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  1. Still trying to adopt a cat. Its so hard I want to give up. The chinese animal zodiac whatever itiscalled thingy is so accurate I hate it. Mom didn't want me to adopt a cat born 3 years ago. Its not good for out family apparently. But Its a hecking cat...

    And she wanted me to apply for another cat with an incomplete profile who didn't even look that cute.

    It takes half an hour to write an application that is most likely going to get rejected.

    Just why....

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Well you see, cats, being the superior species, also have to fill out forms for their humans.

      While humans look for things like cute or friendly in a cat, the cats look for naive, selfless humans who they can easily manipulate into heeding their every whim. Most cats are simple, they just want a place to sleep and food every day. But some cats...some of them are devious. Conniving...always watching, scheming in the shadows...waiting to strike. 


    2. soniccraft


      Question @mojangyang on your user icon is that diamond from my rig 


    3. soniccraft


      And also im back and kinda better than ever!

  2. Is that... relavant? He is requesting for models. And to answer OP's question, there is a button you can click on the top bar that says "import assets". You can import models(.mimodel) and objects(.miobject which can contain anything, even models). and even another project. To find assets, google would help. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have not used mi in a long time
  3. MojangYang

    i did a thing

    no don't just ramp up the camera brightness actually add lights to the scene
  4. just search for the stuff you need. ez
  5. I know you are trying to do the good of posting rigs here because it isn't here, you even mentioned the creator. But there is absolutely no reason for it to be on the forums. The original creator has decided where to post it and its their choice to not post it on the forums. You also need permission from the owner to distribute it so they can keep track of where their rigs are going. It could even be a private rig.
  6. Oh god please don’t spam topics, you are filling up every single recent topic slot and every single one of your recent posts is in the wrong section. topics are for serious stuff only. For jokes and stuff, you have a status update section. Don’t spam there either
  7. What there isn’t anything and this is the wrong section for jokes and pranks. We don’t do that here
  8. HNY

    Becuase I’m too lazy to type happy new year

  9. you can move the camera the same way you move the work camera. maybe we are talking about a record movement feature?
  10. What? I don't understand. What will spectator be like in mi? You can already fly through the scene and any solid objects, you can also fly the scene cameras the same way with the mini viewport
  11. Would you rather work at/for:

    Mira (Among Us company)

    Freddy's Pizzararia

    Aperture Science

    Or Black Mesa?



      Freddy's Pizzararia

    2. BonkJobBot


      Freddy's Pizzararia.

      The choices you given,All of them I'd probably get killed on the Job...

  12. It's safe to assume that I'm no longer a mi user. It's been fun, but I haven't touched mi in a year, except a few days ago when I opened it up to find where the shield is located for someone.

    I'll stay ofc, to take part in any events or political stuff and basically be a mini mod.

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    2. LacaMenDRY


      My Reason why I am Exist In this Forum Is To Inspired, And Motivate Beginner Animators. 

    3. MojangYang


      Laca just make sure you don't just defend new members unconditionally. You need to also tell them what they are doing wrong and how to do it right next time.

    4. LacaMenDRY


      Yep That sounds good. Yes I have new member that Are Messaging me, Then I tell him what's wrong, and what to do in this Forum, etc. 

  13. forums dead

    discord dead

    mi dead

  14. You misspect Shield twice. It's in the special blocks section.
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