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  1. I see. I watched a video. I admittedly am just getting back into researching Minecraft stuff for new animations. I'm out of the loop. Thank you for the reply
  2. Here's hoping when I get my gaming rig in June that this jammed pack version doesn't kill it
  3. Does the mouth open though? And does the tongue have good flexibility and versaility?
  4. I think this version is way too resource intensive which put too much pressure on my hardrive which caused it to fail. I didn't have any hardrive issues prior to using PR 5
  5. Annd my comp suffers from BSOD (hard-drive failure) universe has been swell to me this year /s

  6. I've played around a bit more with 5.0 Here are my gripes - I don't like the dropdowns. Get rid of them. Or give us an option to switch back to classic - Render preview shouldn't crash the program. It was working just fine in 4.0 - It shouldn't take 60 minutes to render a 15 second animation. In 4.0 it took me 5 minutes to render a 15 second animation - Missing assets when importing a file from a previous version and also assets being split and thrown randomly into other areas. Who's the genius that decided to put the bell stand in Special Objects but put the actual bell in Blocks? They go together. They went together in 4.0 and prior versions. But now they are separate? Its like boats. Why are oars separate? Why are they in blocks? Why should I have to manually parent Oars back onto the Boat? That's just dumb I'll be using 4.0 from here on out
  7. Missing bells and missing frog legs. Wonderful Edit: I found the bell! Turns out that its split. The stand is in Special Objects and the Bell is in Blocks. Maybe the frog legs are in blocks too? Hrm
  8. Imported a project from 4.0 to 5.0 and this is the result... my frogs legs are missing! The legs are still selectable but now known as "unused body part" and are invisible. I can assure you they are absolutely going to be used! Adding in a new frog works, the legs are visible. Not a game breaker. Haven't added keyframes to the frogs yet so I can replace them but now I'm concerned about the prior two animation files where there are plenty of other characters to be imported O.O Edit: I checked the other files and many other existing files. No problems with any other mobs. Its just frogs. Their limbs are not showing
  9. I like it! Played around with it a bit ago and I like the sleek and clean UI and oh gosh being able to search for characters and blocks now! Finally! Thank you!!! The fast boot is amazing. Older versions would take forever to boot. Like the mini tutorials. Showing me an image difference between spotlight and point light and telling me what either does. Giving me a rundown on the pathing system. Appreciate these. These will for sure help future animators. One thing I have felt MI has always lacked is FAQ. Its always been vague I haven't played around with other settings yet. But I am going to backup and transfer my current animations to this update A huge thank you to the development team
  10. Russia attacks Poland? Oof. Nice knowing you, Russia!

  11. What two delicious flavors do you think these are? Getting an idea to make cakes jiggle. Probably need to use something that bends. Any suggestions? I guess using wind effect on cake works but... eh
  12. elektropunch


    Could someone whip up a Rascal model? Please and thanks
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