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  1. Here' once again, another movie authentic Rig. I actually shared this rig years ago, but ended up losing it in a hard desk failure. Now, I have remade the rig. It's nothing special, really. I figured I'd share it here anyways. The mouth opens and closes, so woohoo I guess. Huge thank to my buddy RigaM0rty over at the fad Universe mod. He was the one that designed the textures, when I first made the model in 2017. I reused the ones he made for me back then, with permission. The model has no planned release, so don't attack me for putting it in wallpapers. I cannot share my rigs in the rigs section because they do not have downloads. Feel free to take a look at my other models. Not all of them are this generic. Here's a link to one of my best rigs.

    My Map Rig

    New Map Rig:- Download:- https://www.mediafire.com/?k66h8ydr3nczd4o
  3. SoundsDotZip Facial Rig Version 1 Hey guys, I made a new facial rig and this is my best one so far! It works similarly to other facial rigs, with some additions. Pros: - Smooth curved mouth (easy to use) - Smooth eyelids - Organised - Easy recolouring Cons: - Stuff can clip if used incorrectly - It looks best on flat shaded skin colours Important: When scaling the base model up with the face on it, select whatever you need to select on the base + the "Top/Bottom Teeth Origin" parts. They have inherit scale off, this way the teeth look better when opening the mouth. Some facial expressions made with them A tutorial video on how to use the rig Things that changed after the video: - Parts that should not be used are locked now - Some areas have been tweaked to look better - Pupils are brighter for more accurate colours - Mouth inside part is not locked at a red colour, it can be changed now Credit is not needed when used in an animation or render, but you must credit me when making a public rig! Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8q5kzprksu8i0o6/SoundsDotZip_Facial_Rig_V.1.zip/file
  4. Hey guys, I have decided to release my model to the public since Floof, 9redwoods, and Hozq made their rigs publicly way before, so yeah, I wanna do the same too. Things included in my rig: Wrists and joints included Own facial rig(cept the mouth one since I modified Hozq's sharp mouth), but teeth is made by me Chest glow, you can change its color/glow color Credits to @Hozq for sharp mouth, but I modified it Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/m40yiyfrbr44qia,191fb490wwfq6fd/shared Tell me anything that should be fixed/changed, and V2 may be in its way Edit: Sorry for the previous one, I won't do it again Edit again: oof my bottom hands were colored black on accident, fixed it o-o
  5. IDGam3r

    Hand Rig v0.1

    Hello fellow Animators and Gamers, I would like to present my first real rig, namely a Hand Rig, You Are Welcome to use this rig, so long as I get credit for this rigs creation. Version History: Version 0.1: Made the Right Hand, Left Hand In Production Picture of the rig: Download the Rig: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0s83l77mxnye0a7/Hand Right.zip
  6. umm im new to posting topics now and okay, so this pack is kinda still w.i.p but the template rig is finished so here it is Smooth Body Bends(The Female One Is Kinda Bad Taper Effect Legs That Have Extrusions And Can Bend And Easy To Put On Skins(duh) https://www.mediafire.com/file/utvwuj4ogen5dvy/NFR_Rig_Pack.zip/file New Download Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/qfv46odqezrd2oo/NFR_Rig_Pack_%282%29.zip/file and the 3x3 pixel arm uv Take The One Above if you want
  7. The Rig:- New:- Old:- Update 1 -- Less Blurry:- Update 2 -- Updated to allow bigger photos:- Update 3 --- Added a plus to the default texture on the map to make adding custom images easier:- Download:- https://www.mediafire.com/file/7rc8x25zv4u740y/Map_Rig.zip/file
  8. Tau Cannon rig from Half-Life 1 note: do not charge it for a long period of time or you'll lose your arm.
  9. Made this Portal 2 render, really happy with it. Chell isn't used cuz i figured out "why not have a custom character?", and I placed myself in lol. Anyways, credits! @BaconSandwich for his portal 2 pack, the wall textures, floor textures, the entrance/exit thing, the portal gun, and his turret. Glados is made by me(half complete), and MAYBE it will be private(not really sure). Happy extremely late b-day, Bacon :D, the Glados rig will truly be yours soon! CC is very much appreciated, might need help with lighting and stuff like that
  10. This Is A RIG Of Iron Man Mark 42 Skin. I added with some detail. Thanks For Read This. -----LacaMenDRY------
  11. Yo, here's my rig for Metal Gear Solid 3's Naked Snake/My personal character rig since that's my Minecraft skin. It comes with a gun holster containing a socom, a socom in Snake's left hand, a knife holster with Snake's knife in it, and knives in both of his hands. I put knives in the holster and hands so there would be less fiddling with parenting and such. Anyways here are some pictures. and the download link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/j1c1hk4m5n0fwv7/snake_rig.rar/file
  12. Zawdan

