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    France, the baguette, you know.
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  1. Some things.




  2. Thank, you're paper money are good too
  3. This is not the problem, the problem being that I had already reproduced the model of the boar, the fox, the mouse and the fly. It is better to find out about existing models before making one. (And I know you didn't take the textures from my pack.)
  4. Yes, but you must inquire before creating content to avoid duplicates. Okay, that's good, your package has a "normal" mob, mine are "improved" (like a bendable 3D surface for the tail of the moa for example.) Our 2 packs leaves 2 different choices I don't think counted as a double. Afterall, the pack is good.
  5. I'm trying something..

  6. That's it, it's been a month since my pc is officially dead.

    i luv my lif ;-;

  7. Download the Goose Download the Goose, the axe and the tree Stump : | v Original : https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/16-wild-honk-d320392d8d1f42bf8fefbeeb80d490cd
  8. How.. to do.. that. Seriously, i think i'm going to sleep badly if i still don't know how do this. Plz halp ;-;
  9. I had a choice between this one and Ghost Knight. I'll do it next time
  10. Download Original : https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/11-snowman-mech-64a3eae1383e484692390984a08538e5
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