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  1. tryin to make "mirror dimension" illusion effect from Dr. Strange movie for my animation... hope i'll make it

  2. I made it 12 seconds because the MI version is now 1.2, so yeah... Tested new feature of MI 1.2 on this video: bloom, animated DoF, spinning item, glowing object, custom biome, vignette, more colour sheep, and minecraft story mode style cloud. maybe just it... any question or something?
  3. long time i didnt open this forum v:

    n i have a lot notif...

    1. Wan


      wait i thought u were active here

  4. ShinyGHASTTear

    Axel MCSM Season 2

    noice rif
  5. Hello guys, now im workin on dis animation, n who want his/her skin get in dis animation, plz dm me on discord : ! ©Yanuar/ShinyGHASTTear#4908 just dat... any CnC maybe? Rig 100% by me btw, its private rig v: Software used: Mine-Imator 1.1.4 , Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
  6. why cant change display name? v':

    1. Wan


      you will be forever named a crying ghast

    2. ShinyGHASTTear
    3. Rollo


      You need to message a moderator (but they tell me they would prefer Emunator). But you have to be absolutely sure it's the change you want made since you can only change it a couple times. The moderators don't want to have to bother.

  7. ShinyGHASTTear

    Thanos rig v2 by. Yanuar Mohendra

    Idk how to make his face look better, but.... well v:
  8. rig coming, when it's ready... What is the different with v1? - Bigger thanos - Fingers added - Glowing Infinity Stones (not like in the picture below, that was edited by photoshop xD) - Gauntlet power effect added For support me for mooooooaaaare, please subscribe my youtube channel : (c) Yanuar Mohendra (ShinyGHASTTear), allright reserved V:
  9. ShinyGHASTTear

    DrSauros' T-Rex Rig (MinionMaster02 Version)

    what is it mean?
  10. ShinyGHASTTear

    Thanos Rig V1 by. Yanuar Mohendra

    whats wrong with the mouth? i forgot, import .miobject, not .mimodel :v
  11. ShinyGHASTTear

    Thanos Rig V1 by. Yanuar Mohendra

    Hello, so i have new rig inspired by Avengers: Infinity War's Super Villain, Thanos. Rig for Mine-Imator 1.1.4 Hope you like my rig Here is the download link: rig v1 by. Yanuar Respect the author by subs his youtube channel :'v : If you have something to ask, comment below...
  12. ShinyGHASTTear

    Introduce yourself!

    im human, n im ok with it trust me, i dont lie ||||||\\\\ ////|||||| |||||| \\\\//// |||||| |||||| \\||// |||||| |||||| |||||| |||||| |||||| |||||| ||||||
  13. ShinyGHASTTear

    YM Rig V1.1

    okay I hope you like the rig I've made, it's little difficult to use I think
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