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  1. david

    Load Assets Error

    Hi, delete the 1.13.1.midata and 1.13.1.zip files and re-install 1.2.0 to the same location. Then it should work.
  2. david

    Schematic Error

    Does the schematic contain a light gray bed per chance?
  3. david

    Mine-imator 1.2.1

    Thanks, I found the bug that is causing this, the crash occurs when you save a project with an item texture that has been removed. In the next patch this will be fixed.
  4. david

    Mine-imator 1.2.1

    You need to supply more info, like a crash message, or even better, upload the affected projects so we can have a look.
  5. If you can send one of the worlds I'll be able to have a look at this for the upcoming patch.
  6. david

    Pls fix this

    Please supply more info, like a crash message, your log file or a download to your project folder.
  7. Hi, please share a download to your minecraft world.
  8. david

    I have a problem

    I mean your actual files, not screenshots of them There's a guide in my signature if you need help with that.
  9. Please send your .mimodel file and we can have a look. Also try re-downloading 1.2.0, there was a small patch a few minutes after release which fixed a crash with models.
  10. david

    I have a problem

    H, please send your project files so we can have a look.
  11. david

    MCEdit Schematics won't load

    Hi, Sending your schematic file would help with this.
  12. david

    Help with map export

    What version are you using?
  13. Been practicin' mah struts lately, here's a few of them



    1. Davi12345


      just a walk cycle 3d and 2d animations?

    2. HeYoNia



    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Wish that was the default walk cycle

  14. david

    Cant Open Mineimator 1.2.0

    Sounds like you keep running your old copy of Mine-imator and not the newly downloaded 1.2.0. Try installing it to the same location.
  15. Hello animators! This will be my final dev update topic, as the previous main developer of Mine-imator, to give you all an idea of what I’m currently up to and give a well-deserved shout-out to the efforts of the current Mine-imator team: @Nimi, the new lead coder, has proven himself beyond capable of thinking up and implementing some very impressive and long-awaited features (like glow, bloom and various camera effects found in 1.2.0, not to mention a fully functional model creator), so Mine-imator is definitely in good hands! @Voxy, for designing a deliciously handsome interface for Modelbench and who also have some plans for the future look of the site and forums Also a shout-out to @AnxiousCynic for his excellent tutorial video series for beginners (now reachable with a button in the program) and our beta testers! Great job guys! Since we're looking for new coders, don’t hesitate to reach out and drop me a PM/email if you are interested in joining the development team, given that you have a passion for programming and a desire to make Mine-imator better! In this case, please also send your portfolio and/or examples of previous programming/scripting you've done. As for me, I will still be available for server administration tasks, i.e. keeping the Mine-imator site and forums alive and keeping an eye on the moderators, as well as helping out with some of the more technical back-end aspects of new releases. This means that site/forum related inquiries should still be sent to me, but not Mine-imator suggestions, since I’m no longer developing new features. If someone is misbehaving, you should still contact a moderator, since I will not be checking the content on the forums/Discord server as often. Now, keep an eye out for future non-Minecraft projects from me! For instance, I’m currently working on two wacky hand-drawn music videos, largely taking place in the sky. You can see some WIP material below. More teasers coming... eventually. I’m also exploring some concepts for a sequel to Mine-imator (with a more generic environment rather than limited to Minecraft), an idea which has floated around for a few years. You will find my stuff on my Twitter, Youtube channel and of course my website (which has an overdue update coming as well…). Keep on animating and making awesome stuff! / David
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