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  1. What voxy said. Those squares means that the textures are missing.
  2. But renders can be animated too. You know what never mind.
  3. Needs some animated flashing red lights, buzzers and sirens
  4. wh It's August tomorrow This topic was made in may Why does everyone have to...
  5. Whenever I have a good feeling about a test after I finished it, I often get a not-so-good-result.

    Whenever I have a good feeling about a test while doing it, I often end up not finishing it.

    Whenever I have a good feeling about a test before I start, it always ends up being much harder than I would expect.

    Now I have to suffer from 7/24 depression.

    1. insanehelix7076


      I feel you buddy and i went through worse pain but getting a bad result when you feel good about something sure is a trigger to depression 

    2. Ian_The_One


      murphy's law.

    3. __Mine__


      I can definitely relate to this... it hurts.

  6. For mi, I recommend simply voxel models. you should learn modelbench and see what others made. You can make some amazing stuff with it. Whatever you do, just try your best, alright?
  7. just click "open project", find the project folder and load it from there.
  8. The animation needs work. The background is evidently moving back and forth and it's not even seamless. The character animation is 100% linear transitions which give extremely unatural movements where the objects start moving suddenly and move at a constant speed. Practice with ease in ease out. I do appreciate how you attempted to make the character rig detailed and realistic, but it doesn't work well and the style just burns my eyes. Mi is not made for that, you will not get good results by pushing together spheres and cones.
  9. I like the style, but it's way too dark
  10. MojangYang

    3d layer rig

    It's called 2d extrusion also why do you insist on sharpwind
  11. Please be more specific. Can you record a video of that happening?
  12. why. Just...why Also your projects might not be in the recent section, but they still should be in your projects folder, which you can find in the program's folder, in the same directory as mine-imator's exe file.
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