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  1. I do really like how Mineimator supports 2K and 4K resolutions now, so I don't have to always go into display settings and manually change my resolution to something like 1080P. But for my 2K resolution laptop now with 2.0. https://imgur.com/a/JfwHvJR The resolution seems too small and forced. I can still animate with this resolution but it's really annoying and hard to see. https://imgur.com/a/lZYlTSb
  2. I do wonder if real time reflections will be something built into the program now, since GM limitations no longer plague them, and they won't be dropping your FPS down to single digits.
  3. I decided to make a little tribute animation to Songs of War, knowing that it will never have true Season 2 or 3 by Black Plasma Studios (I'm aware of a studio named Megste making a fanmade Season 3, but it will be nowhere close to Black Plasma's Quality). Must say this animation is a huge step up in lip syncing for me, and it was something quite demanding for Mineimator as it took 5 hours to render this thing entirely.
  4. This is looking pretty damn good, and I could defiantly benefit greatly from the increased memory and optimizations that would allow me to tackle much greater projects. Donated 4 dollars and 50 cents to help out on the development. Cheers.
  5. Finally animated this thing, though if you haven't watched Endventures by Willcraft before you probably won't know what this is.
  6. The portal collab entry I made for an upcoming animation collab Black Plasma Studios is doing, I did pretty good in a few days worth of a work.
  7. 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700F @ 2.50GHz And my computer doesn't have Battery Settings.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/PVcXgRx Ever since I downloaded Mineimator version 1.2.9 on my Nivida Geforce RTX 3060 PC, and tried using world importer. The second it loads up (not even using a world), it easily puts my CPU close to 100% power causing it to overheat and it would shut down my computer moments after essentially making it unusable. I have tried multiple times to get my PC to stop using as much power when it's opened, but I always get the same result. I know 1.2.9 made some significant changes to the World Importer like having it being multithreaded and such, but it seems like it also won't work too well with my pc. Any help to optimize this would be appreciated, or I could just keep using Mineimator version 1.2.8's World Importer.
  9. Yup, after 8 months of work, I finally managed to complete this project, it is my most ambitious project yet in terms of everything.
  10. I had this out a couple of months back, but decided to post it here so it could gather more attention, some of the animation since this teaser has been updated and looks considerably better. I hope to release the full thing in early 2022. Feel free to suggest what I should do with the lighting or compositing.
  11. I'm back from a couple months of hiatus and i'm doing better than ever.
  12. Oh, but honestly I feel like that rig can really only look good in a animation program that's more powerful than Mineimator.
  13. Looks pretty nice and close to Villager News 1's Villager Rig with having low poly eye brows and such. Though Mineimator's limitations kind of hurt this rig in the long run too.
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