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  1. Because for Soviet Union! Movable parts. DOWNLOAD
  2. Luger rig yay... i don't know which model this is probably mix mash of 3-5 models but it works. It's animatable... animation able ? dunno but hey i made somthing after like 7 or nine months yay... here's pics and here is video download link . Upvote and follow me on MI . subscribe to my channel . It helps me alot by reminding there is people that likes things i does. Share this to your fellow Mine Imators . Have a wonderful day and spill a coffee https://www.mediafire.com/file/uw12vj3xkbog2ra/Luger.miobject/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/ff17qshkzak82lk/Luger_[pre_animated].miobject/file
  3. Hello! This is a simple "Rig Pack" sorta thing I made yesterday. It contains only Ship Cannons at the moment, I plan to add more Naval Stuff though! Ship Stuff! Swivel Cannon(Or Swivel Turret): This is a versatile, quick loading cannon, just no where near as powerful as a regular cannon. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j2nbp2e9f7k53hy/Swivel+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip Deck Cannon: Straight forward, A Deck Cannon(AKA, Deck Gun) is a powerful good sized cannon that sits on the deck of the ship! Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2fq5qkj60y8cete/Deck+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip BroadSide Cannon: A Broadside cannon is a moderately powerful big cannon placed on the sides(In the hull) of a ship. Usually among other broadside cannons, Or a "battery of broadside cannons". Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gcfq6lhcg6kmf9s/BroadSide%5B1%5D.zip Mortar Cannon(Ship): Some ships called "Bomb Vessels" often carried these rather then cannons. A very solid cannon-like shell and weighs a ton! No need to strap these down, the weight will do it. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hz5mm5hv5w5jvd5/Mortar%5B1%5D.zip Props! Lantern: How else will they see on a ship? Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t7z5auqr7uh8vz7/Lantern%5B1%5D.zip Ship Fence Rail: Incase Regular fences and such aren't enough for you, I made this. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1295tbd6whi43ku/WoodenRail%5B1%5D.zip Globe: Everyship has one...right? ( I plan to add a MC version of the MAP) Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwjet5bc98ahybj/Globe%5B1%5D.zip Fort/Coastal Stuff! Adolf Kanone(Adolf Cannon): This is a late era(Nazi Germany) cannon which was built intended for a battleship. The battleship was never built so it was used for Fort and Coastal defence. (These things pack a punch, the shells are powerful) (I know the cannon doesn't look detailed, but the actual cannon itself is actually really plain like this, google it) I also gave it an interior. Completely improvised of coarse...(I obviously haven't been inside so idk what it looks like inside.) Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/us2wdxjnon9ndrq/Adolf+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip The ColumBiad(MuzzleLoaded): The ColumBiad was a very strong Cannon for it's time as it could fire strong and powerful shells and solid shots while being able to aim at both high and low pitchs aswell as firing at massive distances. It also has a carriage for versatility of the cannon aswell as a Breach at the back. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/167yy3n7kujl11y/ColumBiad%5B1%5D.zip Uber's Textures: Incase the default texture on MC isn't doing it for you, use these. Made by Uber. In Use: The textures: FAQ:(Read this even if it isn't a question!) Planned Features: -Forts Defences -More ship cannon types -Ammo types -Ship Props -Fort Props Also when using my rig(s) provide credit! Thanks, please provide feedback Yes I know they aren't the best looking, but when placed on a ship all nicely, it looks decent IMO, Like the Header image for example^^ Credits: Original Ship schematic off PMC.
