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  1. I could not finish any of what I was going to do this week, I wanted to publish the anime sword pack today but nothing have two groups of swords I would have three to do, apart from that I would also do an experimental animation which I did not start ... only thing that is programmed is that tomorrow I start to develop a project that I publish weekly, which will be published every Monday (I think) and it will only be for the mine-imator forum, which I hope to create

  2. many speak of my eye XD (I think they'll end up making me a nickname for that :v) but it has a great meaning for me, it represents my evolution as a writer, animator, mapmaker, musician, etc, since that idea occurred during my beginnings, let's say it's a symbol that represents an impressive amount of things :D 

    1. Ethanial


      So you lost those skills?

    2. GamersOnVideos


      how are those related in any way.

      i feel like this is some excuse to mention you miss an eye and play a victim card 🙄

    3. apocablakz


      the truth is that not, first: he did not lose his eye, he turned black with the red pupil (error of illumination while he was shadowing), too many things happened during that time and for some reason it is a symbol, I only become fond of that error and even I gave that thing powers and abilities, (I also use it in a rp game but its complete verification, as I said many things happened) XD

  3. (I wrote half in Spanish and then I remembered that this is an English community) I may not be active in the week, maybe one day yes or no, but I think from Friday to Sunday if, so we'll see each other next week (maybe )

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fray


      Wait... wouldn’t she be the one taking lots of naps?

    3. EmberWing


      Ye, so I’d take naps when she took one. Cause ima wake up like 20 times each night cause of her

    4. 9redwoods


      I wrote half in English but then I recordé que esta es una comunidad española.

  4. apocablakz

    meme: crude reality

    very sad and this happens XD yes I very bored and I ends up doing this, I think that this is the end the meme of day
  5. apocablakz

    Soldier Shooting Zombie on Railway Bridge HD 720p

    I think it is forbidden in that way, if you want to please the requests, enter the page that says petitions and create that or that they ask you in private but you can not make public that you do that, I do not know if I explain, it costs me a little to express myself in English
  6. apocablakz

    Soldier Shooting Zombie on Railway Bridge HD 720p

    I liked that you made the spark in mine-imator, but it looks very picture, but it lacks, as ghatos says: the stage is very empty and, apart, it lacks stage. I will not demand more from someone just starting, you should go climbing little by little
  7. If all goes well this week, I'll have a surprise for Saturday.

    1. 9redwoods


      kool im excited

  8. apocablakz

    Salad Fingers (4K Cinematic)

    and they say that I do very long fingers
  9. apocablakz

    the trip begins

    It's a tribute to the first rig I use in an animation program, it's like my signature
  10. apocablakz

    the trip begins

    Here begins the adventure of the inexperienced young people who want to know the world saying goodbye to the one they already know
  11. apocablakz

    Superbowl (Jack and Tug)

    Whispering: hagus, in South and Central America we do not see that kind of events XD
  12. apocablakz

    WarioWare MC Collab 2

    mmm, can I choose any game? I already have a slight idea, it is something old and unpopular
  13. apocablakz

    Requital For Extinction

    It's true, although I liked the blurring in the second one photo, it makes the very interesting.
  14. apocablakz

    ZGR: experiment

    and that's how I was a month updating my personal rig, I thought it would never end
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