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  1. MI does not require an internet connection to work, but you'll need internet to download it.
  2. Sorry, you can only import .mimodel into MB. Iirc (haven't touched mi in years) the .miobject format can be any scene object, while only mimodel stores the model data.
  3. I don't really know the queen, but she sure seemed like a nice lady.

  4. This is really good! No criticisms from me.
  5. There hasn't been this many people online in ages.

    Nice. Now I gotta try out mi on my raspberry pi. Wonder if it works on ARM based devices. If so then mobile mi might be possible.

    1. soniccraft
    2. soniccraft


      wot r u talking about

    3. MojangYang


      I want to try to install Mine Imator on a Raspberry Pi, a single board Linux computer with an ARM CPU.


  6. How's life treating you all?

  7. If you want to create 2D animations, there are many better options than MI. But you can creatr 2D effects by applying textures to 2D planes ig. Also what folds are you talking about.
  8. Undertale is absolutely worth playing.

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Eh Hey Mojang! Long time no see....

  9. Unfortunately you can't animate the influence of parenting as of the current version if MI. You can create a duplicate of the object you want to pick up and put down, and animate their visibility as you pick up and put down.
  10. So right now my explorer.exe crashed. So I have no desktop, no file explorer, no start menu and no taskbar. But I can still type this and alt+tab across existing windows.

  11. Black Mesa is a good game. Would recommend.

  12. Does it load eventually though?
  13. Dude chill. The status update is supposed to be a place where everyone can share something on their mind every once in a while. Don't flood it. You are pushing other people's messages out of the way.

    1. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      yeah flooding the status is not cool!

      if you wish to talk to someone, do not do it on status update! but do it on messages.
      and also do not expect immediate response cuz sometimes ppl are busy witb their stuffs

  14. Did you draw the lines in MS Paint? There are proper ways to highlight the edges in mi. I just don't remember any.
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