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  1. So I've been busy with Modelbench over this past few weeks and decided: Hey Minecraft StoryMode is a "dead game" and remembered that I planned to release a rig pack here in the M.I Forums. Yesterday I started from scratch and managed to create a decent looking Jesse rig: However trying to achieve a similar og look, I decided to make the hair on a new window. Glad to say it turned out wonderfully and it was ready to be imported onto the main project to attach the hair to the head. However when I did this the hair planes move out of place and ruin the figure, thinking it was a resizing
  2. Finally Migrated My account!

    (already had an acc with the same mail.)


  3. This is an updated cape pack! The old one has been taken down due to missing files! Also because this one has all if not most wiki capes! (might update in the future if more get added!) V2 adds a new cape design, alongside MC Dungeons capes! P.S: The pack includes 64 capes and 3 models, bendable, non-bendable and Transparency-bendable! NOT ALL CAPES HAVE AN ELYTRA TEXTURE! MC wiki: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Cape Preview: Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KePhlToU4w76Y6y-_JOypEQlDaAPmd
  4. TBH there is no need to add bends, they just need to play with the settings of the rig! Mojang and other animators have shown us it is possible! But yeah trying that in real life would cause serious pain.
  5. That RTX render looks awesome! keep up the great work!
  6. Maybe try making the text in an editing app like Paint.Net, and then importing the png (transparent bg) into M.I via item menu!
  7. Not bad, could improve tho! keep up the good work! I might sign up for the v.a!
  8. Hypixel be like:

    Haha servers go --- |Disconnected|

  9. Facial Rig Used:
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