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Found 2087 results

  1. HI, So today, I made a Jake the dog rig (I love adventure time). DOWNLOAD BELOW: No credit needed, Period. I hope Yuri likes the look of this crap. :DD
  2. I made a rig of some guy from Super Paper Mario in Mine Imator. the rig is private, but here is a nice render of what he looks like!
  3. BloxTheRigger

    Armor Rigs!

    I guess I just decided to make more as the last was popular: Hope you like Please give feedback -All armor is separate so you can swap and take off stuff! Updates (Hopefully): Stop Textures Overlapping Correct Scale More Detail (Posting on Another Topic) Chain and Leather (They keep failing fsr) (Anything else suggested) Downloads: Diamond Armor: Gold Armor: Iron Armor: Thanks for viewing, and as always, more to come! -Please give credit in your video, art or description (or whatever else).
  4. _-New V2 And 0.2 Available-_ Scroll down until the new changelog and the new link. . .-_ _-You can use this 3D model for all your animations or images and youtube videos-_ - _ - _ - _ -_ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _-Introduction About My First Experience With Modeling A 3D Person With Mine Imator-_ : This is my first rig about a person,i'm learning. . . I work many times with 3D softwares like Blender Or Cinema 4D,then about this type of 3D model about people,i could have problem like perspective,size,shapes and more. . . I'm sorry if for now this type of 3d model is not perfect Read,Important: -Hi,this is an improvement on my old 3d model that was still in alpha -Now this 3d model _-Barefoot Girl 3D Rig-_ Has been improved with new textures,with a lot of bug fix and a new design -Remember,Now the 3d model is not an Alpha but a release,then if there is a problem with this new design,is more easy to fix it [ The face rig used in 2018,was the SFR V4 ] -Now she have 5 toes,not 4 And if you look the image you can notice a lot of details that are changed. . . -Now i will show you more images about the new design: Features : 3D Hairs [you Can Move Her Hairs (Only The Front For Now) ] KEN Face Rig [You Can Control The Face] 3D Fingers [You Can Move Her Fingers] 3D Breast [You Can Move The Breast] 3D Toes [You Can Move Her Toes] 2D Butt [-It Can't Be Moved-] Her Clothes [That She Wear] : Red Jacket White Shirt Jeans Barefoot An example of 3D hairs. . . V1 Link to download the 3D model: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zc2u4k8uvjcm6uu/3D_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file I know,this 3D model could have more details,but for now i'm thinking what fix and what change or add. . .Then for now is not a perfect 3D Model. . .This is my first Rig about a person with mine imator,then i'm learning. . . Anyway,This 3D rig is also designed to be very simple,because my idea was to create a 3d model that look normal with a lot of type of animation. . . - _ - _ - _ - V2 What is new? Fixed toes size Right (Old) - Left (New) V2 Link For Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ea7882coo2pla02/3D_-_V2_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file WARNING,Read Below,Experimental Variants: This alternative variant is to experiment new features and see how they work,then the new features will be implemented in the main 3d model. . . -In this variant i'm experimenting this new shape for the breast to add more realism,notice that this feature will not necessarely be implemented in the main 3d model. . . If you want use it,go,but for now is less stable than the main 3d model -With these attempts,the 3d model could sometimes look strange. . .It depends on what i'm experimenting -This variant of breast shape,will not for now replace the current V1,It will happen if this new shape will be really an improvement. . . _-The next step after the 0.1,is improve toes (thanks to all people that leaved a comment about the current shape of toes. . .I will try to fix the current shape)-_ New Shape Attempt,i think. . . -The V_0.1 Download (Alternative Variant): http://www.mediafire.com/file/e4sfnftby41e3a4/Alternative_Variant_V_0.1_-_3D_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file -V_02 New toes size experiment. . . This 0.2 include also the new breast that is for now in experiment phase. . . [ New Size For Toes Confirmed ] : -The V_0.2 Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qk0u8rayw2agrdm/Alternative_Variant_V_0.2_-_3D_-_A_Barefoot_Girl_-_Compatible_With_Mine_Imator_1.2.4_And_With_Future_Updates.zip/file
  5. If there's something strange, in the neighborhood... WHO YOU GONNA CALL?! GHOSTBUSTERS!!! Mlke's Ghostbuster's Proton-pack Rig Eliminate those pesky ghosts with this fully functional Ghostbusters proton pack! Featuring the voxelized style, and a cool particle proton stream. Pictures! Downloads http://www.mediafire.com/download/r43gtw81z4nqvz4/GhostBusters.zip Upcoming Features Ghost trap (Will be released when 1.0.0 is released (Due to alpha glitch)) If you like, leave a like! See?! I can do particles!
  6. FunkySoldier

