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  1. This motivates me to make something like this owo
  2. So me and a couple of friends on discord made a new group channel on youtube called "Fluffbutt Productions"

    Fluffbutt is a nickname my friend gave me

    We literally made this channel last night and today I just verified it. Ember already posted an animation and I have to fix the channel banner. My friend Sunkiss is making the profile picture as well.



    1. FredMCGamer


      Nice. *subscribes*

      Is it possible to learn this pattern? since it's a method the animators won't tell you...


    2. Draco63


      :D good for you! LOL 🤣

  3. The guy on the right, is purple.....
  4. Hmm 


    I am out of motivation


    Also when I read over my old status updates / posts I always imagine myself in a more childish voice.... why?

  5. I wonder if this could be used to make a walk cycle with 0 foot sliding
  6. Ok so I only really like Ghost Blocks monster school because he has originality and good animations. If you want me to like your monster school, your going to need good animation, originality, and lots and lots of effort. Good luck Edit: AND DO NOT MAKE THOSE REALLY BAD THUMBNAILS THAT PEOPLE USE
  7. My mom forgot I was “grounded” from using Mineimator 

    1. SuperNerdNathan
    2. Ethanial


      You should listen to your mother.

    3. Fray


      I know, and I have only been doing school work (the WIP animation was already animated and just needed to be rendered)

  8. Fray

    Deca City SPAS-13

    Either I'm tired or something but I can't entirely see what you see.... but I know what your talking about
  9. This contains some of smoothest movements I've ever created
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