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  1. Uhhhh, i really don't know anyway what to do. so..............................................-

  2. so i tried animating this on my own basically, and ima try to do the reloading animation on my own CREDITS: AlexTSC: UMP45 rig (which i modified the colors and some of it)
  3. Yeah, don't ask. but its just a crappy Joke animation i made out of boredom Credits: Nimi - His Skin i got from NameMC (NOTE: I HAD FULL PERMISSION FROM NIMI TO USE HIS SKIN, OK?) A Normal Mate - Insparation Audio sources: My Voice: Saying nimi's name screaming sound: Roblox Clown Kidnap Meme
  4. Nice! By the way, you have a discord? I need to ask you something
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