    Stikbot Rig

    Stikbots in mine-imator Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d0ddh5wo1q3zaov/Stikbots.rar/file
  7. LIsPixel

    Lightsaber Tools

    So yeah here you go, i just make lightsaber tools. tools minecraft. and yeah i got this idea when i watching The animators vids, and yeah i make the first on Cinema 4.D Then, i make on Mine-Imator This trick took me 2 years, to make perfect inner glow, and outter glow. Using Mine-Imator Community Build by @Nimi I can make this. Well, in another methods you can edit on photoshop Make new layer, change the Normal to overlay then done. Well here you go the Spoiler and Image so yeah, you can now make it for animation, render, etc. what ever you want. oh yeah, if the colour saber doesn't change. Change the Render depth. to 3 > 7 > I recommended you to use Mine-Imator Community Build Latest Version by Nimi. Because if you using the Original Mine-Imator, the outer glow doesn't work. why? you need bloom And note, don't ever make the image or render transparent because the outter glow will be gone or hidden. Hope you guys like it. Try it, you can credit what ever you want, if you don't credit me no problem but pls don't sell this >_> Here the video that i got this idea. This video by NinjaCharlieT https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjaCharlieT/featured Download here http://www47.zippyshare.com/v/aYw1U0X1/file.html https://sellfy.com/p/EWwk/ thx you and Bye
  8. Hello!!! I came up with the text ... Honestly, I made a zombie text! You can also download. And now the picture: And wow download link: http://s8.picofile.com/d/8302103142/60f864d2-bce9-4fb8-8a70-a60821aac3ef/rig_zombie_tabey.rar like you
  9. Hello friends... Do you know me ?! Well i have a rig for you this Steve Steve is right !! Are you bored ?! rig is self-contained !! I have a link! Download: link Skin: link Thank you very much for your nice comments !! have link
  10. No edited.Made it for my friend.Hope you like it https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/496290705795448841/624479543633379328/188.png
  11. I made a bunch of parts for historical swords, and even text so you can make it accurate to whatever age it's meant to be from. However it is not for fantasy swords, though you can try to use it for that if you want. If you ask me it's harder to make a sword accurate to real life than make it look cool. 13-15 hours to work on this. Download yes i use discord for downloads don't worry i don't think you need an account Showcase: Please tell me any problems you have, or suggestions for later versions, or feedback.
  12. The rigs are to ShotUAnimations! She's impressive at the rigs, especially to herself!
  13. click here to download the sonic rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/3wcyrp33rxshd7f/sonic.rar/file click here to down load the running sonic rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/6s6mc6e20bznxmg/sonic_(running).rar/file
  14. Today i bring you guys a pre release of the Dodge Charger rig hope u like it!! Also criticism is appreciated, tell me what to add to this rig to improve it. * Please note this rig is not 100% finished * IMAGES I really want to know what u guys will create with this rig Updates coming soon. DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/za2k3aq7adhvdp7/Dodge_Charger_%5B2016%5D.rar/file
  15. Hey Guys its me legodude01 and I bring you another wonderful rig to use in your animations! I present... the Pokedex Rig! this rig was infact requested by a member of the forum that goes by the name of Tyford. Anyways this post wont have so much fun fun pictures due to the fact that my computer is not working well and I barerily got this in... by lots of patience and doing homework!!! Enjoy!! Download: Download Rig Other stuff: Yotube TimeLapse! Enjoy!!!
  16. Can someone pls make me these models... u dont need to do any texturing just make it to where you can change the colour by changing the albedo(or what ever mineimator uses, its been a while) and it would also be nice to customise the hair to fit almost any DBZ character... thank you for your time and pls tell me yer doing it... i give u permision to upload cause ur doing all the work
  17. Hello guys! these are my Mutant Creatures rigs, they are made by me. This pack includes: Mutant Zombie: Mutant Enderman: Mutant Creeper: And that's all... If you're gonna use them, make sure to give me credit! (And if you want to, show it to me, i would love to see them ) DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/?gamap2ws44odc75
  18. So I decided to try the new MI camera effects, and for the only way for me to use these two rigs together was to use the new MI // not the newest. Edit: I did not make the render in CB, I only made the rigs in CB. Community Build kept crashing when i tried using the two rigs together so I tried the new one. and I am pleased ^ I used Community Build to make these rigs, but I really like the results of this render Tried to do lighting that wasn't bad, I think I did well with it. //I am aware of the possible errors with the rig style and such. Not gonna fix it since I'm satisfied with it. Edited, I only edited the eyes. Raw I may post pictures of the new rig, of the dragon above the female Ender Dragon, which her name is Endertress btw I am not 100% sure if y'all will be interested, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Because for Soviet Union! Movable parts. DOWNLOAD
