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  1. SHIN · MODEL/RIG TEST It's actually just me learning back modelling/rigging on mine-imator. I post it here in "Rigs" topic because some parts (actually just the eyes of Ultraman) made in Mine-Imator and not Modelbench. Even the model actually made in Blockbench, because it's easier for me to do textures there. (Once again I give you this warning, this rig"pack?" includes character spoiler from a movie "Shin · Ultraman") Here's the preview model/rig of it : Also, here's some render test on Blender with custom materials (the rig isn't for public, yet): Click here to download the model/rig!
  2. i made it on photoshop, not MI/MB sorry to disappoint you... i still trying to make those smaller font, but didn't find the way to do it 'til now
  3. still trying to figure how to make the bottom text or we could say the subtitle... idk if it's possible in Modelbench or Mine-imator
  4. old animation, a post before back to do mine-imtor stuff


  5. Aah, finally... Bacc

  6. the stars at the background looks like dusts in the air that makes it looks good imo good job lil bro
  7. First time with blender series, episode 4 — Day five, animating for the first time.


  8. It's the controller It's not visible when rendered.. make sure you import the .miobject file instead of .mimodel except there's no .miobject file for the rig
  9. My third day on blender, rigging for the first time ... rigging a bigpork, i meant hoglin



    1. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      third day on blender and rigging for the first time? jesus you're a magician

    2. ShinyGHASTTear


      @Cubic Ralsei yea, did rigging for the first time.. i skip modeling lol

      i modeled the rig with blockbench for precise size

      maybe i'll try modeling for the next day

    3. Heavenira


      Incredible. I picked up Blender six years ago and STILL haven't touched rigging. Kudos to you.

  10. The latest result of my first two days learning on blender... No plan to move on to blender, just waiting for the next MI update


    1. Voxy


      Join us


      Join us

    2. ShinyGHASTTear


      Umm join — join what?

    3. geese_lord


      Do you know what that face rig on Steve is or anything similar to it? I've been trying to replicate the dungeons/trailer art style but cant find any rigs that fit it. From the looks of it your work is lovely and some of the best I've seen so far!

  11. are you using the latest version of Mine-Imator? and maybe better to check out the log file for more details of what problem you've got...
  12. credit would be apreciated, so anyone else maybe could also try my rig pack
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