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  1. Heavenira

    Ender the Enderman [RIG]

    @Herobette Very cool! https://givemeyourip.jackz.me/old/potato/you/are/doomed/why_you_do_this.potato.php
  2. I figured that 6 months would be too short and 12 months would be too long. I settled on 10 months; overall seems fair to me.
  3. Anyone that fits the requirements and has been nominated will have a chance of making it onto the list. As of now, nobody from the previous list has been nominated.
  4. That's right, folks, I am going to make another Top 10 Mine-imator Animators video (due to extremely popular demand)! However, I will make sure that this is the very last list that I will be making. I want this to be explosive; I want people to go, "Wow! That was really inspirational! I think I'll make an animation a day now!" - NubblyBoiMCxx Make sure to read the content below for more information! How would this list be different? How do I vote for people? Voting for your favorite animator is easy! Simply name two animators of your choice, provide a link to their channel, and voila! I will add them to the roster and the judges and I will determine which animators are the best! The rules are as follows: Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING): 1. You may nominate a maximum of two animators. 2. You may ask others to nominate you, but you cannot nominate yourself. 3. Must provide URL of nominee's YouTube channel. 4. Nominees must have an animation that exceeds 60 seconds. 5. Nominees must have posted an animation in the last 10 months. Other: Aside from potential nominations, I would like to ask for your opinions on this. At the end of the day, this video probably won't gain as much as the other lists. But I feel like I wanna make a video that I'm proud of. I would appreciate any thoughts, opinions, or criticisms. Cheers. EDIT: No longer accepting nominations.
  5. hey guys check out this image i made im about to make it a full series here is the image:

    E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\shadercache\60\nvidiav1\GLCache\9cc35430714ed09e1cbcb3c492984a55\fd050cb79e7c9d5b\a1dc486f8cf1fa2d67425cfc597baac8\fd050cb79e7c9d5bsteamapp_shader_cache0\animation sneak peak.bmp

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    2. EnderSculptor


      who needs more than 2 hard drives

      why an e drive

      srsly why

    3. MYSELF3200



      because video games deserve their own

    4. EnderSculptor



      oh you have a point

  6. In case you missed it...


  7. Heavenira

    The Parachute! Main Ending and Fool's Ending

    That frequent cloth movement sound is WAY too excessive. You should consider minimizing it; or scrapping it altogether.
  8. Really happy to be unbanned! Big thanks to @david for helping us out, @Caeden117 for being incredibly vocal, and @tditdatdwt for cheering us on throughout these hard times!

  9. ugh you are back, great

  10. Loving this Grand Theft Auto V update!


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    2. Heavenira


      idot poopoo face ca-ca

    3. Emerald_SWAGGER


      if you like sharks, you should play Ark Survival Evolved.

    4. Joshdotmp4


      you poopoo DOODOO ca-ca peepee face! You are dumbo butt heavenira!

  11. Heavenira

    "Do you ever wonder why we here"

    From the excessive detail of the blasters to the jagged trooper armor, the combination of the rigs are overwhelmingly convoluted. Additionally, the claustrophobic camera angle positioned tightly near the objects makes this wallpaper uneasy view at any glance. @Juno You should consider putting less detail into the suits of the snowtroopers. The reference you provided on your rig page has such significant visual clarity, while your actual rig appears to be a jagged mess (even if you attempted for voxel-ish outlook). Having less (or subtle) corners or edges would make the rig be way easier to look at; both in animation and in wallpapers.
  12. https://youtu.be/p6GcV4oIy7I @Joshdotmp4
  13. Heavenira

    simple laptop rig

    Honestly, you should try not to mislead users by scribbling out important options. You should rethink about posting horrible things like this before naive internet users stumble across such nonsensical imagery.
  14. It's nice to see more optimistic members on the forums. Keep up the posting! :)

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    2. Beast4000gamer


      @Heavenira I won't gain my reputation back because people will not want to upvote

    3. jailrush


      Beast I agree with heavenira, your account is not ruined. You just need to stop downvoting everything. I'll upvote you buddy, okay?

    4. Beast4000gamer


      @jailrush I'm not downvoting everything, I'm only downvoting things that I don't like.

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