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  1. the head looks pretty good but the lighting on the rest of the body is flat. Also, let me introduce you to: Bleed light
  2. MojangYang

    A .json ✋

    no. jsons work too
  3. Yes, stuffbydavid is down. you can't download anything at the moment.
  4. How about: The engine is bad for a complex 3d program like MI?
  5. MojangYang

    The Sun

    it lacks depth
  6. Short answer: it crashes because the engine is bad
  7. this is actually not bad
  8. Actually, we are all just different shades of brown.

  9. One of my first animations reached 1k


  10. That's so ugly and disgusting and disturbing. But that's the point of this rig and its very detailed. I suggest not giving any brightness to the fingers and toes, and give them a slightly greyish color because they look 2d close up.
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