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  1. Oh, I may have looked at the wrong file. The world will be able to open in version 2.0 (coming next month as a pre-release, see info here), for now there is not much to do as the 1.2.9 world importer is a bit unstable.
  2. Greetings! With the 10 year anniversary of Mine-imator coming up, I’ve decided to temporarily rejoin the developer team and add some long requested features you will soon be able to download in an upcoming version 2.0 pre-release arriving late May/early June! @Nimi has done some phenomenal work on new features (many not even announced yet!), however the graphics engine used (GameMaker) has been a big obstacle towards optimizing the software and ensuring good framerates and memory usage with all the new additions. Therefore I have jumped in to lend a hand and I've finally been able to successfully migrate Mine-imator to a new graphics engine using the C++ programming language for added performance, optimized memory (x64) and multi-platform support. For all the technical details see the bottom of the post. In order to facilitate the development we have greatly appreciated your support throughout the years, creating and sharing content, giving suggestions, reporting bugs and especially with donations! Mine-imator has for the past decade been completely free and will remain so, but your donations have helped keep it alive with webserver costs and directly funded the development of version 2.0 (for instance, I had to get a MacBook for this update ). If you have not donated yet to the development team or wish to continue supporting, see the link below: Donate to Mine-imator development ($5+ one-time or recurring) With all that aside, let’s get to the new features found in the first 2.0 pre-release, later followed by additional releases with Nimi’s UI changes, animation improvements and rendering features (See Dev Update #21)! Let’s get HYPED! Starting off small yet useful, an actually working Cancel option when clicking the program’s X! Next up something for the multi-monitor animators: No more crammed workspaces, simply detach your timeline or camera view into a second window and drag it to another screen! Scenery/.schematic file loading has been multi-threaded and optimized to be around 10 times faster as well as taking up less memory, allowing much bigger regions than before! In addition, the scenery is cached and instantly loaded upon re-opening your project (with no loading bar). Mine-imator will soon be able to handle much more complex projects with a speedup between 3-5 times compared to earlier versions when rendering many objects. This is made possible with CPU optimizations and combining objects into batches before sending them to the GPU for rendering (Mine-imator will not be allocating more CPU resources compared to current versions, just using them more efficiently). Linux users have been left out of using Mine-imator for 10 years, but no more! Version 2.0 will run smoothly on Debian/Ubuntu operating systems with all the same features! (P.S. If you have another favorite Linux distribution let us know) Same goes for Mac OS users after countless requests! Finally, the “Import from World” option has been completely reworked to have a 3D interface for more easily selecting a section of your world to animate. Despite being 3D and having more options, it will also load worlds much more quickly compared to the current version and in general be more stable. It will also be integrated into the software rather than opening a pop-up window, and accessed with a shortcut in the toolbar. Behind the scenes of the 2.0 C++ port: (Things will get technical and nerdy, you have been warned!!) Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming pre-releases, following our Twitter page or joining our Discord chat might be a good idea. Once again thank you for all the support through the years and keep on animating our favorite block game! /David
  3. Thanks, the issue is related to banners, removing them will make it load. This will be fixed in the next version.
  4. Hi, Multiplayer worlds are not supported in current versions, but this will be fixed. If you create a new singleplayer world does it work, or convert it to singleplayer? If not please share the error message.
  5. Hi again! There is a bug opening multiplayer worlds, this will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime try opening it in singleplayer mode to convert it and then re-open in Mine-imator.
  6. david


    Nothing much to see here, just Steve and Alex crafting some golden Apples.
  7. Hi Plz upload the world as a .zip (including subfolders).
  8. Dunno how many times I've seen this suggested but here it is finally


    1. LacaMenDRY


      This is the same features that I requested a few months or a years ago and finally it can became TRUE! 

    2. Ghatos


      Reflections? :D

  9. Hi, Send the world folder as a zip using mediafire.com and I'll have a look.
  10. Can you send the object file using mediafire.com?
  11. Yo gangstas, what it do
    i reinstalled GameMaker yesterday 2 help my homeboy @Nimi (this playa been doin some sick codes lately) with MI v2 n added some fly features for yall (fo' shizzle)
    1st i booted Mine-imator n the fps was wayy wack so i upped by like x10-100 ez,
    then memory was real tight so i ported all the codes to x64, then x128, x256 and so on n now U can animate an entire M.C. world instantly
    but it no vibe on my 8 monitor setup so next i did a multi-monitor feature real quick and now the UIs fire (v1 cant touch this swag yo)
    + Mac and Ubuntu support cus gotta help out them Apple/Linux dawgs cruisin da hood, amirite?

    check out this preview vid of all the new dope stuff (fo' rizzlefizshizzle)

    wait nvm thats the wrong link try this

    no where that link at

    aight i let U know when i find it
    ✌️ PEACE ✌️

    -The OG Thug "D"

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      So it do be workin'

    3. zmanksa


      can't wait to use mine-imator on my 16 monitor yall

    4. WithBonMC59


      Too far, man.

  12. Apologies for the downtime! The forum software and web server has been updated, let me know if you discover any issues 😎

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    2. LacaMenDRY


      I doesn't even know what just happened.

    3. niam


      rip emojis, some of them are just "[no pic]?"


      or is it just me, idk.

    4. Justin the space
  13. Hi, What browser are you using, and do know if you have JavaScript enabled? I've sent you a key in PM.
  14. Hi, see the info on this page: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/privacy/
  15. Hi, the issue is resolved. You may now try again: https://www.mineimator.com/upgrade
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