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  1. Yeah, it shouldn't be interactive at first but I couldn't decide if I should kill the main character or not so I made it this way.
  2. Hi, I hope you will enjoy my new animation "The Darkest Night" This animation is inspired by Game of Thrones (but the story is understandable without watching this series). The Darkest Night is interactive. You got one big choice to make. Please, tell me your opinion down in comments
  3. Wow! Very nice! It's good to see that someone else is doing this and I am happy that you got this idea when you watched my animation :) I enjoyed the western atmosphere... Some things could be better (shadows) but it will get better with some practice :)
  4. Thank you Thanks Thank you. I am aware that the animation could be better. I got lazy, especially at the end. I will try do improve next time.
  5. THIS IS INTERACTIVE ANIMATION. Your choices will change the story. Choose carefully... Try to survive till the end! Choices are made via the youtube thumbnail system. Tell me some feedback please, positive or negative :). I hope you will enjoy it!
  6. Hi, Here is trailer for my upcoming INTERACTIVE Animation. YOUR CHOICES will affect the story (Yeah, something like Life is Strange). You will decide via youtube thumbnails. Tell me if you like this idea!
  7. I can only agree with you. This animation is much better than my previous one and I believe that the following will be better than this one.
  8. Please, watch the first part before this (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2meaB_ThKU4&) I hope you will enjoy it!
  9. I agree. I increased speed during editing to make it faster but now transitions don't look good. The full animation will be better :) I am happy this trailer fulfilled its purpose :)
  10. Hi guys, Here is trailer for the war animation I am working on. There will be action and good story. If you like first person view, you will enjoy it. Please, watch this prequel first I would like to know your opinion. Was it good? Are you going to watch full animation?
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