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  1. I'm going to try. I do not know if you've ever seen a texture of the mod but it is VERY complex. (I think that specially for the Ferrous Wroughtnaut)
  2. I'm far from pro, especially since I did a little fast, but I find a little good. Download if you want :/ It's for my music :D : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9eT70n-oSA&feature=youtu.be
  3. Nop it comes from the mod Mowzie's mob but it's true that it looks like a bit
  4. 'sup. There is the Foliaath from Mowzie's Mob : (Bendable Body, leafs, tongue) Animation : (Apparition, stay, disappearance, attack (not on the gif)) Sprout and Baby Foliaath : (Bendable leafs (only on the baby)) Don't need credit but it's appreciated Click me to download :3
  5. Pas sur que ce soit du français non plus.. (Not sure it's French either...)
  6. 'sup. My last post was "Mo Creature Pack (Not Complete (But it happens.))" Wow. Time goes fast.. (Nop I'm just ultra lazy.) So, here it is in complete pack. Well.. not exactly. I have 2 or 3 mobs, 4 armor and almost all items. But we can consider the mobs as finished. (Not to hit me plz ;-;) I will update this post to add the new models. I am French and bad in English so if there are translation errors, please let me know. There are eyes and a mouth for (almost) all mobs, except insects. Ant (Bendable antena and Legs) : Bee (Bendable Legs and Wings) : DragonFly (Bendable Legs, "Tail" and Wings ; Multiple Skins) : FireFly (Bendable Legs, antena and Wings) : Fly (Bendable Legs and Wings) : Roach (Bendable antena and Wings) : Snail (Bendable Eye) : Cricket (Bendable Leg and antena) : ButterFly (Bendable Leg and Wings) : Maggot (Bendable) : BC (That's his name. This corresponds to the tiger, lion, panther ...) (Bendable tail and ear ; Multiple Skin) : Ent/Birch Ent (Extruded ; Eyes for the little monster in the Oak Ent ; Bloom effect for eyes) : Bird (Bendable Tail and leg ; Multiple Skin) : Boar (Bendable Ear and Tail ; 2 Skin) : Bunny (Bendable Ear and Mustache ; Multiple Skin) : Cat (Bendable Ear and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : Crab (Multiple Skin) : Crocodile (Bendable tail) : Deer (Bendable tail and Staghorns ; 3 skin) : Dolphin (Bendable "tail" ; Multiple skin) : Duck. Fox (Bendable tail and Ears ; Multiple skin) : Goat (Bendable tail and Ears ; Multiple skin (change the skin for Male/Female with horns/Female)) : KomodoDragon (Bendable tail and Tongue) : MiniGolem (Don't need to change the texture for Red or blue.) : Mouse and Rat (Bendable Ears, tail and mustache) : Raccon (Bendable Ears and tail) : Ray and Stingray : Scorpion (Bendable Tail ; Babies ; Multiple Skin) : Shark (Bendable) : SilverSkeleton /!\ Can lag when you bend the arms and legs /!\ : Turkeys (Male/Female ; Bendable Tail) : Turtle (Bendable Tail and... Ninja Turtles.) : WereWolf (Bendable Ears and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : WWolf (Bendable Ears and Tail ; Multiple Skin) : Marine animals (Bendable ; Multiple Skin) : Ogres (Head Customisable) : And there are some left. Items (That there is for now...) Armors (That there is for now...) /!\ Open the .miobject or .miproject file if there is one. /!\ Please, give credit if used. If there are bugs, please contact me. Click me to download :3 [32 MB] Bye ;3
  7. Oh wait, I just won $ 50 with a giveaway on discord. Finally, losing your pc is good.

