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Found 92 results

  1. Mike

    Megumin Rig (2.0)

    upgraded and repaired my old Megumin model (from Konosuba). I'm not going back over the other 3 characters, they can't be helped comparison with my old rig download here (discord file link) the eyes are based off of skibbz' facial rig v2.0 if ethanforeveralone comments 'weeb' I want him to know he's very funny and also banned from hell 2
  2. Can someone pls make me these models... u dont need to do any texturing just make it to where you can change the colour by changing the albedo(or what ever mineimator uses, its been a while) and it would also be nice to customise the hair to fit almost any DBZ character... thank you for your time and pls tell me yer doing it... i give u permision to upload cause ur doing all the work
  3. Map made by @IsaacDavid @Supah.exe SansDeGamer555 Turret Download! https://www.dropbox.com/s/axevbcan8627fnd/BatiM - Chapter 1 Map.rar?dl=0 (And if someparts of the map is not visible, go to the Properties and deactvate the "Only Render in HD mode", or i if the "Eye" icon is turn off just turn on)
  4. Hi everyone, this is the Advanced Character Model Version 2.0! !Import the .miproject file! Here's the full view Sharp + Smooth bends Fully smooth body bend It has controllers, which move the body and disappear when rendering Now with the Alex version as well Credit goes to RandomJeremy for the render RandomJeremy's showcase animation: How to make it work with your skin: Steve Alex Steve Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4ptdxiixi3uok7/ACMV2.0.zip/file Alex Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3s2304cbgjyv9yh/Advanced+Character+Model+V2+alex.zip !Import the .miproject file! !You don't need to give credit, but it would be very appreciated!
  5. This is the First ever Model and Rig I made for the Better Villagers Rigs Includes: Moving Arms Moving Fingers Moving Wrists Bendable Nose Movable Eyes Bendable Eyebrow Opening/Bendable Mouth DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE
  6. FA DICE Presents: Steve Has A Gun 2 (a sequel to Steve Has A Gun) Additional info: Rigs made by @crustyjpeg. This wallpaper is a parody of @-StickyMations- animation "Steve Has A Gun" . It's a great animation and I totally suggest checking Sticky out. He's a cool dude. :3 FA is a real thing, and it is owned by the legendary dad @Rollo! It's a fun little server to hang out in and I get most of my inspiration from there! Come join us!
  7. In a world, far far away ... ... there is a guy that doesn't know what to do in this holiday. So, he made this.... ~latest update preview : -first update : -first post : Added numerals! So as the title said, it's minecraft letters and it's updated! yay~, it's still in progress tho, till now now it just needs to add some example textures to use or for you to edit.. And then, it's done(?) btw thank you for coming to my post and, have a nice day~ any suggestion I guess?
  8. At last I post my Template These are some of its option +Auto3D +Bends are like C4D +3D parts dont break while bending Before using the Rig, please read the "Read Me" Im sorry about posting Image and my English / I hope you Enjoy Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zibie8xa9acwhyy/DarkKnight+Template(DKT).rar
  9. I have been working on this model for awhile now and I'm finally satisfied with the results. The rig was originally supposed to have a "raver" kinda look to it but ended up turning into a toxic variation of my character. This "green stuff" is infestation from my character but glows green, otherwise it's a brownish tan color. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: It took me an hour just to pose the model.
  10. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1r8uch142d190wr/Breakfast_Set.rar/file
  11. James The Nerd


    I decided to make this public Made in ModelBench Image The Rig : http://www.mediafire.com/file/970u0u02ganl212/Hallway_public.rar/file Appreciate credit when used
  12. This is my Movie Accurate Bumblebee Rig ,and it Actually Transforms! The model does have hands, with fully rigged fingers, but my stupid mine-imator decided to crash right before i got a screenshot, so ill have to do that in a week or two The rig can be a pain in the butt to use, and I'm not planning on releasing this anytime soon, but if you guys want it enough, maybe you can change my mind? You may NOT use this without my permission.
  13. Hello guys, Yanuar Mohendra is here! This time I want to tell you all about my latest work, that's HYRIG! (Hytale Rig Pack) This rig pack is still in progress and still far from done, but you can now test my hytale player base model and tell me if there's something wrong... it's the preview : It's just a little boy wearing his underwear, don't forget the bald head. If you want to download that base model, click the download button below! I'll always update this post and will make a new post for the complete rig (pack)... thanks to everyone who supported me, and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel Yanuar Mohendra XD . . . . . don't open
  14. Oops! Looks like i messed up the previous one. don't worry guys,i fixed it,here: DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/file/aj5yicq15vgqcwj/Pug.zip/file I also wanna point that i used @SKIBBZ facial SFR V.6..so SPECIAL THANKS to him! CYAO!! little reminder:i am just starting,so please give me some support
  15. I Can not find the normal model Ender Dragon And here I decided to put his version of the model Although the original version of the model was another author I just changed and koechto added. (Enjoy) (Наслаждайтесь) http://www.mediafire.com/file/trnlo0qlu1a6k3p/Gss.rar
  16. DarkKnight

    Ocelot Rig

    after wolf rig I make Ocelot rig I put a poll on top it's about next rig I hope you enjoy it download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/314ahw24d1d1i1b/Cats_Rig.rar/file I couldn't upload pic or video
  17. I had these rigs for a while but never showed them, so here yall go! PLEASE KEEP NOTE: These versions of Entity and Null are my own versions, They are different from the original Null and Entity 303 Also, these rigs will most likely be updated if needed. Please enjoy these rigs! [These rigs are private. Do not ask for them] Null Entity 303 The Reference Sheet The rigs are still under development, expect some flaws already I am still trying to work with the hoods. So this forum will be updated once I fully update them
  18. Sup, Today I present to you, a face rig i made that i based off a guy called Harrimator. Here it is. https://imgur.com/a/q24rdwy (This is no longer available due to, Im not going to make this fancy xD, WisdomToaster said it was part his, witch i cannot deny)
  19. Here's a lovely easy-to-use Cape Model! Includes 20 different textures! https://i.imgur.com/N2Vv2j1.gifv More pics: Video: Download Here! Let me know what other things I should make! P.S. Please add credit when used. Kinda sucks not to be recognized for your work
  20. Hey everyone, I need an advanced Splinter Cell Rig that has to have: 1. Removable night vision thing ('removable' in a way that the character can put it up and down and it looks realistic) 2. Fingers (not necessary) 3. Eyes and mouth (not necessary) THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!
  21. So I have been getting some wallpaper inspiration from Instagram recently, and I really need a 1956 ford pickup model. I suck at Modelbench, so someone please help. Pics The back is more important than the front, I'll only be using the back in the planned wallpapers. Someone, please help! Thanks.
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