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  1. Just a friendly feedback! On the Phone Wallpaper you can see in the left lower corner a part of grass, I think your reflection surface is a little bit to short. But else it is adorable!
  2. Very well made, it's good how it is but if you would like to put more effort into it then take more time on the body parts animating.
  3. Well, good made but here is some help! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/85001-how-to-post-an-image-on-the-forums/
  4. Just, so... Maybe because you didn't include me?
  5. Wait! Is that @AKWar_Boy I see there?
  6. He always called him: Arion and treted him like his son... Creepey right?
  7. Oh I remember that day, you cried so much. XD It was really to see how much you loved him!
  8. Maybe depends on the size you wanted to import?
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