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  1. Due to lack of time the AMD issues will likely remain unfortunately, hence the warning in the first post.
  2. Hey you! (yes, you)
    Will boot up my Twitter again with some 2D animations I'm working on, give it a follow:


    1. WinnythailandFX
    2. Heavenira


      can't wait!!

    3. Aayush Saji

      Aayush Saji

      I wish. but Exam goin on. I can't

  3. Sounds like something that will happen in 1.2.9 if the data.win file is missing. Re-installing should fix it.
  4. What GPU? Some cards have issues with various FX which unfortunately won't be fixed, so I'd recommend going back to pre-release 5.
  5. Thanks for your diligent and outstanding efforts over the years, what you've been able to accomplish with GameMaker is nothing short of astounding. Been a pleasure taking this silly little software to the next level with you and best of luck!
  6. Have you enabled "Allow unlimited values" in settings?
  7. The server hosting those websites suffered some downtime, so no.
  8. Make sure you run it in the folder of the .deb and replace the name if needed (remember Linux is case sensitive)
  9. Try this: sudo dpkg -i ./Mine-imator\ 2.0\ Pre-release\ 2.deb
  10. Hello, What distribution of linux? What happens when you install via terminal? (Command in the download topic)
  11. Delete the file called "settings.midata" in the Data folder of your installation.
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