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  1. ThatQuirkyMinecraftGamerTditYTMC101

  2. If you talk about me behind my back, you're done for

  3. You could still just do it when you feel like it, and not when you don't feel like it, no need to announce a definitive end point
  4. I never realized there was a subreddit for Mine-imator until today. If you're in the Mine-imator forums, you probably know me as Ethaniel, the idiot who has an obsession with dirt lens and ultraviolet colored lighting.

  5. The BTS are way more interesting
  6. Can You please change my name To Itachi_ i dont like the name wafflecakes cause of utube and coppa

  7. I was talking about specific types of posts, whether or not they use the phrase is inconsequential, it's just that most of them tend to and that's led to the whole thing being referred to as "cc"
  8. That's not what I said, this is kinda hard to explain unless you keep stumbling upon a bunch of posts about it. But like I did say, it's not just feedback or criticism, that's in no way an issue of course. There's these specific posts that give a huge elitist vibe, that feel like the people posting them think they have some sort of obligation to do so, and they tend to be prefaced by "heres my cc" "ok cc time" or some other variation, which is what's referred to as "cc", it's not an abbreviation for anything in that context. I dunno why your post got downrepped though when you weren't even sure what it meant
  9. I think we should treat Mojang's employees here on the forums with a bit more respect

  10. It's not referring to feedback in general, there's just this weird thing that's developed on here, a phenomenon if you will, simply referred to as "cc"
  11. Is it weird that I pronounce your name by tdatditdwit


    and tdwit on discord.

    1. Ghatos


      I pronounce it "tdadwit"

    2. tditdatdwt
    3. __Mine__


      For a long time I pronounced it as "T-dit-dat-dot"...

  12. anyone who uses the term "cc" should be banned to be honest

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. HeYoNia


      I'll CC that sentence of yours.

    3. __Mine__


      I don't understand...

      How can people improve if they don't receive constructive criticism...?

    4. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Because if they don’t hear the truth or at least other opinions as well they won’t improve much.

  13. This is wonderful, keep up the great work
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