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  1. Hey guys from the forum, I just posted MY NEW ANIMATION FROM THE FALLEN GURADIANS SERIES I hope you like it, I would like to see constructive criticism regarding animation, about what I can best and such But remember: BE RESPECTFUL Synopsis: The Nether has retreated, but now the Villa Nova clan does not have much strength either, yet Melody and her guards from her will attack the Nether anyway. While Gabriel and Amezaga must prevent a possible resumption of the Nether ... Because Herobrine has not yet given up, and he has not given up on his goal.
  2. Now I have a green screen Intro! it was peacefull untell.
  3. Mindcontrolled Trailer! Watch and enjoy! what was your part that you liked?
  4. Hey animators, how are you? Well, today I came to announce my newest NEW MINECRAFT ANIMATION MUSIC VIDEO ♪ "Unstoppable" ♪ A Minecraft Original Music Video - The Fallen Guardians [S2 | E4] Synopsis: Gabriel will now have one more complication to solve. Erivan challenges Amezaga and Melody to a battle, which could change the fate of any of them. I hope you like it and say what you think (only constructive criticism, do not curse and be respectful)
  5. Hello Guys! I need your review to help in progress to my animation If you have any idea , Im willing to learn
  6. Hope you guys enjoy! - Watch Now!!! YouTube Channel: - OPENCLOUD Studios
  7. https://youtu.be/SZnOzCsgIcg Saya pikir durasinya terlalu sedikit
  8. Hey animators, how are you? Well, I posted my new animation "Mayday" I would love for you to see it because it was an intense job to make this animation "perfect" in my taste. I would also like you to give constructive criticism about it and what I can improve.
  9. Hello everyone, please rate my new minecraft animation Monster School has accepted Clash Royale challenge. Monster school fight in Clash Royale Minecraft Animation
  10. Hello, everybody! This is our first Minecraft animation video, a re-enactment of one of the scenes in the Chicago P.D. TV series. It took me and my siblings roughly 2 days to finish. Just for fun. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you. CREDITS : Animation: WillowWise Rigs: WillowWise Lighting: Yaddy, WillowWise Background: Yaddy
  11. Noob in Minecraft fell into the zombie apocalypse. How will he deal with him, will he go to all the zombies? See in this Minecraft animation
  12. This is about minecraft skywars minigame. my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCll01gXQDNKBo2KYMnnlkVA
  13. What would happen if endermans were tamable? What could they do when we tamed them? How would we tame them? ... this animation will answer to you're question. The map at the end of the animation: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pjtvnz4io94a516/Broville+v11.1.zip my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCll01gXQDNKBo2KYMnnlkVA
  14. I did the model of the vehicle for the first time in Modelbench. Will anyone use it for animation. Download link here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FZ7fCGQztTyniYwRwHYATJIE43e5Peed/view?usp=sharing
  15. here it is i know it doesnt have sound because i wanted to share it with you guys as quick as possible. and dont forget to leave feedback
  16. Steve dances when threatened by World's Best Dad(Creeper). Pls make sure that you are signed in to Youtube while watching. Rate and comment to help me be better than myself.
  17. Here's an animation i made from my supernatural collaboration entry. While making the collab, a story pop out of my mind. I thought it's worth giving it a shot. I used all the tips and advice everyone had given me from my past animations. Hopefully you guys would like it, i really enjoyed making it for the past 2 weeks. I'll be expecting you guys to give out some more tips and advice like last time, it really helped me a lot. Apology and excuses for the lack of scenery, my potato laptop has no graphics card and It lags when i added a big scenery.
  18. Nether Diary is a Minecraft Animation series that tells about a Private First Class ranked soldier named Connie Alexander who is on a mission to venture a Nether infested earth. He must rely on his minimal experience to battle through hordes of former humans and various nether entities while writing his unbelievable experience on a notebook. In this episode: Looks like our main character had awakened his hidden power. Music and everything else are credited at the end of the video.
  19. My first big animation, before that I had animations for 15 seconds. I do not want to do a long description, just watch this video.
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