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Found 1948 results

  1. Had trouble with the hassle of changing many different textures just to get someone's hair to stick out? Let alone a multi-character animation? No more! This is a rig that requires no extra work, it simply turns the hat of your skin 3d. And it works with any 32x64 skin (before 1.8). Download URL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8njee29v3ony1ay/auto3D-steve.zip
  2. M1911 [PISTOL RIG]

  3. YM Rig V1.1

    YM Rig V1.1 For Mine-Imator 1.1.4 Before start, I'm sorry if my English are bad... Hello guys, I've come back to make Mine-Imator Rig... And it's my new rig. I've made this Rig for 2 days, and produce something Wow :v I hope you like it Downliad link: HERE!!! If you have something to discuss, contact at: Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/yanuar.gunpla Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/YanuarMohendra MineImator Forum : https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/profile/39096-shinyghasttear/ E-mail : god.yanuar@gmail.com Respect the author by Subscribe his channel V:
  4. 2D Human Rig :D

    I just finished making this new 2D Human rig (i got inspired by animations memes ), this rig is also easily retexturable (just go in the textures and change color) So here is a pic! There are also multiple mouths! So here is the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kytov81p2fyvgoc/2D_Rig.zip Don't forget to credit!
  5. F.R.E.D.D.Y. rig [Beta}

    I made a F.R.E.D.D.Y. rig from F.N.A.F. because why not. I will release it when: -I am done with the rig. Because there stil are some bugs and glitches. -If there are two people who already want it. Than you need to tell me in de comments. There wil be some bugs and glitches than. hope you enjoy it!
  6. Making a Rig Request

    Hey all! I'm starting out in Mine-imator and I was wondering if anyone had or could make a rig you can use to import a movable, full two layer steve or alex model completely made up of a bunch of flat surfaces that are the same size as normal skin pixels that you color individually according to the skin of the character desired. It would be useful for things like making all the pixels on a character burn away when they fall into the void or smoothly animating certain pixels of a character. It would be much appreciated if you could make this or if one already exists!
  7. TheCobaltCreepr

    My private TheCobaltCreeper rig! (And first) I don't want to publish it yet becuase he don't publish it either and i think he has a good reasen for it. So no download until he gives permission. I'm a fan from CobaltCreeper so i made a rig.
  8. NA Team Rig

    Hellow everyone here I will share a rig that I made from ModelBench. but i added somethings from mine-imator into my rig, here's an example of the rig I created: and this is the previews of the rig: Download Rig Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/422i58aol0v8b97/NA Team Rig.zip Note: This rig does not include Weapons, and you must use mine-imator Latest Version Credit: - @SKIBBZ Rig Face V4 If you are a real animator then u must give a credit to the owner rig
  9. Above is my "log.txt". There was actually no log.txt in my folder, there was only "log_previous.txt". I hope it still works the same way :/ Above is my error message, sorry if its a bit small. Since this just happens whenever I am importing a rig, the steps were pretty simple. 1. Open the project. 2. Click "Import Asset". 3. Find a rig. 4. Double click it, or clicking it, and clicking open. And that's it, the error message should appear. My Project Fi This is my project file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yfn3od965udyyvc/RemakeYes.rar THESE ARE JUST SOMETHINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN TESTING: THIS PROJECT IS 1.1.4 THIS HAPPENS WITH ANY RIG I TRY TO IMPORT That's all I have to say. Thank you for helping (if you can).
  10. FryzBike - Pinoy Tricycle <3

    Fryz BikePhantom XT99 The technology we use Impresses no one The Experience you create with it Is everything Created by Fryzzle the Pork: a fast made rig /simple tricycle Oink Oink Oink I made this rig today so its not so great but still its a pleasure to share this to you all guys hope you guys like it Have fun! OinK! Download link: FryzBike: http://shrink8.com/OGmj
  11. FryzMobile - FryzGTZ 9000 Supercar

