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  1. Don't use default lighting.
  2. Idk whats happening but it can always get worse.
  3. Edgy and Unoriginal. 

  4. I thought it said the handicap collab for a second...
  5. Hey y'all, modded server just went live. You need 8g minimum of ram (6 allocated) to run this pack. Here's the link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/magic-melee.1242022 Its on Technic and its got a multitude of stuff like Quests, AOA 3, Guns, Ships, galacticraft, IC2, Buildcraft, Grapple Hooks, Rogue Likes, and a more. Total 114 mods (including libs n things so actually way less.) The server is in your multiplayer listings by default when you launch the pack, so feel free to join
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