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  1. Yea I will need to remember that when I make the actual trailer lol
  2. Hello Animators and Modelers, Today I upload part 1 of my process of making a realistic model of empress of light once again with minor changes. Here is the video to see what I've done so far
  3. Good day, Good evening or Good afternoon to all today I'm gonna discuss my current project I'm working on. If you're interested in seeing it you can follow the topic. I will update it once in awhile before the big release and the name reveal. The series is gonna be a mix of Animation and Comic, I don't really know how to explain it but hope you get a general idea. In this series there will be two main protagonist and one deuteragonist. Below are some concepts and art I made to showcase That all I got but I will continue to update you guys on the progress.
  4. Well This is my first speedrig on the second channel which is shorts I'm looking for a way to present my work. This was one of the ways Showcase of the Rig in a short form video. Images
  5. In the Process of Experimenting with retopology/topology in Mine imator I made a little model of Empress of Light. [Private rig]
  6. Human Imator anyone Female (Buff) done Female (Slim) Not finish Male (Buff) Done Male (Slim) Not finish
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