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    write stories, create animations, do mapmaking, create short films, play video games, watch anime (all a freak), women ^u^ and interesting animations
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  1. Hello my name is ApocaBlakz also known as the clockwork Orange, I joined a year ago and I don't know if I did this, but hey. I like Minecraft, to animate, to build, to use commands, to create short films ... outside of that, I am a student of audiovisual arts, I am a writer or scriptwriter and entrepreneur XD
  2. I didn't mean that, look on youtube, there are several youtubers that teach that
  3. You can't do it normally, but if you know how to play well with brightness and lighting you can create an effect shader and then improve it with lighting filters after effects
  4. when he came out i created a character rig with fingers that change with the textures and an almost complete facial rig ... it was a nightmare, I even had to create technical blueprints applying engineering and physical principles to find a desirable result ... na, the truth was not a nightmare, it was an incredible challenge. The next version promises to be very flexible with what it proposes
  5. I made two versions, one for Mine imator and one for cinema 4d and blender, both worked separately
  6. Good morning, I'm ApocaBlakz, after a long time; Finally, the “Anime Sword pack” is available to download, in this package there are the swords of four characters having a total of seven (7) which are one hundred percent functional (100%), then you will see all the information. The download link will be at the end of the post i am takes two months to create these swords, for various problems, but better late than never Note: I will not vote for an upcoming package since I have already decided which one I will do, but I will start it next month, after that if I will vote for the next pack. (I still accept suggestions) Download pack If you are also an animator in programs such as cinema 4d, maya desk or blender, I made a .OBJ version for you to use, the extruction system is a bit complicated but I hope you like it Download .OBJ Other pack of models Guns Pack
  7. I have internet again, well now if I publish the delay of a century

    1. apocablakz


      I will practice creating 3D models once again, I have a lot of time that I do not

  8. I'm leaving for a month and my notifications explode, I already have a PC!

    1. apocablakz


      anime sword pack in a few days, is ready for two months

    2. Hagus


      A month is a long time to be gone

    3. apocablakz


      If you knew it was a month without internet and without a computer. Maybe it was the darkest month of my life, really there was no light XD

  9. I have light once every four days, I only had about three days of light between the past month and this month,the ram memory of the pc where work is burned by electrical problems and I do not use the laptop because it reaches 99% of the ram when I enter the internet mmm I will leave the community for a while to fix that ... I'm sorry techno I will not participate in the warrior collap since the animation got stuck in the pc

    I have a well-worn luck ... maybe I should become demigod and destroy the government XD

  10. 81 hours without light, six days with electrical failures, the first time that happens in the history of the earth, one country, 23 states, one president donkey, only here in Venezuela, only in cinemas, the history of as a country is so many days without light, a problem of lack of maintenance, a man who blames trump hacking a turbine elec ... no wey is very stupid. only an idiot could think that it is possible to hackear a turbine by computer

  11. I'm going to tell you this funny anecdote: in mid-2018 the big boss part 2 ends, which I published recently, after that my system got hurt because of that I had so many months with that there saved, after five months fixing the system, in December I was finally able to enter and start to finish many months of work, today four months later, my cousin came to me house And I connected his portable disk, I passed an information and it turned out that it was a category 7 virus that damaged my antivirus and was hidden in the important files. My PC is dying again, and when I could finally start cheering and finish the pending work, I have to re-invest months of my life to fix that again ... I think I'm going to shoot.

    1. EmberWing


      Oh no.... Sorry, I wish I could help. But I can’t 😅

  12. I'm in time to be something, at least a stone? any character is fine
  13. It reminds me of a lot of energy signum a series of animations that some day I will create.
  14. I'm still alive. although it's not the best, the swords are still betas unedited version, that is, the rest is edition
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