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  1. I created a shortcut to one of my projects, moved it to the desktop, hit "open with" and selected mine-imator in the folder. at the time the shortcut opened mine-imator (not the project). However, when I restarted my pc, the shortcut no longer worked, and a message appeared saying to reinstall the program (sorry if the text is not easy to understand i used google translator) ___ Mine-imator log ___ In your bug report, include this full log, along with instructions how to recreate the bug. If the issue concerns a specific animation, upload its folder as a .zip. 12:35:36 mineimator_version: 1.2.4 12:35:36 gm_runtime: 12:35:36 YYC: yes 12:35:36 working_directory: C:\Users\Casa2\Desktop\Campo de Organização\Animação\Mine-imator 1.2.4\ 12:35:36 file_directory: C:\Users\Casa2\AppData\Roaming\Mine_imator\ 12:35:36 OS: Windows 12:35:36 os_version: 655360 12:35:36 os_is_network_connected: yes 12:35:36 os_get_language: pt 12:35:36 os_get_region: BR 12:35:36 USERDOMAIN: DESKTOP-7IK67PG 12:35:36 USERNAME: Casa2 12:35:36 USERPROFILE: C:\Users\Casa2 12:35:36 APPDATA: C:\Users\Casa2\AppData\Roaming 12:35:36 NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS: 2 12:35:36 PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 12:35:36 PROCESSOR_IDENTFIER: 12:35:36 PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 20 12:35:36 PROCESSOR_REVISION: 0200 12:35:36 video_adapter_subsysid: 826282009 12:35:36 udid: c0c0d2d0-1270-47a8-af98-557beb1c7609 12:35:36 video_adapter_vendorid: 4098 12:35:36 video_d3d11_context: 0635672C 12:35:36 video_d3d11_device: 010513A4 12:35:36 video_adapter_deviceid: 38919 12:35:36 video_adapter_sharedsystemmemory: 1744830464 12:35:36 video_adapter_revision: 0 12:35:36 video_adapter_description: AMD Radeon HD 6290 Graphics 12:35:36 video_adapter_dedicatedsystemmemory: 0 12:35:36 video_adapter_dedicatedvideomemory: 391524352 12:35:36 Old log found 12:35:36 External library init 12:35:36 Missing file: Data\file.dll I can't save rigs and scenarios that contain "/" in the name. maybe this is your problem too
  2. even this works fine on my amd radeon hd graphics 5900 whatever
  3. -Algumas sugestões para a próxima atualização: sun rays passing between leaves become visible in the air .holding one object to several others, one for rotation, one for scaling etc. water reflection .texture editor (it's much harder to texturize things in other programs because it's not you can see how it would look in 3D, especially spheres)
  4. I understand the criticism, but I was just trying to demonstrate a creative possibility. Most people do simple rigs, I wanted to show that this program allows for more complex things.
  5. I liked it, it's very artistic. I would like to see more things like that. can i participate? i can make good rigs. please ignore the introduction and the generic music
  6. Can the people in this forum only criticize? no one ever comments on the good part
  7. Click to see the video Sorry, soon I will add English subtitles, not that it will make much difference unless you're subscribed to my YouTube channel. I will soon release a short film with this Enderman
  9. It will be added reflection , ripple on the water, the organization in the list of blocks and special blocks and the language option in Portuguese Brazil ?
  10. this means that the mine-imator will never be updated ?
  11. I am not discouraging the creator of this program, I'm just giving my ideas for future updates in mine-imator it would be impossible to know what I mean: https://youtube.com/watch?v=sTKfpZ1vzP0 . I'm not saying that the program is bad but has some movement limitations that can not explain without pictures
  12. Eu uso Mais da CAPACIDADE do Programa, Olhar Para A Minha jornal Última animação: Gostou?
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