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  1. Ok, I take note, thank you for your feedback!
  2. Edited Version (Bad) : Credits : A.M.P.S Police Robot by @Hozq Weapons by @crustyjpeg
  3. Light is the thing that I have the most trouble managing. As I say my pc does not support the lights too "powerful". But thank you for the video, I will soon have a new pc so I could improve.
  4. I know it's not terrible, but I never do Wallpaper (My pc is not really done for ..) Credits : A.M.P.S Police Robot by @Hozq Scenery by @Kwazedilla Weapons by @crustyjpeg
  5. Made today.


    1. Ghatos


      Hé mais c'est les mob de L'aether ça!


      Hey that's the mobs from the Aether!


  6. nzq1qZb.png

    1. Draco63


      The original Aether in all its glory. Nice!

  7. The problem is not that you do not know me, it's that you did not look for the rig already existed or not. It is necessary to inquire before posting a rig. He would have been different from mine, I would have understood (it's an alternative) but if it's the same it's like a double post.
  8. I'm going to try. I do not know if you've ever seen a texture of the mod but it is VERY complex. (I think that specially for the Ferrous Wroughtnaut)
  9. I'm far from pro, especially since I did a little fast, but I find a little good. Download if you want :/ It's for my music :D : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9eT70n-oSA&feature=youtu.be
  10. Nop it comes from the mod Mowzie's mob but it's true that it looks like a bit
  11. 'sup. There is the Foliaath from Mowzie's Mob : (Bendable Body, leafs, tongue) Animation : (Apparition, stay, disappearance, attack (not on the gif)) Sprout and Baby Foliaath : (Bendable leafs (only on the baby)) Don't need credit but it's appreciated Click me to download :3
  12. Pas sur que ce soit du français non plus.. (Not sure it's French either...)
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