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  1. You know arbiter? Like you make scenes for bps?
  2. Black plasma is a community that makes awesome minecraft animations using blender, but I can’t help noticing something in one of their new videos: skip to 7:14, is it just me or does it seem to have sliding feet?
  3. I first thought it would be another one of those monster school thing but apparently I’m wrong :D
  4. YDK who i am You hate me You forgot me
  5. But seriously why would I say my friend made it if i made it? Stop assuming it’s me i did not make it. I would never use other people’s rigs and not making use of them properly. Also why would my animating skills “deprove” so quickly? I did not say it’s my friend cuz i made it and i’m Ashamed of it, I DID NOT MAKE IT dammit I’m trying to help HIM! Look at his channel! That’s not even my channel. Look inside the comment section I actually helped him a lot. I’M NOT HIDING ANYTHING HERE, allry’?
  6. I don’t get the sudden movements... also why anxious cynic?
  7. Then build a base! A cave will do. I live inside a man made cave and redecorated it to look like the doomsday vault
  8. WHAT BTW guys yesterday an enderman killed me. In the nether... FFUU stop merging my posts Master archer are you even careful?
  9. Second ever wallpaper! Took me a whole day
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