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  1. Shameless self promotion  


  2. Anatoli

    Woopsie Doodle.

    Made while listening to:
  3. Anatoli

    Skeletron Rig

  4. Anatoli

    The View Is Always Better From The Trees

    Tree is good. But the light is too orange by comparison to the sky, make the sky more of an orange tint aswell. The clear blue makes the light seem like it would be just a normal white
  5. Anatoli

    It's cold.

    Made while listening to:
  6. Anatoli

    The Nether Portal

    There isn't much to it. But ill up vote anyway cause its not awful.
  7. Anatoli

    I hate you.

    Radial Blur
  8. Anatoli

    I hate you.

    I'm not sure what that means, but ok.
  9. Anatoli

    I hate you.

    Heard this and it got me krunked:
  10. Anatoli

    The house always wins.

    Made while listening to:
  11. Anatoli


    Pretty eh.
  12. Anatoli

    Ice Spikes

    Indeed they are
  13. Anatoli

    Watching Paint Dry | Realistic Wallpaper

    no way you tellin me this is made with MI.
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