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  1. At lease one person will downvote. Watch out for fads!
  2. Okay okay I GET IT

    cutting into conversations and say my opinions is bad

    I GET IT

    1. 9redwoods


      If you cut into conversations with an unpopular opinion, get ready to get downvoted.

      If you cut into conversations with a popular opinion, someone may upvote you.

    2. Ghatos


      That's how the internet is, give a different opinion and you will get hated

    3. MojangYang


      IDK what I said wrong

  3. One thing: respect and think before pressing the react button Edit: @9redwoods @Slime @Mineshaft Animation @Ethanial what’s wrong with what I said? I’m not talking about you guys. I’m talking about the rig itself. By downvoting, are you implying that you do not need to thing before reacting? I just thought that this guy put effort into his rig, even though he made a terrible choice on repeating a rig, and even though it’s not that good. reply if you can. I’m not upset about downvotes, I just want us to understand
  4. What can I suggest? Just play with your animations and play it over and over again and make changes until they are realistic. You might not be the best animator out there, but you should be able to tell a good from a bad animation and judge your own animations with your own opinion in order to improve it
  5. I hate it when innocent people die in movies, and when the movies change what happen in books.

  6. This animator is god:

    also at 11:20 that lighting looks like the type of basic lighting I can achieve!

  7. Hmm. I don’t use windows 7, but the menu is not supposed to take up half the screen, and the window is not supposed to hide behind the taskbar. try right-clicking on an empty spot on the task bar, open its properties, there should be a checkbox labeled “Auto hide the taskbar”. Check it and click apply, then close the properties. Now the task bar should hide but pop back out when you move the mouse cursor close to the bottom of the screen. this should solve your button-clicking problem. Now, you can move the mouse cursor to the right bottom corner of the workbench menu, click, hold and drag to resize it.
  8. Before the glass was parented, it has a coordinate. When you parent it to anything, it keeps the same coordinate. But instead of using the coordinate as the coordinate in the whole project scene and staying in the same position, the center of the parent object is now the new x0 y0 z0 origins. The coordinate of the glass block is now its coordinate within the parent object. i know this is a bit hard to understand. when this happens again, go into the glass block and right click all coordinates to reset them to 0. This will move it to the center of the parent object
  9. I just wish minecraft would keep using the audio files as the.ogg format. Now the minecraft audio files are almost impossible to get. Currently it’s hard for me because I have to illegally download them from random YouTube people, trim their intro sounds out, and decide whether I should give them credit.
  10. Currently, all audio and sounds can be added into mine imator projects, but all of them need to be imported from external audio files, including the minecraft sounds. SO I think a library containing all basic minecraft sounds will be extremely helpful. So when you click the “add sound” button in the audio’s property, instead of being asked to select an audio file immediately, there should be a drop-down menu of 2 selections: one for importing external files, the other for choosing minecraft sounds from a library.
  11. The only thing I can’t imagine right now is me becoming a furry.

    1. ItsZaaki
    2. Slime


      thats what they all say at first

  12. How is he supposed to “animate” the seagrass and what did who do with what?
  13. Why is all the sea grass moving up and down simultaneously? select each grass, go to their properties and tick “affected by wind”
  14. MojangYang


    The only thing fine is the camera movements
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