  4. Today i bring you guys a pre release of the Dodge Charger rig hope u like it!! Also criticism is appreciated, tell me what to add to this rig to improve it. * Please note this rig is not 100% finished * IMAGES I really want to know what u guys will create with this rig Updates coming soon. DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/za2k3aq7adhvdp7/Dodge_Charger_%5B2016%5D.rar/file
  5. MineRig

    smart phone rig

    Wait a minute this isn't a vehicle rig.... Introducing a phone rig i made a day ago Images Types of screens available DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbgkq51l2fa2oai/Cell_phone_updated.rar/file
  6. Hello There, Well I Just Edit The Rig Charizard Too Became Mega Evolution X And Y And I Make The Rig With @BagasMC Too Here The Rig C H A R I Z A R D X Well The Features We Added Here The List + Better Texture + Flexible Tail + Easy Too Use The Rig + Better Eyes, Hands, Legs, Wings + Easy Too Use For Animation And We Added Cool Bunch Assets And Detail Too, Here You Go Just That And Bonus Image Back Charizard X C H A R I Z A R D X - On Process - You All Wanna Try It ? Here The Link Charizard X Rig Charizard Y Rig If You Wanna Use The Rig Please Add Credit Me / BagasMC (c) Character By Nintendo / Pokemon (c) Template Mapped Texture By Kiepocu Studio Ok Bye
  7. So I decided to try the new MI camera effects, and for the only way for me to use these two rigs together was to use the new MI // not the newest. Edit: I did not make the render in CB, I only made the rigs in CB. Community Build kept crashing when i tried using the two rigs together so I tried the new one. and I am pleased ^ I used Community Build to make these rigs, but I really like the results of this render Tried to do lighting that wasn't bad, I think I did well with it. //I am aware of the possible errors with the rig style and such. Not gonna fix it since I'm satisfied with it. Edited, I only edited the eyes. Raw I may post pictures of the new rig, of the dragon above the female Ender Dragon, which her name is Endertress btw I am not 100% sure if y'all will be interested, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. This Is My HandyUnit Rig. (Also My First) ---------------------------------------------------------------- PICTURES OF RIG: (None Yet) ---------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s0zjx71br61fc40/fad+Sister+Location+HandyUnit+Rig.zip
  9. Hey guys, just made a ghast rig. It includes : - moveable teeth - moveable eyes - moveable eyebrows - moveable eyelids - back panels so when you open the mouth or eyes, you dont see through the head! Here's a little demonstration of what it can do : When you guys use it, please give me credit, thanks Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?mc18p0cci24xmij
  10. I have recently made a security camera rig, and I would love to share it with all of you guys. This rig includes; Working live Monitor, A security camera and an Active Camera for the Monitor. This can be useful to anyone who wants to create a Prison with security cameras and control room, or a mall cop watching his mall. The turning point folder, in the rig, is what you use to turn on camera on the Y, and Z, access, please turn the camera, CCTV camera, its self for the X access. Please!, if you are using leave credit to me here - https://www.youtube.com/SlamacowCreations -Thank You, Please have fun with this rig, This is my first ever rig posted on these forums and my FIRST one made with Mine-Imator, If there are any rigs you want me to try and make please tell me, I'm up for the challenge.
  11. <Yellow Race/Sports Car Rig> <Model Preview> VV Download and info below VV NOTE: This rig is not a 1x1 scale. It does not line up with the size of regular characters or blocks Who am I kidding? made this for fun anyways.. >> Download <<
  12. Can Be Stored Easily Comes in 6 variants of woods: Acacia ; Spruce ; Oak ; Dark Oak ; Birch ; Jungle !V! Get it !V! Please Credit me if you use this :3
  13. Hey Is My First Rig Who I Upload Yei Steve No Blend You Can Put Your Skin just Duplicate ''SteveNoBlend.png'' And Put Your Skin adjust and fine 2 Diferents textures to the R and L Legs/Arms And Support Jackets/Hats Link : http://evassmat.com/ATZ0 Post-Data : Enjoy Post-Post-Data : Why Are you continue reading? Post-Post-Data-Data : you are weird leave me alone Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data : Rlly? are you continue reading leave me alone you weird and download the rig :3 Post-Post-Post-Post-Data-Data-Data-Data : You End??
  14. Its kinda bad compared to some of the other things but oh well Download https://www.mediafire.com/folder/fnotwa62wdq6b/ Images (If your to lazy to download and look at the images folder) https://imgur.com/a/YUIWmU1 Read the TOS before use ty
  15. The RGB Game Controller XDDD Joystick Trigger Use For [Mine-imator 1.0.6] or [Mine-imator Community Build 1.0.3] Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yh36545jcqfvx0c It can CHANGE the LED color, If you ask me how to change the color, The following tutorial is my answer. 1. Click the "Game Controller" folder. 2. Click the "Color" Tab. 3. Click the "Multipy" Button or "Blend Color" 4. Change the Color. 5. Done! Have Fun!
