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  1. Unfortunately life is not that simple, things don't magically materialize by thinking about them hard enough, you actually have to sit down, grit your teeth and do the work. Becoming advanced with GML and eventually joining the dev team (currently only Nimi) may be a good start to realize the things you mentioned. Of course you are free to leave suggestions to Mine-imator but do remember that just dreaming won't make things happen, this goes for all areas in life.
  2. Welcome back to the forums, oh grand philosopher Emu, would love to have you back as a moderator...
  3. Hi, this issue is now resolved and you should be able to continue without donating.
  4. Brilliant work on this truly bootiful design!
  5. ⚠️ Gonna be updating the forum software this weekend, so be prepared for possible downtime. There will be a new layout after this though, see the blog post here for details: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/45-introducing-our-updated-default-theme-r1198/



    pssst, in case you missed my animation I posted last week: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/84944-something-for-the-girl-with-everything-hand-drawn-animation/


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    2. Aric Horn

      Aric Horn

      @Voxy the real reasons why forums broke, was because of my topic, it was the whole reason why everything broke, because I have no clue why I have over 5K views, but I hope the new forums update will fix my topic, right now it’s closed for the weekend. I’m excited for dark mode for now..

    3. Annie-Mienai


      I have a question, will the same descriptions be kept according to the reputation points that the user has?
      is that I believe that the messages according to the reputation are not changed since the forums were started. 

    4. MojangYang


      @Aric Horn don't think thats relevant and views definitely would not break anything. David isn't updating to fix anything you caused, just using the latest software provided by the Invision Community

  6. Hey fellas, gonna be dropping a fairly ambitious hand-drawn animation this friday on my dusty ol' Youtube channel, might make a topic for it as well. Here's a sneak peek... 👀


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    2. Bugleberry


      Very impressive, it's nice to see some new animations being made from you

    3. crustyjpeg


      oh sick, new stuff by david

      excited to see the full vid

    4. Salaudo


      This screams spastic Jack Stauber and I love it

  7. PM @tditdatdwt on these matters.
  8. https://github.com/stuffbydavid/Mine-imator/issues/3 ?
  9. still lookin fine as always ;) 

  10. Hey, it's all right to misunderstand someone else's culture, happens everywhere all the time. The key to success is to be careful and look things up before using a certain phrase you've heard before somewhere. Just for future reference, "You Had One Job." is almost always used in a derogatory sense, which basically means to belittle or put all the blame on one person, and I'm sure Nimi wouldn't appreciate that when he's worked so hard on both software.
  11. Since you wanted to become an official developer, here's your chance to prove your skillz and track down the issue yourself Both the code for MI and MB is publicly available... https://github.com/stuffbydavid/Mine-imator https://github.com/Nimikita/Modelbench Let us know when it's fixed, thanks.
  12. Hi, try clearing the website cookies with Ctrl+Shift+R then clicking again. Or use another web browser, Google Chrome should work.
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