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  1. I am here with another Genshin Impact render, but this time it's from an event I missed :,D Credit to @AkbarNimationfor the Xiao rig I used!!! Original post in spoilers
  2. I made the grass myself too im really proud!! thank youuuu!!!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FAVORITE BARD!!!! (it was on the 16th i just forgot to post) I haven’t made a render in a while, but I got a letter from Venti yesterday and it gave me a nice idea for a render. So I added all of my friend’s mains We even got to take pictures with Venti in my mom’s world since he was still under the tree lol I love Genshin so much, and the people who play with me make it even more enjoyable. I plan to make rigs of Aether (my main) and Venti later on
  4. i kinda want zhongli's rig- also i love this, this was the best demo tbh
  5. Finally finished an animation over a minute long! I can't wait to share it!!! 

    But I'll have to wait til school is over

    1. FredMCGamer


      I will wait!

  6. So pretty recently I decided to rewatch Demon Slayer and MAN is it good- I also got to see the movie in theaters and that was pretty awesome. Anyways, I asked my friend if I could make our ocs in Demon Slayer "cosplay" (i guess?) and she said yes so I did- so here's the renders I've made I might post images of the rigs themselves later on? Who knows- anyways credit time Jacket rig was made by a guy named Solio I took the lips off of @ShotU face rig just because I really liked it and it works really well so yeahh (that face rig is epic, just way to advanced for me tbh)
  7. Fray

    ShotU's Face Rig V4

    I really like this!!
  8. loving this new theme!

  9. thats a rip i dont really use it lmaoooo i just make farms and now im trying to sell stuf
  10. Dunno what to write here If any of you know the Origin mod, that's what the second render is based off of.
  11. Woah its been a while- I should be active more

  12. Happy bday Mine!!!!
  13. Fray


    thank you! and its ok dw i honestly forgot about the upvote limit
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