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  1. Mabye better lighting? I enjoyed it... will this animiation continue?
  2. Haha, and one with a microphone That's my favorite part too Good to hear that! Thank you!
  3. Hi! Here is my new animation (don't worry, not a monster school :D) and I would love to know your opinion! Btw if anyone wants to help me with dubbing, I'd be very happy! Let me know down in comments Special thanks to @Tysteria for theFlame Thrower Rig, @KEN990 and @SharpWind for the face rigs, @NotChris for the phone rig, @OwlCityNMC for the book rig, @KyodonZ for the glasses rig, @Dawid24M for the police car and @MrPizzaCat for the pensil rig. Hope I didn't forget anyone
  4. Thank you! I agree with the linear transition. When I begin to animate this, I was a Mine-Imator freshman and I didn't even know what transitions mean
  5. Hi guys, So I have finally finished this series... You might remember PART ONE and PART TWO, which I posted here too. If you still have the story in your head, you can watch only the new THIRD PART. Any feedback is appreciated! I've been working on this over a year, so please be nice My only wish is you to enjoy it!
  6. Ah... to be continued Make it longer :D
  7. The story is very interesting! Don't worry that you still haven't figured out the ending. You got at least several months of hard work in front of you and you will have head full of new ideas before you animate the 1st episode. Right now, the most important thing is to... start creating!
  8. Hi, Here is trailer for the last part of Alone in Afghanistan - War series. Full animation will be over 10 minutes long. I put a lot of time and energy into this series. You can watch 1st part HERE and 2nd part HERE Did you guys like it? Are you going to watch the full animation?
  9. Yeah, it shouldn't be interactive at first but I couldn't decide if I should kill the main character or not so I made it this way.
  10. Hi, I hope you will enjoy my new animation "The Darkest Night" This animation is inspired by Game of Thrones (but the story is understandable without watching this series). The Darkest Night is interactive. You got one big choice to make. Please, tell me your opinion down in comments
  11. Wow! Very nice! It's good to see that someone else is doing this and I am happy that you got this idea when you watched my animation :) I enjoyed the western atmosphere... Some things could be better (shadows) but it will get better with some practice :)
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