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  1. Okay there are just sometimes when I SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT When I select the keyframes I want the save button just turns grey
  2. Hi guys, I just made a basic face rig and is now working on my perfect walk cycle, but bucause the right and left leg does the opposite things, it is really confusing. Got any tips? How do I make it smooth? It looks alright but very “snappy” in the bad way. I’m only working on the legs right now, the upper body will be easy, I can upload the key frames for my walk cycle if you want. also how long did you guys spend on your first custom walk cycle that you would need for multiple animations?
  3. What makes me sad is that sahnz animation only has about700 subs.
  4. This is just a survey I will be doing on many different forums. Both of those videos are animated using mine Imator. But they are sooooo different. Tell me your opinion, which animation do you prefer? Please note that none of them are by me.
  5. Hi guys. This is my second proper mine-imator animation. yes I know it is not very smooth, and it has a MonsterSchool style humor in it, but I am a beginner. I want to make minecraft animations and upload them on YouTube, on a channel which I recently restarted. Please give me as much feedbacks as possible! Okay, I know this is dumb but I have to say: LIKE/DISLIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO HELP ME IMPROVE AND DON’T FORGET TO TAP THE BELL
  6. Hi guys, I need the sound effect you hear when a person ran into a wall and is slowly sliding down. Can anyone help me get it? also, I don’t seem to be able to create new topics on pc, the start new topic button is only there if I visit the forum with my phone
  7. Hi, guys. I am planning on doing a monster school series (please don’t pelt me with downvotes), starting off with Herobrine Life. I will create face rigs for every character, and the story lines will be meaningful and clean. But I heard people talking about how monster schools are dying. Last time I got around ten downvotes because I talked about monster schools. But why? People did not give me reasons. People on YT says that it has too much inappropriate stuff, but if you watch MineCZ’s video you will find that they are not that bad. The animations can be glitchy sometimes but people mainly just focuse on the story line instead of too much on the animation. What is the real reason?
  8. Yes that’s not my video
  9. hi, guys. I'm new at animating. I want to make all kinds of mine-imations with many special effects. I just have a small question: How do you turn the heads of characters red to make them look angry? i do not know how to upload an image of what i'm talking about. look at 0:33 of this video if you don't know what i mean
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