  16. Nedia

    Nedia's Trombone Rig

    Hello! It's been quite a while since I produced a rig, but I decided to end that with this rig, and more rigs to (hopefully) come. Actually, the idea of a trombone rig has been one that I have had for years, so it is nice to finally see it come into fruition. Being a trombone rig, you can expect the slides (both the main and tuning counterparts) to move, which you can see in greater detail in the gallery below. And that's really all to see. Now, as mentioned previously, I want to continue producing more rigs. However, for the sake of challenge and fun, I want the rig ideas to be suggested by YOU! Suggest anything that you want. and it might just actually happen. I might make a whole separate topic for rig suggestions, so be on the lookout for that. Anyways, here's the download! Don't forget to like and comment to support more quality rigs to be produced by me! I'll see you all soon. (EDIT: Something weird happened with the spoiler. It should hopefully be fixed now.)
  17. The Official Merkimations' Turtle Shell Helmet Rig Hello There! I'm Merk, and this is my turtle shell helmet rig modeled and after the Official Minecraft Turtle Shell Helmet from the 1.13 update. I have not seen any turtle shell helmet rig in the Mine-imator community. Thus, I decided to make one myself. Warning!!! If you do use this rig or any part of it, then you all I require is for you to give the creator, me, full credit. Link to the archive download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ejt4su5jj3f674/Merkimations_Turtle_Shell_Helmet_Rig.rar/file
  18. So, i made a bomb rig that was requested by @MCBoomBox. I didn't know what type of bomb he wanted so i made a simple WW2 airplane bomb. There might be more coming in the future. Without further ado... a WW2 plane bomb. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dfshdom5larrfmy/WW2+Bomb+Rig.zip
  19. Welcome Ladies and Gentle-Sheep. This is a rig of mine that I have been working hard on, and decided to release it. Hope you like it! Also, when you use this rig in an animation or picture, be sure to give credit! If you find any mistakes or bugs on the rig or topic, please tell me! Features To Do List Pictures (Big Images) Also, if you want a 0.7 version, click Want Fingers? Click below!
  20. :FACIAL RIG: by:Hman Animator[Me] No need to credit Update:14/12/2017 Download
  21. Hello! Long time I haven't posted something. Well, I've been busy with a rig I've promised I would be releasing to the public. And here you have it! I present to you, Cherno Alpha, my favourite mech design from the movie Pacific Rim. An absolute beast, lots of details to play around with it. It includes various animatable mechanisms throughout his body, as well as 54 rotation points (yes I've counted them) to make sure you can give it literally any pose you want with maximum precision. Mind you that as a consequence of this, it's very hard to use. The timeline is a mess but I've organized it in the most comprehensible/user friendly way I could. If you attempt to use it then I assume you're gonna have a hard time at first but eventually you can get the job done. DETAILS SHOWCASE: ===================================================================================================================================== Now you may be wondering, is it even possible to animate this thing in MI? And yes, it is, just with a bit of lag. Put it on maximum quality for best viewing experience. Enjoy. CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD! (108.28 KB) Make sure to read the text inside the .zip file. Enjoy the rig!
  22. Well, here are the Ender Siblings, Caiden and Nylah from the render I've made in Both Rigs Created by Me, Face Rig by Skibbz - Edited by Me Textures/Item Sheet by Me | Facial Items/Textures by Skibbz / Edited by Me The Drawing will be presented on the bottom Side Note: Yes these two are endermen/enderwomen but customized. They do not look like the actual Endermen from minecraft. Also, yes I know some textures look weird but it's the best I could've tried with shading them differently. Profile: Front View Profile : Back View Profile : Caiden's Views Profile : Nylah's Views Nylah and Caiden's Reference Sheets // Tried to get it as close as I could to the reference sheet
  23. hi guys my name is MC and i make this rig rig for your animations image : https://pasteboard.co/IkaZiCW.png image : https://pasteboard.co/IkaZMgl.png this rig has 3 eye eyes angry . Sas . happy Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/uli2x0wfyn4pgjs/bendy rig.zip?dl=0 pls like it
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