done better ngl
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