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  1. a do you want me to make you oc i can 

  2. i wll make a godzilla rig

  3. I'm looking to have some models made of Godzilla and his other variations. If able to, please make the models similar to the Godzilla X Minecraft DLC. Mainly looking to have the Godzilla's from these videos.
  4. Yooo, sweet man! I noticed this kinda looked similar to M.X.E.S from FNAF too, so that's cool.
  5. idk where it is because I moved the file elsewhere I will try to find it tho and once i do i will send it to you k?
  6. aaaaaaa

    I have moved to blender

    am srry :(((

    I may come back idk 
    goodbye, it's been a good one

  7. Minecraft Steve discovers other Minecraft games (MCSM, Dungeons, Legends)
  8. I made a Friday Night Dustin' Sans and DustDust FNF models based off the FND Mod Original Sans rig by AgentSecret24 Edit: I added the swap characters
  9. I made this model awhile back, I just never got to share it. So, here you go. (Also I really don't know if this is Ultra!Sans or UltraDust!Sans so sorry.) Credits Sans Head Model and Mouth Texture: Agentsecret24 Gaster Blaster Rig: WECLEY Gaster Hands: Samuelgamers Model: By me
  10. hooray (btw his name is zack)
  11. fox miner can i please be your sleep paralysis demon
  12. so this is part of a thing me and @Eclipseare doing, where like it's this big minecraft crossover of Minecraft, MC Dungeons, MC Storymode, and Minecraft creepy pastas. This render is basically the prologue to it where Null asks for entity 303's help to kill herobrine
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