    Demonic rig

    Zauważyłem, że nigdzie nie ma platformy demonicznej i często przydają się różni animatorzy, tacy jak Rainimator. Dlatego stworzyłem własny i opublikowałem go, aby każdy mógł z niego korzystać. Zdjęcia: Co dodaje: - pakiet demonicznych twarzy - demoniczne skrzydła - demoniczne rogi - demoniczny ogon - demoniczne szpony Pobierz http://www.mediafire.com/file/67fdq09so4q8xca/Demonic_Rigs.rar/file Post scriptum: przepraszam za błędy, nie jestem najlepszy po angielsku
  13. Made a Book Rig today. It's a minor rig because I've been drained of inspiration. So here's a rig to save everybody the hassle of using an enchantment table! Contains: -No wonky rotation! -User-friendly -3 Extra pages Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ALOoEhwRklSndy2p11uATcr3eJPsbDd4/view?usp=sharing
  14. Here's are some cool wallpapers I made using the Fad rigs I've created in the last two days
  15. So basically nearly everyone have their own OC rigs, @9redwoods's OC model inspired me to make my own. So yeah, me greeny. Credits to @Hozq for his sharp mouth, but then I modified it a bit and made my own teeth. CC is well appreciated.
  16. Link download: https://bit.ly/Rig-Chair-Gaming Password on this video Made by CraftBlack
  17. Download link: https://semawur.com/tIjXPi6RO Made by CraftBlack
  18. Skyrim Daedric Sword MI version made using 1.2.5 version fo MI it has few parts and it has less lag easy to use and it was 100% pure MI organize parts I'am so very sad that I cant Share the armor its just so messy and it has so many parts Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k9j7lkva67ue35l/Daepig_Sword.rar/file if you have any question about the rig just send me message ^_^ have fun! oink!
  19. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jo8koudyczqnb87/COMPUTER.miobject/file
  20. This is Non-Nightmare Croc, my original rig. Please credit me when you use it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/865ain1t610b0qn/CROC_NEW.zip/file If you have CC for me, please say it
  21. This has been my little project over the past week or so. I haven't seen anyone take on the task of making a movie accurate R2-D2 rig, with all of his gadgets so I figured I'd give it my go! He's based specifically off of the original Radio Controlled model seen in A New Hope, hence the black and blue holo-projector in the front and the single silver panel in the back. Also, yes. This is in work in progress, because you need a download to put it in rigs, and I'm also not sure yet if I want to release him, but I did want to show him around. So far, he features the following. -Fully animated (Rotating dome, moving legs, etc) -All doors open (even ones that don't open in the movies!) -All gadgets (Minus ones from Clone Wars or his Rocket Boosters. Minecraft flames wouldn't look right!) -Authentic Light systems (The logic screens are animated, and his light fades out like it's supposed to.) -Third leg (It wouldn't be Artoo without it.) His planned accessories are: -Parascope (Seen in The Empire Strikes Back when he falls into the swamp) -Life Form Scanner (Seen in The Empire Strikes Back in the beginning when they wait for Luke) -Buzz Saw (Used in return of the Jedi, to free the heroes from the net trap) -Gripper Arm (He uses this arm to fight Yoda over the flashlight) -CPU Arm (The arm he uses to plug into doors and control panels) -Taser (In multiple movies, though most noticeably used in Revenge of the Sith, to kill the buzz droid) -Drink Server (Return of the Jedi, Jabbas Sail Barge) -Side Arms (I believe he uses these to press a button in A New Hope but I could be mistaken. You should be able to find them in a reference.) Have a look for yourself!
  22. Eldrone

    Gymnastics rig

    Hey I make a rig with a gymnast who do horizontal bar Download rig -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/j17j0fukoh96wi0/rig_gymnastics_horizontal_bar.zip/file
  23. So with the requests and complaints to add a smile/frown option for the V.1 of this facial rig, I have decided to update the facial rig to have the ability to smile/frown now. That's pretty much the only highlight to this facial rig update. On a side note: I am very aware that KeeponChucking's facial rig is far more convenient and easier to use than this one, but this one doesn't require a modded version of Mine-Imator to use. Plus as usual, there's no need to credit me. It's still a fantastic rig if you haven't checked it out. Anyways, this video will give you a run-down of the features and how the rig works! Sorry, but I'm too lazy to make some gifs, so take a look at these images to see some of the faces you could make with it. The eyelashes are kind of experimental... New! 03/04/2017 > Download Here 217.48 KB < New! 12/29/2016 > Download FIXED Version Here 231.48 KB < New! 03/04/2017 > Not Available Yet < No need to credit if used
  24. Hey, im Back with this Furry Rig I made it so it uses Color Blend for all the parts It Doesn't include a tail Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/vujtfbe3z0yyim1/Furry_Base.zip/file When downloading i recomend importing the .object instead of the .mimodel because the ColorBlends are a bit glitchy Warning : When importing if you have a low-end PC you may suffer a slowdown of your machine, this is because the Rig has many parts Any bug or issue please report it to me
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