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  1. Yo! it's me, akbar. so here I made a xiao rig from genshin impat. and this is the rendering I made you want the rig? here:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/812580016318840872/839733053777772564/Xiao.zip Take it easy, this is a public rig but please tag me when you find a bug or something! have fun with the rig ;3
  2. Hi guys! I'm back and this time I will do requests on turning a Minecraft skin into a rig! First of all, you need to have a Minecraft skin and their name. Then I make it into a rig. And then there you go! You got your Minecraft skin as a rig!
  3. Five Nights at Freddys' might be oversaturated in the Mine-Imator community, but that won't stop me from doing my take on the animatronic bear. If you don't like FNaF, that's perfectly fine, you don't have to look at FNaF related posts, you have the ability to just not post on them and ignore them. Anyways, this is my take on a proper Freddy rig in Mine-Imator. He took a bit longer to do than I expected, primarily because several users in the discord servers pointed out some proportion issues. Once those issues are pointed out to me, it's like a mental oath that I am forced to sign that declar
  4. Hey, im Back with this Furry Rig I made it so it uses Color Blend for all the parts It Doesn't include a tail Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/vujtfbe3z0yyim1/Furry_Base.zip/file When downloading i recomend importing the .object instead of the .mimodel because the ColorBlends are a bit glitchy Warning : When importing if you have a low-end PC you may suffer a slowdown of your machine, this is because the Rig has many parts Any bug or issue please report it to me
  6. This is my first rig i have ever done and uploaded it is probably not that good, but i tried to make a Airplane Rig With a Bunch of Features Including, Cockpit Window Opening And Closing, Deployable Land Gears, movable elevator, control panel, and of course the airplane model itself. I have tried uploading a image a bunch of times and it isn't working so i will be making a video on it which is here - Download Link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/jxxcr0c5i5cnsj6/Jet_Fighter_Rig%21.miobject.zip/file
  7. Seen a lot of renders with campfires, so I figured I'd try and improve the campfire animation by adding lighting & some particles. Used only mine-imator assets & resources found within mine-imator. Very interchangeable coloring and particles to your liking! Download:https://www.mediafire.com/file/27hmqztb9y5ja2w/Campfire_Rig.zip/file
  8. F.t Darl Edited [F.t Mike Model] Skin : Mr.Darl F.t jaw : Mr.Darl Edit by : JohnTRm14 Added: Body Plates 2 Face Plates New Endo BUN BUN! And Mike lel So Here the Picture F.t darl with Bonbon Darl And this is the Open Plates Soooooooooooooo........................... U want it? DOWNLOAD NOW! http://www.mediafire.com/file/fnn6eewgeh23jpd/F.t Darl [F.t Mike style].rar
  9. So.... i like cute stuff so i made my own Chibi Rig cause why not What's the features of it: Wrist & Foot A simple face rig And Extrusions (so it will be laggy) Enjoy!! SPREAD THE CUTENESS >:D Edit: (If the eyes textures becomes your skin you should turn off inherit textures on the eyes it will fix it and your good to go) Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p36ih5gi838izve/EZCR_V1.2_%28Em_Z%27s_Chibi_Rig.zip/file
  10. This is is the peak of gaming. Not in graphics, not in fancy mechanics, but in experience. This is a time where gaming was more special, something more hard-earned. Oh, and just the fact that it's Pac-Man, and that overrides any of your opinions. I just got this rig into a presentable state last night, so I figured I'd go ahead and make something with it. The rig has some extra gimmicks that I'll show once I finish it up. For now, have some cozy Arcade Wallpapers!
  11. RIG :http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ge5tjnofvxctj1/Golden_Freddy_V2_fad_VR.rar/file (with endo and micro) rig :http://www.mediafire.com/file/fh38qpfqp03jrgs/Endokeleton_fad_Vr.rar/file
  12. I know, I know. Corellion, didn't you already make an R2-D2 with all of the gadgets like, a long long time ago? Well, yes. Yes I did. A lot of people liked that one, but eventually I started to realize how inaccurate it really was, atleast to the R2-D2 seen in A New Hope. You see, The R2-D2 from A New Hope is the best design for him, in my personal opinion, and I wanted to keep true to that likeness. His colors, and details change throughout the movies, no R2-D2 is the same in any of the movies. That's why I wanted to make sure I got it right. Don't get me wrong, that R2-D2 is still a pretty n
  13. This has been my little project over the past week or so. I haven't seen anyone take on the task of making a movie accurate R2-D2 rig, with all of his gadgets so I figured I'd give it my go! He's based specifically off of the original Radio Controlled model seen in A New Hope, hence the black and blue holo-projector in the front and the single silver panel in the back. Also, yes. This is in work in progress, because you need a download to put it in rigs, and I'm also not sure yet if I want to release him, but I did want to show him around. So far, he features the following. -Fully anima
  14. le solo solio

    Base Rigs

    Made these two base rigs out of boredom, plus a non alpha face rig the posing on it is good, face rig was all by me, fingers was by someone credits to them whoever they are, and yeah there ya have it
  15. Cbr 2011


    Back again with the Boom Rig! Download Here note becaust downvote: my dislikes are: yt dislikes downvotes
  16. Download Available Soon!!!!!! Changes: New Eye Options New Mouth Options Better Bending at:[Arms, Legs, Body] !!Extra Skins!!
  17. There is no download yet but might be soon!!!!
  18. There is no download for now
  19. download: not here...maybe...on...my discordd... *YES, THE RIG IS ON MY PROFILE PHOTO IS ME ON THESE RIGS* Maybe in the future I can put the download here
  20. Updates download link without alpha glitch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ay6gm5mcvjqpr8t/Scientist_animatronic_supah.zip/file Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jdGZGhpJ1pb9jQqN4YYSDOCVjHVY7NJr/view?usp=sharing this isn't a 100% remake of scientist supah.exe but its pretty good. and this is just a reskin of mr. darls animatronic rigs mr. Darls rig download 2020: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c0nbovv9rbelegd/Mr_Darl_Animatronic_Rig_Pack.zip/file
  21. Funny thing is, this was actually a political cartoon, and this is the render without the text. For clarification, It's R2-D2, in a burning unstable building, and he's holding up one of the collapsed support beams. I've gotten a lot of confused people when I shared this in the discords, so y'know.
  22. SoundsDotZip Facial Rig Version 1 Hey guys, I made a new facial rig and this is my best one so far! It works similarly to other facial rigs, with some additions. Pros: - Smooth curved mouth (easy to use) - Smooth eyelids - Organised - Easy recolouring Cons: - Stuff can clip if used incorrectly - It looks best on flat shaded skin colours Important: When scaling the base model up with the face on it, select whatever you need to select on the base + the "Top/Bottom Teeth Origin" parts. They have inherit scale off, this way the teeth look better when opening the m
  23. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mnle0lyrmxbwb1m/Animatronic+Error+V.4+(A.E.V4).zip/file Images: 1:https://imgur.com/a/WBvHpIy 2:https://imgur.com/a/I4bAdH8 3:https://imgur.com/a/jqRGTG2 4:https://imgur.com/a/HoslhZH 5:https://imgur.com/a/NqTTx0u 6:https://imgur.com/a/9nzQ5ed
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