  20. Minecraft 19w34a snapshot bee rig! Enjoy!
  21. Luger rig yay... i don't know which model this is probably mix mash of 3-5 models but it works. It's animatable... animation able ? dunno but hey i made somthing after like 7 or nine months yay... here's pics and here is video download link . Upvote and follow me on MI . subscribe to my channel . It helps me alot by reminding there is people that likes things i does. Share this to your fellow Mine Imators . Have a wonderful day and spill a coffee https://www.mediafire.com/file/uw12vj3xkbog2ra/Luger.miobject/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/ff17qshkzak82lk/Luger_[pre_animated].miobject/file
  22. Hello! This is a simple "Rig Pack" sorta thing I made yesterday. It contains only Ship Cannons at the moment, I plan to add more Naval Stuff though! Ship Stuff! Swivel Cannon(Or Swivel Turret): This is a versatile, quick loading cannon, just no where near as powerful as a regular cannon. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j2nbp2e9f7k53hy/Swivel+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip Deck Cannon: Straight forward, A Deck Cannon(AKA, Deck Gun) is a powerful good sized cannon that sits on the deck of the ship! Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2fq5qkj60y8cete/Deck+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip BroadSide Cannon: A Broadside cannon is a moderately powerful big cannon placed on the sides(In the hull) of a ship. Usually among other broadside cannons, Or a "battery of broadside cannons". Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gcfq6lhcg6kmf9s/BroadSide%5B1%5D.zip Mortar Cannon(Ship): Some ships called "Bomb Vessels" often carried these rather then cannons. A very solid cannon-like shell and weighs a ton! No need to strap these down, the weight will do it. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hz5mm5hv5w5jvd5/Mortar%5B1%5D.zip Props! Lantern: How else will they see on a ship? Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t7z5auqr7uh8vz7/Lantern%5B1%5D.zip Ship Fence Rail: Incase Regular fences and such aren't enough for you, I made this. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1295tbd6whi43ku/WoodenRail%5B1%5D.zip Globe: Everyship has one...right? ( I plan to add a MC version of the MAP) Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wwjet5bc98ahybj/Globe%5B1%5D.zip Fort/Coastal Stuff! Adolf Kanone(Adolf Cannon): This is a late era(Nazi Germany) cannon which was built intended for a battleship. The battleship was never built so it was used for Fort and Coastal defence. (These things pack a punch, the shells are powerful) (I know the cannon doesn't look detailed, but the actual cannon itself is actually really plain like this, google it) I also gave it an interior. Completely improvised of coarse...(I obviously haven't been inside so idk what it looks like inside.) Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/us2wdxjnon9ndrq/Adolf+Cannon%5B1%5D.zip The ColumBiad(MuzzleLoaded): The ColumBiad was a very strong Cannon for it's time as it could fire strong and powerful shells and solid shots while being able to aim at both high and low pitchs aswell as firing at massive distances. It also has a carriage for versatility of the cannon aswell as a Breach at the back. Photo: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/167yy3n7kujl11y/ColumBiad%5B1%5D.zip Uber's Textures: Incase the default texture on MC isn't doing it for you, use these. Made by Uber. In Use: The textures: FAQ:(Read this even if it isn't a question!) Planned Features: -Forts Defences -More ship cannon types -Ammo types -Ship Props -Fort Props Also when using my rig(s) provide credit! Thanks, please provide feedback Yes I know they aren't the best looking, but when placed on a ship all nicely, it looks decent IMO, Like the Header image for example^^ Credits: Original Ship schematic off PMC.
  23. MineRig

    smart phone rig

    Wait a minute this isn't a vehicle rig.... Introducing a phone rig i made a day ago Images Types of screens available DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbgkq51l2fa2oai/Cell_phone_updated.rar/file
  24. Hello There, Well I Just Edit The Rig Charizard Too Became Mega Evolution X And Y And I Make The Rig With @BagasMC Too Here The Rig C H A R I Z A R D X Well The Features We Added Here The List + Better Texture + Flexible Tail + Easy Too Use The Rig + Better Eyes, Hands, Legs, Wings + Easy Too Use For Animation And We Added Cool Bunch Assets And Detail Too, Here You Go Just That And Bonus Image Back Charizard X C H A R I Z A R D X - On Process - You All Wanna Try It ? Here The Link Charizard X Rig Charizard Y Rig If You Wanna Use The Rig Please Add Credit Me / BagasMC (c) Character By Nintendo / Pokemon (c) Template Mapped Texture By Kiepocu Studio Ok Bye
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