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Mineimator Violet 1.1.0 (base on

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This is absolutely insane! :D 

and also look below :(


Issue: But here’s one thing that might be an issue, does the World Importer have the 1.18 stuff, I been trying to work on a mountains render on mi and failed to mod my own importer, I end up breaking it because I’m an idiot and terrible coder

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i have discovered issues but I have no images right now

 Aric Horn’s Fog Problem:

when I went to the fog settings, all of the names (from your mod) had problems with all of the names

It showed numbers and other stuff, it was hard to find the setting for the fog

(Temporary) Resolved Problem: You can fix this problem by restarting Mine-imator Violet and it should be normal but it can come back whenever you switch projects or create new projects.

Edited by Aric Horn
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On 12/4/2021 at 3:52 PM, Excitablecell said:

what? impossible 

try more plz


I cannot download it. It says in Internet Download Manager: Cannot download this file


http/1.1 409 conflict

pls post in on google drive "from me"

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