  8. My computer has gone to nothing to die.

    I let it run all night so that it can install all Half Life, I go back on the next morning, it's all over but it bug a lot. I decide to restart it .. WHAT ERROR I MADE. It restarts no more. It's just a black screen and I can not do anything. I let it run, and 5 hours later it starts finally. It no longer bug but I do not see the name of the folder, just their shadows appear (it is unreadable.) And a lot of bug like that make their appearance. So I decide to reset it by trying to save what I can (by the way, it has managed to start soon otherwise I would have lost all my progression of my Mo'Creatures Complete Pack. (I would have to break everything if I had lost it (I can not take it anymore plz halp ;-;))). And there ... He does not want to. It would have taken 8 days for him to complete the reset. 8 days. (I calculated.) So, I extinguish it with a fear of losing it for good, I ask advice to my brother who knows WELL better than me, and he tells me: "Good, dismount your hard drive, I will format it by bridging with another PC. " TFormatting takes time but everything is going well. The next day, I put my hard drive in my pc. He does not take it. It misses a screw, my brother shout me, I shout him, I spend a very good time. But my father is coming and he has spare screws. Stroke of luck. I turn it back on, blue screen. Awesome. I ask my brother: "You have to reinstall windows." I install it on a USB key, its fair, I format it, it takes a lead, I start again but this time it works. I reinstall windows, his takes a lead, but in the end, everything works perfectly. I spent 4 days renovating a pc, oops, what do I say? A tin of can, because of steam. (and me it's true.)

    I love my life.


    Mon ordinateur est passé a rien de mourir.

    Je l'ai laisser tourner toute une nuit pour qu'il puisse installer tout les Half Life, je retourne dessus le lendemain matin, il a tout fini mais il bug énormément. Je décide de le redémarrer.. QUELLE ERREUR J'AI FAIT. Il redémarre plus. Il fait juste un black screen et je ne peux strictement rien faire. Je le laisse tourner, et 5 heures plus tard il démarre enfin. Il ne bug plus mais je ne vois plus le nom des dossier, juste leurs ombres apparaissent (c'est illisible.) Et tout un tas de bug comme ça font leurs apparition. Je décide donc de le rénitialiser en essayant de sauvegarder ce que je peux (d'ailleurs,  heureusement qu'il a reussi a démarrer sinon j'aurais perdu tout me progression de mon Mo'Creatures Complete Pack. (J'aurais tout casser si je l'avais perdu (je n'en peux plus plz aidé mwa ;-;))). Et là... Il veut pas. Il aurait fallut 8 jours pour qu'il termine la rénitialisation. 8 jours.(j'ai calculé.) Donc, je l'éteint avec une peur de le perdre pour de bon, je demande conseils a mon frère qui si connait BIEN mieux que moi, et il me dit : "Bon, démonte ton disque dur, je vais le formater en pontage avec un autre PC.". Le fortage prend du temps mais tout ce passe bien. Le lendemain, je remet mon disque dur dans mon pc. Il tient pas. Il manque une vis, mon frère m'engueule, je l'engueule, je passe un très bon moment. Mais mon père arrive et il a des vis de rechange. Coup de chance. Je le rallume, blue screen. Génial. Je demande à mon frère : "Il faut réinstaller windows." Je l'installe sur une clé USB, sa foire, je la formate, sa prend une plombe, je recommence mais cette fois-ci ça marche. Je réinstalle windows, sa prend, une plombe, mais au final, tout refonctionne parfaitement. J'ai passé, 4 jours, à rénitialliser un pc, oups, que dit-je ? Une boite de conserve, a cause de steam. (et de moi c'est vrai.)

    J'adore ma vie.

    1. Ghatos


      Je réponds un peu tard, mais moi aussi il m'est arrivé un truc similaire pendant les vacances d'été:

      je suis sur mon PC, et là tout d'un coup, il s'éteint. Je le rallume, et quel fût ma joie de voir qu'il me dit un truc du genre" can't acces to hd 0, press any key to continue..." et que y'avait plus moyen d'accéder à windows ou ubuntu.

      Sur le coup, j'ai flippé, car hd, c'est l'abréviation de "hard drive", donc j'ai cru que mon disque dur était mort ;-;

      De retour en France, je le rallume pour voir qu'es-ce que je peux faire, et là il s'allume, tranquille, comme si de rien n'était.

      Bon ben faut croire que mon ordi n'aime pas la Tunisie, en fait.

    2. Milix_Dr3AM[FR]


      Il nous est tous arrivé une merde. Le pire c'est que moi, ton truc sa risque de m'arriver :


  9. A pic, simpler than a video of 1:14 to see it turn on itself But continue, I'd like to see more rigs subnautica for Mine-Imator
  10. Mo'creature Complete Pack happens, slowly, but it happens.
    some pics of a finished model :
    Jffk0uy.png6GtGOH5.pngBut honestly .. I want to stop x) it starts to annoy me

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. YoshiHunter


      something is off with the bird legs...

    3. Milix_Dr3AM[FR]


      @YoshiHunter The fact that it exceeds the body maybe?

    4. YoshiHunter


      That, and that they look, off. I can't seem to put my finger on it.

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