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  1. Happy 9 year forum anniversary to me


    1. HeYoNia


      Wow that's almost as old as Danny's girlfriend!

  2. I uploaded it on Imgur and just pasted the link
  3. I've inserted an image into your post, in the future please don't post images in the form of base64 text strings
  4. Why u gave me a warning? ;(

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    2. saeim3344


      a pless                                                                            yfhvyjlyfvlu6rgb78btuynhreeeeeet45htiuft gb jrvy5tg rgbfy4tgf tjhgfyretre jhtbuytrt kntvuhut r trth4yht er ter t4 htcui htcr frjgc hture hk

      g;ryjrnhyvtngn rjkruehng tvr gvrtmng

    3. saeim3344


      can you remove my warning

    4. tditdatdwt
  5. Hi! You have to message me to get your name changed. All good, locking thread now.
  6. Why u gave me a warning? ;(

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    2. Aayush Saji

      Aayush Saji

      Yes I saw It was soo cool!!

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Wha- Owh thanks. I mean that was a Signature just in case you don't know.
      So there probably a problem with your signature causing yourself gettin warned.

    4. Aayush Saji

      Aayush Saji

      Ok. Sorry @tditdatdwtcan you remove my warning. I have changed my signature

  7. heppi bird day!

  8. just to ask a question. do you like my animations (watch em if you did not before)

  9. Happy 8 year forum anniversary to me

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    2. mbanders


      happy 8 year forum anniversary to you

    3. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming
    4. crustyjpeg


      happy 8 year forum anniversary to you

  10. The link in the topic works just fine
  11. Wow that's like the fourth use of the Briefcase Rig!! What an honor
  12. I merged all your topics into one and put them in spoilers, please don't post multiple topics in quick succession.
  13. I did some face rig requests in 2014, but I don't think any of them were ever used for anything, so I used them in something. This was made in Mine-imator 1.0.3 because I dunno that's the one I opened, it's not even the version they were made in lol I don't know anything about the technicalities of lighting mathematics, every shadow setting just looked like trash The people featured in this wallpaper aka the rig requestees, who I'm sure will all see this, are: @TheGoku7729 @RobotCoveredWithHumanFlesh @TheManxTiger @Crow Robot @Defsharp @kyokonull @ncascouts and some guy called PVTR_1998
  14. My bad, all my downloads are dead I guess, I fixed it
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