    FryzMobile FryzGTZ 9000 Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works A simple car made by: Fryzzle the Pork I hope you all like but the rig is not so 100% perfect Warning! the rig is kind of laggy sorry Download Link: FryzMobile: http://shrink8.com/WS4fix Have fun!
  12. Here is a Star Wars R2-D2 Droid I am making because I Couldn't find any good R2 rigs on the forums.... So I decided to make my own! This may take awhile to finish, but I hope I'll finish it sometime soon. Thanks for reading! I'm open to feedback.
  13. Enchantedmob Funtime Freddys Rig Beta

    Hey Guys, This is my First Rig I Posted on the Mine imator forums.The Model design is by Enchanted Mob And It was Remade by me in Mine imator.It is easy and simple to use and yes It is kind of Buggy The Rig Currently Doesnt have FacePlates But Dont Worry i will Release The Full Rig With FacePlates and Some others thing too. Edit:Thanks guys for the support I Have Added A Hat To The Funtime Mike Rig As many of you requested and i have also fixed some Problems with the rig.Also, I will be Releasing The Full Rig with Faceplates soon and also tell me what I should do after I am done with the Funtime Mike rig Down below. Pictures: Updated Download Link :http://www.mediafire.com/file/509767z0e2l9v9c/Funtime Mike Rig Beta V2.rar
  14. Achnologia Dual Bladed

    The Achnologia you are a weapon. Stay sharp & seek balance Created by Fryzzle the Pork Download Link: The Achnologia: http://shrink8.com/cCdQSKn hope you all like it! Thank you! Oink!
  15. Fryzzle's War Lance

    War Lance War is peace Freedom is slavery Ignorance is strength Created By Fryzzle the Pork Download link: War lance: http://shrink8.com/vF1y7 Thank you Oink!
  16. Hand Rig v0.1

    Hello fellow Animators and Gamers, I would like to present my first real rig, namely a Hand Rig, You Are Welcome to use this rig, so long as I get credit for this rigs creation. Version History: Version 0.1: Made the Right Hand, Left Hand In Production Picture of the rig: Download the Rig: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0s83l77mxnye0a7/Hand Right.zip
  17. Trident Rig - Pork's Trident

    Pork's TRIDENT Oink Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it. Created by: Fryzzle the Pork Download: Pork's Trident: http://shrink8.com/QxZR Recreate with the texture of PorkSpada Porks Spada link:
  18. The Pork's Scythe

    Pork Scythe Executioner of the Butchers Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it. Download: Pork Scythe:http://shrink8.com/xVyr created with the help of Spork Spada Thank you!
  19. Kikoku - Trafalgar Law's sword

    Kikoku Trafalgar Law's Sword "Weaklings cannot choice thier way of death" Download: Kikoku Sword: http://shrink8.com/PsjfE Thank you!!
  20. The Doom Scythe [by: Fryzzle]

    The Doom Scythe Death and his scythe do not come. No sweeping Black capes or ethereal escapes. There's no pearly gate, no prism of colors as his slip away. The stillness is cold steel. The silence is empty with no memory to mend it Created by: Fryzzle The pork Download Link: The Doom Scythe: http://shrink8.com/1JWA7 Thank you and Goodbye Oink!
  21. Dragon Slayer Weapons

    Dragon Slayer Weapon Rig Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours Created by: Fryzzle The Pork DragonSlayer Dual Blade: DragonSlayer Battle Axe Download Link DragonSlayer DualBladeL: http://shrink8.com/fJGsHg DragonSlayer BattleAxe: http://shrink8.com/uD8mDj Hope you all like it
  22. The Dark heart

    Darkheart, Guardian of Hell For every soul thiers a guardian watching it Created By: Fryzzle the Pork Download now: http://shrink8.com/gXbOo
  23. Forsaken Warblade

    Forsaken Warblade Time is like a sword; if you dont cut it it'll cut you Created by: Fryzzle the Pork Download now: http://shrink8.com/udmp http://corneey.com/wUkCcn
  24. Ruby Duo Blade

    Ruby Duo Blade A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it Created by: Fryzzle The Pork Download now: http://shrink8.com/9pBR8j Thank you and goodbye
  25. Aichrelda Dual Blade

    Aichrelda Dual Blade A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms Created By: Fryzzle The Pork Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0lai007384caw3a/DualBlade.rar Hope you all like it ! Some Comming soon Rigs! Thank you