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    write stories, create animations, do mapmaking, create short films, play video games, watch anime (all a freak), women ^u^ and interesting animations
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  1. I'm leaving for a month and my notifications explode, I already have a PC!

    1. apocablakz


      anime sword pack in a few days, is ready for two months

    2. Hagus


      A month is a long time to be gone

    3. apocablakz


      If you knew it was a month without internet and without a computer. Maybe it was the darkest month of my life, really there was no light XD

  2. I have light once every four days, I only had about three days of light between the past month and this month,the ram memory of the pc where work is burned by electrical problems and I do not use the laptop because it reaches 99% of the ram when I enter the internet mmm I will leave the community for a while to fix that ... I'm sorry techno I will not participate in the warrior collap since the animation got stuck in the pc

    I have a well-worn luck ... maybe I should become demigod and destroy the government XD

  3. 81 hours without light, six days with electrical failures, the first time that happens in the history of the earth, one country, 23 states, one president donkey, only here in Venezuela, only in cinemas, the history of as a country is so many days without light, a problem of lack of maintenance, a man who blames trump hacking a turbine elec ... no wey is very stupid. only an idiot could think that it is possible to hackear a turbine by computer

  4. I'm going to tell you this funny anecdote: in mid-2018 the big boss part 2 ends, which I published recently, after that my system got hurt because of that I had so many months with that there saved, after five months fixing the system, in December I was finally able to enter and start to finish many months of work, today four months later, my cousin came to me house And I connected his portable disk, I passed an information and it turned out that it was a category 7 virus that damaged my antivirus and was hidden in the important files. My PC is dying again, and when I could finally start cheering and finish the pending work, I have to re-invest months of my life to fix that again ... I think I'm going to shoot.

    1. EmberWing


      Oh no.... Sorry, I wish I could help. But I can’t 😅

  5. I'm in time to be something, at least a stone? any character is fine
  6. It reminds me of a lot of energy signum a series of animations that some day I will create.
  7. I'm still alive. although it's not the best, the swords are still betas unedited version, that is, the rest is edition
  8. chachi pistachi (my way of saying that is cool)
  9. Hello, I have come to present a project which I realized that I can not do alone. What is it? It is a series of adventure and action, with some comedy, will be presented as a comic to save time in production, the goal is to publish it every week, the story have prepared a long time ago, the series does not know when it will last, so it can be long. why? Recently I realized that in the forum or community of mine-imator something entertaining and constant is missing, something that distracts people from the forum for a while, to motivate themselves to continue creating things, besides something entertaining for the same creators (apart, my objetive is that a chapter can be done in less than a day), that is, a pastime within the community. The story occurred to me a long time ago and it was not for this purpose, it was only the purpose of writing and developing a story for fun, the fact that it has attached the two purposes was coincidence. Why do not I do it myself? It's true: if I want to do something for the community, why do not I do it myself ?, I tried, I've been working for three weeks to see if I can create a chapter in a day, but I have so many pending things in the community, in my life and on youtube, I realized that I was overloading too much and the stress of so many things was killing me. So consider this idea, maybe if it is done among several people the project would be something more typical of the community than of apocablakz, it would only be one more participant in this series and apart it would also be fun for me (although it sounds a bit selfish but also to distract myself a bit from my work), I just wanted to create something that entertained its creators and its audience. Where did the idea come from? Originally I had planned to develop this as an animation, but the story was very long and would mean dedicating my life to this which would be crazy since I also have several ideas apart from this one, so I wanted to turn it into a comic, but I never knew where to publish it so I left the project and almost forgot it, when it occurred to me to do this project for the community I just needed to know what I was going to do and it was when the story appeared as a ray of light and hope. Benefits -You will not have to spend much time on this. -my goal is that the production time is only one day a week -something entertaining to do among several people = a pastime of the hobby -create to the community something, strengthens the desire to continue Disadvantages -It will not earn money with this, I make it clear -You dedicate one day a week in this. Thanks for reading and if you consider working I thank you, even if no one signs up for now, I will create a pilot in a few weeks or maybe in a month, while I finish several duties before
  10. It looks interesting, but it lacks, if I suppose you need help, in movent and lighting, unfortunately I do not have the time to collaborate, maybe for the next one (but I can collaborate but to create a version in Spanish)
  11. I could not finish any of what I was going to do this week, I wanted to publish the anime sword pack today but nothing have two groups of swords I would have three to do, apart from that I would also do an experimental animation which I did not start ... only thing that is programmed is that tomorrow I start to develop a project that I publish weekly, which will be published every Monday (I think) and it will only be for the mine-imator forum, which I hope to create

  12. many speak of my eye XD (I think they'll end up making me a nickname for that :v) but it has a great meaning for me, it represents my evolution as a writer, animator, mapmaker, musician, etc, since that idea occurred during my beginnings, let's say it's a symbol that represents an impressive amount of things :D 

    1. Ethanial


      So you lost those skills?

    2. apocablakz


      the truth is that not, first: he did not lose his eye, he turned black with the red pupil (error of illumination while he was shadowing), too many things happened during that time and for some reason it is a symbol, I only become fond of that error and even I gave that thing powers and abilities, (I also use it in a rp game but its complete verification, as I said many things happened) XD

  13. (I wrote half in Spanish and then I remembered that this is an English community) I may not be active in the week, maybe one day yes or no, but I think from Friday to Sunday if, so we'll see each other next week (maybe )

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fray


      Wait... wouldn’t she be the one taking lots of naps?

    3. EmberWing


      Ye, so I’d take naps when she took one. Cause ima wake up like 20 times each night cause of her

    4. 9redwoods


      I wrote half in English but then I recordé que esta es una comunidad española.

  14. very sad and this happens XD yes I very bored and I ends up doing this, I think that this is the end the meme of day
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