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  1. Ok so the animation itself is pretty impressive. Yes there are a few things you can improve (facial movement/lipsync/lighting/ect) but this is pretty good in my opinion
  2. Dang where did I get this motivation from? I've been animating almost all day

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    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      glad to see i'm not the only one that gets these motivation bumps

    4. Fray


      its great lol

  3. YAYYYY Featuring @Floofy and @Hagus Have a good one guys
  4. Oh man Fray is alive? And he has news!??

    Yes, i got a new laptop and holy heck it runs so much better. Time to post animationssss

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    2. Fray
    3. Ian_The_One


      who are you again?

    4. Fray


      a person who existed a while ago but then died aND then revived 

  5. Ayyy happy birthday to two of mah awesome friends
  6. Oh wow thats really really amazing
  7. I've canceled so many projects due to mineimator just crashing and me being a dummy and not saving. aaaaaAAA

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    2. Fray


      @Swift that is true, but I've even had projects get corrupted. It's really weird too, it crashes either when I import something (even if its something small and simple) or when I play the animation OR when it try to move a limb of a character. Its so weird, I know my laptop isn't the best... but it isn't THAT bad.

    3. Swift


      You may have an issue with your graphics card, I recommend looking into that. 

    4. Fray


      Good idea, thanks!

  8. I learned that even stuff from toxic people are actually helpful, my advice would to ignore the toxicity and take the help out of what they said to improve. Yeah people should be nicer but hey don't let others get you down or discouraged, with practice and time, you'll become a great animator one day.
  9. Fray


    This is pretty satisfying to look at for me. I do think the glow can be toned down a bit more and this shadow doesn't fit But other than that this looks great!!!
  10. I actually really like this idea, and the lighting while being buggy (like frost said) is super nice and it just fits? This is a great wallpaper so you get an upvote and a diamond!!
  11. Me: makes fad models

    Other people: Has already made cool fad models before me

    Me: realizes that my models look similar but downgraded  s h o o t

    1. Draco63


      that's why I don't make fad models.

      (well, also because I don't do fad, but that's irrelevant.)

    2. WAZZL3


      I dont make them, But I used to hire @PixelFrosty to make my rigs


      and around christmas 2 years ago, he made me some, but refused to to Ennard

    3. Fray


      @Draco63 well i wanted to make my own because i will admit that im still a fad fanboy and i cant find any good models that aren't private. so time to make my own downgraded version :DDD 

      @WAZZL3 ohhh thats cool. and ripppp

  12. I like it! It's looking great so far
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