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  1. I’m quite disappointed by the actions of some members.

  2. The guardian’s spike is clipping through the squid’s body. Edit: that spike looks ugly, sticking out of the squid, okay? I was trying to be constructive. If you can’t accept that, I will stop viewing your posts.
  3. What can I say except “practice”?
  4. PvP skills, that I won’t ever have. The best techniques I can do is sprint+hit and jump+hit. If 5 zombies, 1 creeper and 2 skeletons start chasing me down a slippery frozen river, I will have to abandon my wolf and the mobs’ drops, pillar 32 blocks into the air and hope the skeletons won’t shoot me down. With your arrows dodging skills, you should spend more time hunting mobs.
  5. That’s what I did, but it’s too slow for my needs. Every 10 minecraft day, I go out at night with my buddy Dewy and hunt as many monsters as possible. I got pwned so many times. Most of the times I escaped narrowly.
  6. If you never go out at night, how do you get the items from mobs?
  7. I did retexture the leaves, but I kind of failed
  8. The texture is custom made by me, so it doesn’t have a name, but it it based on the wallpaper in the launcher. yeah, they are supposed to be leaping. the low shadow quality is intentional, to give it a cartoon look
  9. hmmm. the people standing are completely still. can use some idle movements.
  10. This wallpaper has a intended plastic minecraft style. Took me a whole morning. Here it is! any constructive criticisms are as usual, appreciated!
  11. Is 31 sticks for an emerald a good trade? Cuz I torn down half a forest for emeralds

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    2. MojangYang
    3. __Mine__


      It's so stupidly broken... you can basically get all the enchanted Diamond tools/armour you could ever want with very little effort because of that exploit Mojang doesn't want to fix... it's almost like they're encouraging this.

    4. XanderTheV


      Yep... i already have that god armor...

  12. All homework completed

    World finally up to date

    David’s B day


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