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  1. Hi, I bring a timelapse video today showing my animation process! Of course, I used more editing programs for our later work. But I forgot to record it. I'll record everything next time!
  2. Thank you for your advice. I am not good at English. This is my second work. Let me show you a better camera movement. I'd have to agree with you. I thought while editing. haha It's still too difficult. thank u cuz...I've reduced the scale. The characters ' heads are so big that there are many limitations for reality.
  3. I bring a new POV Parkour animation after a long time. Recommend use earphone for listen realistic sound! I will also upload a third person point of view video soon
  4. I want u speak to me that reason.
  5. Thanks for taking a good look at my video. I'll make more cool videos in the future. This front flip is said ' webster'. jumps are low in height. but kicking is stronger than normal front flip. so faster spin. like that :
  6. KooReung

    [ Animation ] "Milestone'

    I think the basic skills for animation are very good.
  7. Thx !! Yes, but i recently started. so i have a something to improvement. Thx for watching ma video and comment! Yeah, I'm not satisfied. Thx, comment! oh, I'm still not good enough for get your upvote! veeeeeeery Thx! It's honor Thx, comment! HaHa, I'm really happy, cuz u're watching for my every video. Yes, I think too that. so i will improvement almost that! Thx, comment. I used another progrem, like a adobe's 'after effect' or 'premier'. thk u for very concentrate watching my video. Oh, It's honor that your comment. we need comfortably speaking from another community. EN so hard. Thk your advice. i'm not used another linear effect too. only basic linear. i'm not understand a little some your speaking. cuz i can use very bit EN .
  8. I was create a showreel for subscribe my channel. I can't reading and writing EN little, so don't know possible a promoting mine. you can watch very realistic moving at my video, more than another parkour animation. i have a very little imator career. so i was lack of technic for creating. anyway, plz watching my video.
  9. Thx, I'll create to better.
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