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  1. no need to,btw i thought it was your rig lol,it's 100 better than mine
  2. wait wat, YOu're SCP ANimation? I Just Know That, Nice Animation And Rig Btw
  3. basicly what i meant is A Armor , Just Like Boros From One Punch Man (If You Know Him, If Youre not, Then it's ok ) EndGame Referance?
  4. I believe your rigs are the best when it comes to OC Rigs, can you help me out with one of my OC Species Rigs, I can explain it to you on Discord if you have it.

    1. TheHypnoAlien


      ALSO SOME FREAKING DRAGON RIGS, dude the Dragon Rigs i will need are insane

      if you can help with that too, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    2. Lzake


      I'm Making A Dragon Rig Right Now

      I Have A Discord But idk how to share it

    3. TheHypnoAlien


      Well there's an Easy way to Share it, and i can tell you, your Discord name and tag

      Example: AAnimationCentral#1234

      Send me that and I'll send you a friend request

  5. Lzake

    The Doom Fist (My OC)

    Images: With Suppresing Armor: Without Suprresing Armor: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ua4f18ndybxlx8k/Doom_Fist.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/m5q3qehy0ax0sss/Doom_Fist_Full_Dragon.rar/file SpeedRenders:
  6. Lzake

    SCP 096

    I'm Planing To Do Make It Good Actually,But I Got No Time To Do It, Thx For The Upvote btw
  7. Lzake

    SCP 096

    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xa531bf9ycd4dh6/SCP_096.rar/file SpeedRender: Next: SCP 173 "The Peanut"
  8. Lzake

    SCP 682 Rig

    i'm making scp 096 rig right now
  9. Lzake

    SCP 682 Rig

    1. It's Grey, The Red Is Just The Flesh 2. Forgot About That lmao 3. It's Not A Blades It's the bones 4. It's Mutated, and It's Still On It's Head
  10. Lzake

    SCP 682 Rig

    Next: 096 (The shy skinny boi) Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/3a9j751sdujih3l/SCP682.rar/file Credit: Baren9789 For Making Brawler Rig ( I Use It For The Leg) (Also Inspiration) His Link Imagesarem SpeedRender (Sub Pls):
  11. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/106ua8lldiq6e47/Saber_Onimaru.rar/file Next Rig: Wolf/Sekiro From "Sekiro Shadows Dies A LOT (Yup I've Played It Myself And I Keep Dying On 3rd Mini Boss) So,Some Of You Might Be Asking, Why Do I Keep Making Mobile Legends Rig? Well It's Because I Liked I, And I Think The Hero Design Is Cool,btw This "Probably" Will Be The Last Mobile Legends Rig From Me And I Think This Rig, By Far(For Me) Is The Most Coolest Rig I've ever made Compared to The Others (even My OC Rig) The Katana Rig Is From SKIBBZ, Cuz I'm Completely Hydrated His Rig And Video Link:
  12. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qic1om46pj5ojib/Argus+Rig.rar SpeedRender: Next: Saber (Onimaru Skin) Or Golden Frieza Rig
  13. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hiu6kjoj7hc67ua/Vegeta_Xeno.rar/file
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