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  1. Go frick yourself, Microsoft.

    I'm switching to Tlauncher and Linux

    1. Mercury
    2. Jake_28


      Why though?

      anyway if you switch to another launcher, there’s a high chance you’ll be unable to log in at all so, good for u i guess.

  2. I'm pretty sure the dradon doesn't have any preset keyframes
  3. Exam. Wish me luck.

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    2. Mercury
    3. BonkJobBot


      Good Luck My Friend!


    4. MojangYang


      Thank you, everyone! Exams are finally done. Flunked science, which is unusual because it was one of my best subjects.

      But I'm free! I can be active on the forums again

  4. Oh, look. I'm level 4 ranking now!

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    2. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      what exactly do the ranks do though

    3. __Mine__


      You ranked up for reaching 1,000 posts, since the ranks are tied to your Content Count. Nice one!

      @insanehelix7076 Rank 4 seems to be the highest rank anyone can have, since people with over 10,000 posts are also rank 4. Even David is rank 4 lol

    4. insanehelix7076


      yeah that should have been obvious cause @Ethaniel has more than 10,000 posts

  5. What exactly do you mean? You can rotate an object on one axis if you want to, you don't have to disable the other axes.
  6. He is trying to load rigs from Cinema 4D Not all minecraft animation programs are mine imator buddy To import mine imator assets, unzip any folders and open any .miproject .miobject and .mimodel files
  7. And that would ruin the community, of course they don't want to do that. Minecraft animation and songs are a big part of the Minecraft community.
  8. shotu be staring into space and rip dragonpixel is facing away from the camera so we can't really tell it's him Other than that, happy spooky month!
  9. I'm pretty sure, when used correctly, The ui resolution and aspect ratio is automatically generated and resized to fit the screen.
  10. MrBeast joined 2b2t

    I gotta buy the $30 priority queue to prepare for the incursion that I hope will never happen

  11. I kinda think the forums rules need to be revised and updated. The community has changed over the years and It's the same rules for 8 years. Why is mini-modding still prohibited? Isn't it normal for members to point out small mistakes before actually reporting?

    Edit: oh wait... Has the rules already been updated? there was no discord back in 2012, but the topic david made doesn't seem to be edited. weird

    1. Rollo


      We've talked about revising the rules a few times but there hasn't been a huge need to so we've never prioritised it. As for the edit, when moderators edit posts we can choose to hide the "Edited by" message so it looks cleaner.

    2. Rollo


      Also, you can ask for an appeal if you want


  12. No one hates you yet, but that's how you get hated ↑ I'm trying to tell you what I believe is right and you popped the red button, I don't know what's so hurtful about that I said lol. Also you didn't reply to the other comment, where you posted your rig in Frost's topic. Don't do that again, It's mean
  13. Oh sh#t oof Frost Im so sorry Forgive me
  14. handle the basics first. Don't rush to make big projects. You are yet to master your basics in lighting and animation, and ofc read the forum rules beforeyou go about breaking them
  15. Isn't it a little irrelevant, and also, not very nice to, you know, advertise your own creations in someone else's topic? And especially since your rig has nothing to do with this render by shotu?
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