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  1. When you realise that Minecraft dungeons uses the same engine as Forknife, developed by epic games...

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    2. crustyjpeg


      1: That was a joke.

      2: No, various examples include:

      -Insurgency and Day Of Infamy

      -The Titanfall series, including Apex Legends

      -Garry's Mod

      -and a bunch more

      Valve does let people use Source if they want to, although it's rare nowadays because Source is rather outdated.

    3. soniccraft


      nononno my point : its all on how you take a loss 

    4. soniccraft
  2. Same for me, but it's homework instead
  3. They are rubbing the handle of cart/trolly the whole way. But this is funny XD
  4. It's in settings, in the interface tab, big brain.
  5. Ah, yes. I lost 10 pencil cases and 5 suitcases yesterday. Did you find them?
  6. Did you try rendering it? In lowquality mode sometimes the lighting behaves weirdly
  7. It's very smart of you to: A: Use google drive image so that we need your perm to see them. B: Use a .rar folder C; Put all the files scattered into the compressed folder instead of into a normal folder first so anyone who tries to extract the folder will spend the next 4 minutes cleaning their desktop. D; Take risk by posting F NA F contents on the forums. E: Only model the head, F: Not organising the parts of the model. Idk which wolfie you are talking about. Is it the youtuber or a character? The head itself isn't too bad, but it's horrible to look at. It also has some clashing styles. For example, the rods connecting the jaws to the head are round and does not fit the style of the rig.
  8. How did you fly around filming while others play their games? Did you ask the admins for permission? This is really nice.
  9. What I hate about windows:

    Can't disable updates on my server.

    When you accidentally drop a file on the wrong spot on your desktop, it moves all the other files aside and completely messing up your beautifully organised desktop.

  10. Haven't seen an attractive animation on the forums for a while.

    Actually, I personally haven't animated for a while.

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    2. Frost
    3. MojangYang


      What does that mean, are you working on a big animation, Frost?


      (also how did you remove the * from your name? I thought it was taken)

    4. Frost


      I am, and so is my team.


      It was taken a few months ago, Tdit removed.

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