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  1. I made @Pardus [Art]'s mecha. the story and weapons: Project-Valkryo A001-Driver name: Pardus Cronowel :Valkryo A001 -Valkryo was Designed For Stealth Attacks so it packs Firepower for Destroying targets Faster than Any Mecha that they created,Ai system: Male. -Pardus Cronowel: A Test pilot of Valkryo A001,Aliance of Verkaral same team as the "reaper" Christation At first Pardus and Valkryo didnt like Chirstation and Darkwind same as Christation and darkwind they Dont like Pardus and Valkryo as well when they meet.They always Argue with each other and shit,that all changed when War of visra ha
  2. Hello,I am Fallen i make Rigs and models,which quite doesnt fit.i am still a newbie or whatsoever,Nice to meet you all Late reply btw
  3. Choco latte Toblerone hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Transforming mecha the Enternal Pain of Mech making please do give feedbacks to help me Improve
  5. Note: i made chris s mecha(some cool guy in sharp s district),its a shame that i cant add more weapons to it or else i would add more stuff and make Chris suffer ,anyways it turned out well,and we both agree that she s laggy as fuc,and private i wont post the Transformation gif here weapons: M567,BIG ASS LONG JAPANESE KATANA and fingers,yes fingers Darkwind mortuga: ay yo watch yoy jet
  6. X-Crafer CRT 24 NS first Generation drone,and of course this a cringe edgy drone https://modeliachaika.blogspot.com/2021/06/x-crafer-crt-24.html DO NOT MODIFY WITHOUT PERMISSION.CREDIT THE CREATOR,More Pictures at Modeliachaika^^^-Fallen Credit:Niam for the render
  7. Kearlass-quantom Knight transformable mech https://modeliachaika.blogspot.com/2021/06/kearlass-quantom-knight.html More infomation + pictures on Modellachaika ^^^ -fallen Credit: Niam for the render Be Sure to Credit me
  8. This Battleship can lag laptop recommend for duplicating `10 times. BE sure to Credit me- More InfoMation on Modeliachaika. -Fallen https://modeliachaika.blogspot.com/2021/06/grantis-apolcyus.html DO NOT MODIFY WITHOUT PERMISSION.CREDIT THE CREATOR. Credit: Niam for the render
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