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  1. I won FIRST place in the Desmos Global Math Art Contest!

    @david, I am dedicating this victory to you. You MADE my love for 3D graphics; I'm only realizing this now. I used to think that Minecraft was the reason for Mine-imator's success. But now it has dawned on me, the INGENUITY of the program is what made it great. You broke the limits of computer graphics back then, and I intend to follow you in your footsteps by reinventing 3D myself! I hope life is treating you well and stay safe!

    - Ezra Oppenheimer

    1. Gfamleit
    2. HeYoNia


      Damn, what a weird inspirational flex.

    3. david


      Congrats!! And wait what... this is a graph? 🤯

  2. Try setting the displacement image to smooth?
  3. I've been working on this for around two months. I submitted this for the Desmos Global Art Contest. I highly recommend that you check out the other submissions. Cheers!
  4. Never heard this one before.
  5. @Nimi hasn't stated why .OBJs are implausible. Instead, people are so incessant that, "It's GameMaker! It's 2D! It's Minecraft!" You are RIGHT that Nimi's plate is full right now. But I am PERPLEXED, why are .OBJs so far off everyone's agendas?? I'm not getting any answers here that addresses the issue straight up (limitation-wise).
  6. You have a bunch of vertices (X,Y,Z) and you have a bunch of indices (n1,n2,n3...etc). You index "n"th (X,Y,Z) coordinate for each corner of each face. Project. Mine-imator can read and import files. ✓ Mine-imator can project 3D into 2D. ✓ Mine-imator can fill polygons; even those that are extending behind or into the camera. ✓ Tell me if I am missing something. UVs are something I can look into as well, if you insist.
  7. Have you ever taken a look at an .OBJ file? They are RIDICULOUSLY simple. How is this not "possible"?
  8. you're still alive??

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    2. Dignity
    3. Heavenira


      @Dignity Howdy! I peruse the forums every now and then, so yeah, I am alive and well!


    4. Dignity


      Wow, that is good to hear. :] I'm glad you're not dead

  9. Coding isn't easy. But ray tracing is possible in GameMaker. That's what I intended to express, sorry if it was misinterpreted.
  10. If GameMaker can do loops, lists, ifs, and math, then it can ray trace. 3D is not so prestigious.
  11. Ray tracers are a dime a dozen today, hobbyists create ray tracers all the time. It would be a great challenge to implement (not in real-time of course, but for final renders). It is super plausible.
  12. I wouldn't say so. Considering all that's been done to Mine-imator, ray tracing doesn't seem that far off.
  13. Is ray tracing in the tables for MI?
  14. That's Mine-imator? What rig is that?
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