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  1. Just discovered @Isa's TWO HOUR LONG MI animation.



      Ok, good for you. 

  2. What a pleasant surprise! Was worth the wait.
  3. *sniff sniff* Do I smell Ian Hubert? Anyways, nice work. My only gripe is that it could use a lot more contrast. The photo appears very washed out as if it were processed using a printer. If that's the dystopian aesthetic you are aiming for, then sure.
  4. My neurons went ballistic when SKIBBZ's "Creepy Crawls" was displayed. That is an incredible animation to this day. Amazing choice! However, I still agree with the aforementioned. Most of these clips aren't indicative of Mine-imator's capabilities.In the future, you should try to refrain from using the same title card too often. Use title cards to highlight a message rather than an interlude between thoughts.
  5. Heavenira

    Bucket Rig

    Good luck with that. adf.ly is such a filthy site. My computer detected eight threats/viruses immediately upon visiting.
  6. This.

    Is what animations should look like. Minecraft has mastered its own craft. 👏

    1. Che3syPlayz


      Damn. Mojang knows whats up.

    2. Ian_The_One


      fun fact mojang didnt animate that it was a small company called Svep based on sweden.

      but the art director was Ninni Landin.

    3. tditdatdwt


      They do be using the arrow item instead of the arrow model

  7. @Hozq My friend sent me this meme he found. Consider your rig a success.
  8. I won FIRST place in the Desmos Global Math Art Contest!

    @david, I am dedicating this victory to you. You MADE my love for 3D graphics; I'm only realizing this now. I used to think that Minecraft was the reason for Mine-imator's success. But now it has dawned on me, the INGENUITY of the program is what made it great. You broke the limits of computer graphics back then, and I intend to follow you in your footsteps by reinventing 3D myself! I hope life is treating you well and stay safe!

    - Ezra Oppenheimer

    1. Gfamleit
    2. HeYoNia


      Damn, what a weird inspirational flex.

    3. david


      Congrats!! And wait what... this is a graph? 🤯

  9. Try setting the displacement image to smooth?
  10. I've been working on this for around two months. I submitted this for the Desmos Global Art Contest. I highly recommend that you check out the other submissions. Cheers!
  11. Never heard this one before.
  12. @Nimi hasn't stated why .OBJs are implausible. Instead, people are so incessant that, "It's GameMaker! It's 2D! It's Minecraft!" You are RIGHT that Nimi's plate is full right now. But I am PERPLEXED, why are .OBJs so far off everyone's agendas?? I'm not getting any answers here that addresses the issue straight up (limitation-wise).
  13. You have a bunch of vertices (X,Y,Z) and you have a bunch of indices (n1,n2,n3...etc). You index "n"th (X,Y,Z) coordinate for each corner of each face. Project. Mine-imator can read and import files. ✓ Mine-imator can project 3D into 2D. ✓ Mine-imator can fill polygons; even those that are extending behind or into the camera. ✓ Tell me if I am missing something. UVs are something I can look into as well, if you insist.
  14. Have you ever taken a look at an .OBJ file? They are RIDICULOUSLY simple. How is this not "possible"?
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