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  1. Contact @tditdatdwt for these matters. Closing this.
  2. A snippet from an animatic I'm making:


  3. Trying out some art in Photoshop with my Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 ☕ The character is from an animation I'm working on.


  4. update idea for mine imator:

    new model:


    can now make custom banner like draw on banner

    good luck😘

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rollo


      Panda models probably exist already, just search for it.

    3. Ghatos


      David have quitted MI developpement, so asking that to him is useless

      And suggestions should be made here:


    4. Rollo


      Well jesus, guys. No need to downvote the lad to oblivion.

  5. Good(?) news(?)! You can now download pretty much every Mine-imator version from here: https://www.mineimator.com/download

    Have fun!

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    2. WAZZL3


      OOF, M.I. will be better than c4d someday

    3. Anatoli


      some day, perhaps


    4. crustyjpeg


      neat? i? guess?

  6. Okay, https://github.com/stuffbydavid/Mine-imator
  7. A couple sketches I made as Xmas gifts.

    Happy holidays! ?

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    2. Fray


      Noice.. keep up the great art!!

    3. Ghatos
    4. TheJeweledWolf


      :diamond: I'm out of upvotes again, but great!

      Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi, delete the 1.13.1.midata and 1.13.1.zip files and re-install 1.2.0 to the same location. Then it should work.
  9. Does the schematic contain a light gray bed per chance?
  10. Thanks, I found the bug that is causing this, the crash occurs when you save a project with an item texture that has been removed. In the next patch this will be fixed.
  11. You need to supply more info, like a crash message, or even better, upload the affected projects so we can have a look.
  12. If you can send one of the worlds I'll be able to have a look at this for the upcoming patch.
  13. Please supply more info, like a crash message, your log file or a download to your project folder.
  14. Hi, please share a download to your minecraft world.
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