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  1. 1st version of my 1st character animation in blender. Used Thomas' rig. 



    1. LacaMenDRY


      The Character is so Squishy.

    2. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Is nice, you should continue with Blender, in fact you all should. you have all got great experience in animating, with a little of learing you can be good Blender Users. @MojangYang youre great but try to make an own rig, it improves all. I belive in you man

    3. insanehelix7076


      Thomas the train. Thomas the classical blue trailing train.

  2. dude there is no lighting or posture
  3. Ian_the_one. he became inactive before you got active. He used to downvote every post for basically no reason. He is uuuussuuuaaallly not a bad person, but he did do some pretty trashy things, as _Mine_ and I can confirm. You can find him in my followers. his profile is hidden so you can't search for him, I think...
  4. You haven't met Ian the downvote lord. You are lucky he is no longer active on the forums. He kicked our butts so hard.
  5. good luck. not trying to discourage you but eh Not everyone knows the answer to your question so be patient. Our only dev, Nimi is very busy Bro that pc should have been retired 10 years ago. there are many rather cheap options on ebay that perform great
  6. Blender ik rig test.  rendered with eevee. https://youtu.be/-51AfyMqnpI

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Sorry. I forget to give you the rig.

    2. MojangYang


      its ok i found another. this one is by zam. 

  7. a small lego porsche is the price of my 3d printer

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LacaMenDRY


      Soniccraft That's what I was thinking about.

    3. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      XD 3d printed it. b i g b r a i n ! !

    4. soniccraft




  8. Lmao nice animation tho
  9. the glowing edges trick? it looks nothing like that though.
  10. The first one is definitely not mi right? looks like blender eevee with sss
  11. funny, this should not happen. are you using Minecraft bedrock edition? mine imator only loads worlds from Java edition
  12. wdym you can't? you need to be more specific. does the program crash? if so, please provide the crash log so we can take a look. if it says that the world is already open in another program, make sure minecraft is closed. you might need to restart your pc.
  13. School camp's tomorrow and I wanted to bring with me 8 flashights. I finally decided on 5.

    1x green laser pointer to point at stars and signal at night

    2x headlamps, 1 is an ultrabright cree xlamp, the other has a longer battery life and is water resistant, in case my main one dies.

    1x bright waterproof cree xlamp handheld torch to lend to someone who has forgotten their light.

    1x keychain light as a last resort


    I also wanted to bring with me a water resistant low power long battery life handhed torch, a smaller one that isn't waterproof, and a lantern.


    I like lamp

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    2. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      will you build a house there?

    3. MojangYang


      Came back. we ran out of lamps. the keychain and laser were not effective light sources. someone borrowed the lantern which I brought instead of the second headlamp. A bolt on my main headlamp went missing and the handheld flashlight ran out of power. good thing I brought spare batteries.

    4. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      use the lightsaber @MojangYang

  14. to be fair, the animation is pretty ok. aa little linear at times tho.
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