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  1. I decided to update the default steve skin to match the 1.14 new textures. I also added an updated classic version with the beard (smile) and two more! download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nqft5k4v19d4f4/Steve skin pack.zip?dl=0
  2. Looks exactly like the one I made, Identical! Thank you for releasing one, I cannot release anyhting for now, my pc ded. Still pretty cool!
  3. My PC has broken down, so videos and all that stuff will take longer to be released or be delayed. 

  4. I mean, I don’t get bothered by it but... I guess that should be an option
  5. also, when trying to create one of every gib piece, it wouldn't spawn (when I set the spawn value to 1)
  6. I tried creating gibs in Mine Imator, I barelly know how to use the particle editor so here's my best shot. If anyone has any suggestion please let me know!
  7. This is a little animation I planned on releasing but couldn't get it out in time, I also got interested in other things and decided to leave it how it is, it isn't my best work and I apologize for the quiality of the video.
  8. *Cave Johnson storms in* Black Mesa can suck my A(get's crushed accidentally by Wheatley) Wheatley: Meet Mr. Smashy spike plate! haha, they fall like flies.
  9. The model and Textures belong to @Mr. Darl except for the broken eye wheatley texture, that one was extracted from the game. With GLADOS'S Body. GLADOS Body by @Mr. Darl
  10. lol ok FredMCGamer has left the server.
  11. Y is the roblox logo doing here? (Just kidding plis dont hec me)
  12. me at 9 Am: How to use Mine Imator objects me at 11 AM: How to close a portal to the fourth dimension spawned inside Mine Imator 4 PM: Multiverse Theory and how to teleport
  13. Crying dude fights weird statue that knows how to dislocate necks 2019 Colorized Oh and a tip, try to improve the ligthning, and smooth dem animations a bit more. But other than that I enjoyed this and I think it deserves more attention!
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