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    write stories, create animations, do mapmaking, create short films, play video games, watch anime (all a freak), women ^u^ and interesting animations
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  1. Hello, I will try to post more frequently about my future animations. this is from the I.N.V project They are graphic experiments, if you have any advice to improve, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. is there any 3D potion bottle rig here in the forum?

  3. New animation, Wiiii, hope you like it, I did it with love
  4. I have not visited these places in a long time... What do they count? Many things have changed XD

  5. I like very much. I am not an expert, but I really liked the contrast of the leaves with the light. the only flaw is that the lightning striking the ground is very strong My english is bad, sorry if I did not explain myself well.
  6. I'm back! It's been a long time since I haven't posted anything here. I made this animation this week, sorry for the subtitles I put on it, I don't know much about English... e... a "Ñ" so that they get distracted.
  7. Hello my name is ApocaBlakz also known as the clockwork Orange, I joined a year ago and I don't know if I did this, but hey. I like Minecraft, to animate, to build, to use commands, to create short films ... outside of that, I am a student of audiovisual arts, I am a writer or scriptwriter and entrepreneur XD
  8. I didn't mean that, look on youtube, there are several youtubers that teach that
  9. You can't do it normally, but if you know how to play well with brightness and lighting you can create an effect shader and then improve it with lighting filters after effects
  10. when he came out i created a character rig with fingers that change with the textures and an almost complete facial rig ... it was a nightmare, I even had to create technical blueprints applying engineering and physical principles to find a desirable result ... na, the truth was not a nightmare, it was an incredible challenge. The next version promises to be very flexible with what it proposes
  11. I made two versions, one for Mine imator and one for cinema 4d and blender, both worked separately
  12. Good morning, I'm ApocaBlakz, after a long time; Finally, the “Anime Sword pack” is available to download, in this package there are the swords of four characters having a total of seven (7) which are one hundred percent functional (100%), then you will see all the information. The download link will be at the end of the post i am takes two months to create these swords, for various problems, but better late than never Note: I will not vote for an upcoming package since I have already decided which one I will do, but I will start it next month, after that if I will vote f
  13. I have internet again, well now if I publish the delay of a century

    1. apocablakz


      I will practice creating 3D models once again, I have a lot of time that I do not

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