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  1. Maybe. In fact, it was inspired by Pixel Gun 3D's gun models. However, the recent models are different from that due to self-design.
  2. It already exists. like Colt anaconda and model 29 revolver.
  3. Oh, you upvoted my avatar character. Thanks to you and kudos to you! ;)

  4. a HK417A2 battle rifle animation. This gun model is a variant of HK417, with Sand and Tan colors applied. Sounds from Call of Duty, YouTube, and other sources. Some sounds were edited with audacity. For more information, go to YouTube.
  5. an Upcoming APB, FP6, and New sniper rifle model AW50(Victus XMR) Teasers from The Voxelated Armory. Stechkin APB: Reworked FP6 Shotgun: AW50(Victus XMR) Anti-materiel rifle: (with Pixelated textures)
  6. Muzzle flash effects are here in this pack. How to use muzzle flash effects:
  7. an Upcoming Reworked Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun rig model teaser from The Voxelated Armory and for Mine-Imator 2.0+. Music: Teaser Trailer by Amaksi
  8. an Upcoming Partially reworked Cheytac M200(FJX Imperium) Anti-materiel rifle model teaser from The Voxelated Armory
  9. I got first my last won the day!

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    2. MKz


      CONGRATS BRO!!!!!!

      the first one is always the ''special one'' , if you know what I mean

    3. Cinema Hanwil
    4. Rayansaaddevgamesoffical
  10. The official discord server is here!

    This server is new server called a "Cinema Hanwil Studios", Please join the server if you want.
    and It is where teams work studios which wallpapers, models, animations, etc.

    Join here

  11. New youtube banner of The Voxelated Armory!


    This banner has a logo on the right side with bunch of guns stored in armory and soldier mascots(Jason, Kevin, Xylocain, Charlotte, MCXPro from Right to Left) standing side by side wallpapers.

  12. an Two Desert Eagles on Table with metallic Reflections!
  13. The Voxelated Armory BETA v0.51 Update is Here!

    See the updates and Download this rig pack here:


    1. Proud_AnimatorZ


      i never knew about this thanks for the statues update, cause now I do.

    2. Cinema Hanwil
  14. It shoots bullets with railgun energy.
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