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  1. What it needs is a bit of detail, maybe I could add some stuff on it..
  2. I can already tell this is really good by the reviews, too bad I can’t preview the images
  3. Although this was made nearly a year ago, well done!
  4. Make that two, I remember trying to reach his lvl, *sigh* never got close to his lvl though.
  5. Nice job, you deserve more acknowledgement.
  6. Textures do seem low quality, and I feel like more items could’ve been added, but hey, it’s good.
  7. No, but it could add some emotion or context, I don’t know, something on those lines
  8. You should make the background less blurry and maybe add some rain? I don’t know, it looks good though.
  9. BladerInc

    AH-1Z Viper

    this is what you call a rig!
  10. its not bad, but i would suggest making the yellow lines in the road white and make them 3 blocks across. use Cement or colored cement when making buildings like these, not bad but can be improved...
  11. Forget your bad English. This is well made, you might even be at par with CodyBi well done my fellow rigger!
  12. Yikes, still better than my first render lmao...
  13. holy hell, 98% linear?! are you even human? holy hell.
  14. BladerInc

    Helicopter Rig

    Looks like a good game.
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