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  1. MI: Dungeons RigPack is now here!


  2. a new rig pack by me, YM Hello, Yanuar Mohendra here. And this time I'm proudly present to you my latest creation, Mine-Imator: Dungeons RigPack! ...v1 thanks to @Ian_The_One for helping me on making this rig pack ... (the cobweb texture that you've given to me isn't in this rigpack archive cuz i've uploaded it to mediafire before you gave it) This rig pack is actually not done yet, but it's enough for you guys to use it. I'll update the rig pack whenever I've made a new mc:d stuff. Also, I will add "how to use some rig" here in this post tomorrow, so don't forget to follow this post! So what's on this rig pack? There are some mobs that appear in the mc:d gameplay reveal trailer, the character menu gui and two modelbench creation block that's cobweb and 3d book. The mobs that included in this rigpack: - Redstone Monstrosity - Key Golem - Arch-Illager - The Nameless One - The Blue Thing (it's a made up name) - Ghost (don't have a name yet) - Skeleton Vanguard - Illager custom model I also made a better foliage alike leaves block model for use. You can find how to use it on this post, but the difference is it's just need to copy the .json model to MI data folder. And I also upload a mc:d fiery forge resource pack I've made that's actually not done, so stay tune on this post for the next update. You should copy the .json models from this resource pack just like the leaves model does. You can dowload the rigpack now here: download resource packs: made by. Yanuar Mohendra
  3. not so long till the early access


  4. after finished and testing my custom leaves model i can say ,,,



    it isn't recommended for flat or full (no transparent) textured leaves block.

  5. fire particle based on mc dungeons trailer

    I'm new at making particle, its hard for me to make the rotation point of the particle not on the center.. but when i found the way, i think its actually ez just by using folder and make the particle not to following the rotation of the folder.

    btw what do you think about this?


    1. DragonPixel


      I LOVE IT gj 👍

    2. Ian_The_One


      the flame is bigger

  6. i've made my own better leaves with resource pack support, and i'm working on mc dungeons resource pack


    1. ShinyGHASTTear


      made with mrcrayfish's model creator and replaced to the MI data

    2. Jake_28
    3. DragonPixel


      I can't wait 

  7. anyone know how to replace the default model/texture from MI data to the custom one? or add new model to the list?

    1. Jake_28


      Yeah. You can edit the deafault assets by unzipping the version.zip in <your mine-imator folder>/data/Minecraft/

      Then edit the contents and add them to a zip file, and replace the deafault one. Make sure the names are the same as the old ones if you’re just replacing. If you’re adding, you’ll need to edit the .midata file with the same name as the zip. You can add characters, biomes, items, particle templates, ect. If you’re adding characters or special blocks, make sure to edit under the right section, eg


          “characters” {





      you can copy and paste existing entries as templates, and modify them, or you can just write them yourself, usually, for characters and special blocks, the entry format is 

      { “name”, “states”: { “variants” <variant>, <variant> } <state> } deafault_state: {variant=<variant>,<state=false>} }

      Variants and states can have a bunch of different modifiers, like you can change the model’s texture, or just change every part with a specific name’s texture or color, just look at the existing ones as examples.


      once you do that, in model_textures add relative paths to the model you’re adding’s texture. (Eg entity/newmob/newmob) You don’t need to include extensions, mine imator will just assume it’s an image file. Make sure at the end of lists there isn’t a comma, and in lists there is, otherwise mine-imator will just spit out your new version file and use a hard coded deafault. (Dunno what happens if you break the deafault, I assume nothing loads.) you add models in models/ <model type>, and you can add walk/run cycles for charachters.

      also for items just add a path to their texture in item_textures and it will automatically add it to the deafault sheet.

      Just look at the existing stuff and you’ll eventually figure it all out.

      (This was made as of version format 5, may not be applicable in future formats.)


      Sent from my iPad

  8. by. Yanuar Mohendra This isn't the last post for my Mine-Imator: Dungeons RigPack before it get released, I'm working on the resource pack for each zone/biome I or we have seen in the trailer, so wait for it. And also ... ... take prepare for (When the time has come, even if the resource pack isn't finished yet, I'll still release the rigpack. It's free to use after all)
  9. made a simple illager model

    and welcoming our new illager, idk what the name is so now i call it Sorcerer

  10. Anyone know what are these two mobs name?

    the blue thing and ghost are just a random names by the author of mc:d concept addon that where're the textures i've got for my models


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ian_The_One


      necromancer and ghost

    3. ShinyGHASTTear


      nacromancer? hmmm

    4. commanderblackbone


      That Two mob are name ( Skeleton king(other name:blue thing) and Ghost)

  11. <------= work in progress =------> idk where to post this, this is the promo animation of my upcoming rigpack that i've shown so i posted it here. no spoil for now, just showing the promo animation i've made one of the stuff, and that's the MC: Dungeons character menu rig, you can just search for it yourself, i afraid to put the link of the rig... what do you think about all of it? like the promo animation, the mc:d character menu rig, or the previous rigpack preview? i'd love to see your comments, as long as it isn't too bad for the words... if you use my rig, please credit me, or just don't claim that you made it. support me by subscribing my youtube channel and give an upvote for my post. i always watch my youtube subscribe count even tho i don't have adsense on it lol
  12. idk what to said, it's just my logo test but, eh... good lookin test i will be very happy if you subscribe to my channel
  13. MI_DG_rigpack_logo_test.gif

    the rig pack is still far from done, and i've made this... It isn't done yet tho

    1. DragonPixel


      WOW that's cool 

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