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  1. Can you try to make the Fennec from rocket league? Its a bit simpler than the octane
  2. dude it's his decision. When he makes a new one you can ask him again. He wants a little break so just leave him
  3. So yesterday I made a BUNCH (10) of classes that could be in a class-fighting game. I don't have pictures (yet) because they are on my pc and i'm not on my pc. I will edit this later to show pics. pics: https://imgur.com/a/gprmwJk Credits to: https://mcpedl.com/more-tools-addon for some weapon textures Bare Bones for the mage hat texture (it looked better) Nova Skins for all the skins
  4. uhhh, a fennec from rl? (Rocket League)
  5. woah that sounds cool like some sort of game error or something
  6. wait is that just a fully black enderman lol
  7. is it just me or does that new phantom look like a cursed pterodactyl Also i actually want that Also if i have your permission im gonna try to get this into the real game (if i know how)
  8. The 2 on the side look better where they are ngl
  9. the little extrusions at the side look like ears and it looks weird But it's probably just me
  10. Ok that is actually one of the best models ive seen in a while THAT IS FRICKING COOL!!!
  11. dont trust me in the air lol i cant air dribble but i can from time to time I get lucky moments and moments where i suck Also what car u have and what paint
  12. rocket league is a poggers game tho im plat 1
  13. That is insanely cool! If MCSM was still around, you would have to show this to telltale!
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