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  1. what's up guys. long time no see! I've finally finished making the Antman animation! I really appreciate the many people who helped me. From making mine imator to editing, VFX, SFX! It's a video that takes full advantage of my abilities. I want u to know my efforts.
  2. Hi, I made cinematic rendering test animation today. I used Map and Rig of my friends.
  3. So, I think the only thing you can point to about my video is a small head, right? Thx, See you soon.
  4. I keep make animation ! but i poor health
  5. Hello, I'm preparing a new video clip. but too busy in July. My original purpose was to complete before the release of the new Antman movie. It is probably difficult. So I upload a trailer. Anyway, I plan to finish it, so please watch it a lot.
  6. KooReung

    Walk cycle Practice

    hm... i think Personal tastes
  7. KooReung

    Walk cycle Practice

    I like small heads. i use scale 80%
  8. KooReung

    Walk cycle Practice

    I creating various walk cycle.
  9. I made moving wall paper like a league of legend lobby.
  10. I've done a lot of work on post production. It's not much, but I wanted to show it.
  11. That's a really good point. Thanks for watching me closely.
  12. KooReung

    I need an another community.

    I want to show more people my videos. But I don't know a good page except for the planet MC, MC forum and this page. plz tell me a good video site !
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