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  1. I have never been able to use those, even in earlier versions. Always greyed out. Its either a bug or there is some special circumstance needed to trigger it which isn't publicy available O.O Also the graphical glitch above. Video drivers perhaps? Only thing I can think of. Its not happening for me
  2. Fox Miner likes to tease. So do I!
  3. I noted in the suggestions topic that bending in all directions had been confirmed for 1.3.0 but here we are in 2.0.0 and its not yet a thing. What's the hold up? Having the ability to bend Y and Z would make animating much easier and flexible. Right now I'm at the end of Glare vs Warden and if I had the ability to bend in all directions I wouldn't be cursing as much as I am right now trying to get things the exact way I want them to be without having to twist and turn and pull arms and legs in order to bend forwards and backwards and sideways I accept animating is a complicated process with bits of colorful language here and there. But it shouldn't be THAT complicated
  4. Yeah that needs to be added. What also needs to be added is objects and items not moving when inherit is disabled. Disable position inherit on something and it ends up moving to the original spawn location thus having to be moved which is just a pain in the rear
  5. Some more stills from Glare vs. Warden. Making great progress! Its shorter than I thought it would be
  6. Glare vs. Warden turned apocalyptic. Who knew deleting a single keyframe can cause an entire animation to collapse

  7. Credit goes to HMAN The Animator for this awesome mech rig! Glare suits up in the next adventure to battle the warden which also suits up in a mech too!
  8. Yes movement needs to be more natural and less stiff. I need to watch more Warden movement videos lol. Thank you for giving feedback
  9. A teaser trailer or draft of sorts. Of Beast and Man does sound like a nice movie to watch though
  10. Hi. So my next project is Glare vs Warden and I decided to show off the first scene. Its a draft. Its not final but it captures just about what I want to show. Many tweaks are needed before we get to final cut. Glare vs Warden will be a big project. Running time is estimated at least 5 minutes maybe more. Also its such a big animation that I can't fit it into one animation. There will be two companion animations making it three parts. Why? Well I'm going to let you choose the victor. I felt after Allay vs Herobrine, why not let the viewer decide who wins. So both Glare and Warden will have their own custom victory scenes But please. Watch and give me feedback and suggestions. I'm all ears at this point Also you might wonder how am I going to get them to fight? Well if you've ever heard of or played rock em, sock em robots... that's the direction I'm going. Glare and Warden get mech suits in the next couple scenes lol Scene Context: Warden is trying to rest. Glare comes in and starts to buzz. Warden swats Glare away but Glare keeps buzzing. Warden does what they can to get rid of Glare but that backfires...
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