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  1. Due to many reasons, our MIV development might call it an end. But your latest version download link started with "https://yun.mipx" is correct. The link is provided by MICC forum and we are now working on a massive update on the forum, which might be one reason it shows 'haunted-like'.
  2. That's right and give it a try. Looking forward to your feedback.
  3. Here's Chenny, who in charge of the logo design. If any of you guys wanna have some fun with the logo, here is the link: MIVLOGO_current_version
  4. Mineimator developers, Since Mineimator version 1.2.5, custom skybox/skysphere is able to rotate in the background option. This is very helpful for outdoor shooting of scenes. Since then, I have had a little bit of immature advice. If the images of the skybox/skysphere is able to alternate with the frame on timeline, than It will be even more easier for us to shoot multiple scenes in a single project. I think. Sincerely, Chenny
  5. The subtitles are bilingual and the options are in Chinese. Anyway, you get the point. This is an interactive animation. Don't worry about making a mistake.
  6. Well...it's more like a Chinese youtube famous for anime culture (like niconico.com) , yes. I redesigned those zombie figures to make them more like draugrs.
  7. Thank you for your appreciate. I will try to learn the interactive animation mechanism of YOUTUBE.? ?It's a great honor for me to get your high praise. I tried to demonstrate their "sense of disharmony and invasion" in the scene through this model, which is kind of similar with the MC style, but more like a cacophony in a gloomy forest.
  8. Got it. I not so familiar with this forum, and I am saperating it only hoping for demonstrating different videos previews like other forums. Sorry for affecting your viewing experience, I admit it was my fault. I will combine my similar topics next time.? Thank you for your appreciate. I have to say I'm sorry about the interaction options. The platform, "Bilibili", on which I uploaded my work has set character limits on the options for interactive animation. In this "premature system", English characters are counted in alphabetical units, only 20 alphabets for each option in far not enough for me to express the ideas......I had no choice but expecting the viewers' translators are able to pick up chinese words from the screen. BTW, I made a bilingual translation of the entire play for audiences all over the world, just click the "CC" icon and it will be on! ?
  9. Season 1 Ants at War-Episode 1 major part[Art of War series] If you have not seen the opening , please go to BV1T54y1D7HR. That opening contains important plots and world view elements, which are also wonderful! Staff list: Chief Director: Chenny Wang; Script advisor: Kaine Shou. Production software: Mine_imator 1.2.6, Microsoft Office 365 (provided by Sheridan College), Adobe CC (provided by Sheridan College). "Ants of War" is the first season of the war art series. And this is the end of first episode of this first season. The animation will be set in the fictional "Glumy Continent", the plot is set in the a burst of war. Foreign invaders and the guards of P Empire came into a skirmish in the opening part, and the protagonist Chenny's hometown was soon engulfed by the flames of war. Chenny fled the army in order to survive and ended up in an abandoned house far from the front line as a shelter. After that, he met with the other three protagonists. This independent project is presented in the form of interactive animation, where audiences can make their own choices at key points in certain scenarios and lead the story to different endings. This time the project lasted a little longer: In October 2019, I draw up the project "Ants of War"; In November, I started the preparatory work and the research of historical data, and continued to refine the project draft; In December, I had the honor to contact the scriptwriter, and basically finished the project draft and made small rigs; Since January this year, I have been building the big schma tiles, re-producing the model and refining the series.And now it's finally done. All in all, I hope you enjoy the movie and support it. See you next time.
  10. Season 1 Ants at War-Episode 1 Opening [Art of War series] Please move to the major part after viewing this opening. Staff list: Chief Director: Chenny Wang; Script advisor: Kaine Shou. Production software: Mine_imator, Microsoft Office 365 (provided by Sheridan College), Adobe CC (provided by Sheridan College). The first season of the war art series, "Ants of War", will be completed soon. This independent project (Episode 1) is scheduled to be done in August this year.
  11. We are all excited to see that your studio has completed a great work on schedule this year. Here is Chenny, sincerely hoping that your studio will continue to expand the manpower, and your work can get more people's support. Well done, BQ Studio!
  12. Nimi! Yes!! Thank you very much for your reply and suggestion. We are all sincerely looking forward to the next update. We are all satisfied with the recent two upgrades, especially MB 1.0.1 greatly increased our modeling efficiency. We will continue to work on projects with enthusiasm to provide you with better feedback. Sincerely, Chenny
  13. Have a look at https://drive.google.com/open?id=17f-pfr8dT9PQb55ZCcsQYLyzUqdWHz5- You might find out how creative bending used to be.
  14. I mean, bending over 180 degrees is still considered 180 degrees in 1.2.6. Typing it in or draging the button no longer allow bending part to break the limitation of 180 degree.
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