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  1. Happy day of birth, you fairly decent human you

  2. happy birthday. you didn't die this year, so that's a good thing.

    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      it was funnier in my head. point is, happy birthday david. thanks for Mine Imator and to everyone that helped make it.

  3. Happy birthday, David! thanks for creating Mine-Imator!

  4. The best of birthdays to you! Thank you for making all of this happen. I don't know what I would be doing with out it all.

    1. MineWallpaper


      Happy birthday to thy legendary MI Creator!

      How can I make a birthday wallpaper for you if I couldn't know your skin?

    2. JjCinemas


      @MineWallpaper a steve with a creeper mask works

  5. Happy birthday, David! Thank you for all you've done for Mine-imator, and making it so great!

  6. happy birthday david, thank you for all you have done  :Cake:

  7. Happy day of birth, Father of Mine-imator.

  8. Happy birthday, you absolute legend.   :Cake:

  9. Hello, if you look closely the 4 notifications are all different, 2 are for being featured on the Mine-imator Twitter while the other 2 for the showcase Also, this was not mentioned in the announcement topic, but wallpapers need at least 10 rep to be qualified for the showcase, while animations only 5, due to them generally requiring more effort to create.
  10. Made some tweaks to the tweets and treats in the showcase: ;) 


  11. Hey y'all, I made some changes to the showcase and the top animation tweets. Showcase: Users will now get a notification when their creation is featured, you can change your preferences here: Notification Settings Added "Posted ..." displaying the date of the creation. Hidden topics are no longer displayed in the showcase (note: the showcase is still updated weekly). Twitter: Top 3 weekly animations will now avoid duplicates of previously tweeted animations. Users will now get mentioned in the tweets (@-ed) if they have a Twitter set in their forum profile. If multiple animations have the same rep score they will be tied to the same spot. You will get a notification + email when your animation is featured. Again, this can be changed in the Notification Settings linked above.
  12. Greetings forumers! I don't post here much nowadays unfortunately but I've decided to share some changes I've made to the Mine-imator site and Twitter which you may find exciting. Showcase First off, the official download page (at www.mineimator.com) has been given a gallery to display the most-repped animations posted on the forums. You can check out the full showcase containing both the top animations and art here www.mineimator.com/showcase. The showcase is updated weekly and to get a chance for your animations/art to be picked it must be posted in the correct subforum in Mine-imator Creations: Narrative Animations, Random/Test animations and Music Videos for animations, with an embedded Youtube video (for topics with at least 5 rep points) Wallpapers and art for art, with an embedded image (for topics with at least 10 rep points) Maybe this will give you some motivation to sharpen your skills in Mine-imator and aim to join the greats in the showcase? #MineimatorMonday On top of this, the official Mine-imator Twitter is now set up to automatically tweet the top 3 most-repped animations from the last week, every Monday with the #MineimatorMonday hashtag. You may have noticed the tweet from this Monday, if not you should probably follow the account. To apply to be nominated, see the rules for showcase animations above. I hope these new features inspire you to keep creating great animations and art, as well as more easily access the best Mine-imator content created over the years! Also don't forget to vote the creations you like on the forums! Peace.
  13. Contact @tditdatdwt for these matters. Closing this.
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