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  1. david

    Export map error

    Hi, does it work in the new 1.2.0 pre-release?
  2. david

    Can't Load my Project

    Please share your project file here or in a PM with me.
  3.  Pre-release #2 of 1.2.0 is here with a bunch of bugs squashed!

  4. Can you upload the affected project?
  5. david

    MI won't load my project

    Hi, please post the project file and schematic.
  6. At last! Here is a pre-release of the magnificent 1.2.0 update of Mine-imator, packed with brand new mobs and blocks from Minecraft 1.13 as well as long-awaited graphical options (courtesy of @Nimi) to make your animations shine brighter than ever! You may report any bugs you find in Mine-imator issues and bugs (and instructions how to re-create the bug, along with the project file if needed) and of course share your work in Mine-imator creations. Enjoy! Download 1.2.0 pre-release 2: Installer | Archive Pre-release 2, 2018.09.08, changes: Changes Added a setting to turn off the smooth work camera in “Interface” Updated tropical fish names Bugfixes Fixed issues with old resource packs Fixed missing textures for Vex and Snow Golem Fixed graphical issues with the bent legs of Ender Dragon and Sheep Fixed graphical issues with waterlogged blocks and bubble columns Fixed the lid of the chest model Fixed custom watermark image resetting after re-load Fixed HQ and LQ hiding not working when exporting Fixed item spinning not saving correctly Fixed bloom from MI:CB 1.0.3 loading x100 bigger Fixed crash when importing models with specific bend settings Fixed an issue with purpur pillars Fixed the fountain of cakes Pre-release 1, 2018.08.30, changes (since 1.1.4): Minecraft support Added the mobs, blocks and items from Minecraft 1.13.1 Support for worlds from Minecraft 1.13.1 Added all Minecraft biomes and biome variants, also updated biome names New options for existing models Wool color for sheep Markings for horses Charged vex option Arms for armor stands Minecraft: Story Mode clouds option Animation features Right-click shortcut in the timeline to pick a transition Ctrl+Q shortcut to create keyframes for all selected timelines at the marker’s position Option to visualize seconds and half-seconds on the timeline Option for particles to be destroyed when they hit their bounding box Rendering features In the “Graphics” tab of objects Glow effect Glow color is adjusted in “Color” of keyframes Includes setting to only display the glow effect Options to hide objects in low and high quality rendering modes Biome tinting option for objects to be affected by the biome foliage color In the “Camera” tab in camera keyframes Bloom effect Threshold, radius, intensity, and color options Color correction Brightness & contrast Saturation (Behaves differently from color settings) Vignette effect Radius, softness and strength options In the “Background” tab of the project Sunlight strength option (High Quality mode only) Custom biome colors for water, grass, and other foliage To enable, select “Custom” when picking a biome Option for the scene to have a different fog color from the sky fog In the “Graphics” tab in Settings Blocky style option for bent arms/legs Noise effect option for grass and water Option for bright blocks in schematics to automatically be given the glow effect Option to turn on foliage light bleeding for plant-type blocks In the “Render” tab in Settings Option to turn off all camera effects Radius, intensity, and falloff of glowing objects Custom watermark options for exported images and movies Misc. Spin option for items Rotation settings for sprite particles Interface color option for the group select box in the timeline Changes Default program FPS setting is now 60 Work camera rotation now eases when moving The default ambient color now has a blue tint, and the sunlight has a yellow tint Checkboxes with interface content can be collapsed using the adjacent button with three dots (...) The “Cross section view” of Minecraft maps can now be freely moved up and down Filtered blocks will be previewed in selected Minecraft maps Acacia leaves, Dark oak leaves, and sugar cane are now affected by the biome foliage colors Updated resolution size templates to more modern resolutions Resolution size templates now use the language file Water no longer casts shadows Added highlight outline for selected keyframes Item bouncing is now slower, matching the speed of bouncing items in Minecraft Heavily improved performance for shadowless point lights when used in great quantities Moved Depth of Field blur size from program render settings to camera keyframe settings, and changed the default size to 1% Increased Depth of Field quality Added a graphical improvement for SSAO Tweaked stars Piston extensions now extend to a full block Fog is now circular Bugfixes Fixed crash when importing models that contain 3D planes using “Import an asset” Fixed crash when deleting a camera used as a texture in the library Fixed crash when loading a project with a resource pack used for the moon texture Fixed crash when duplicating scenery with animated blocks Fixed point light buffer size resetting when re-opening program Fixed graphics tab in spot light properties not being the same as point light properties Fixed UI elements being blurred if "Blur texture" was enabled Fixed completely transparent models still rendering SSAO and shadows Fixed objects that face the camera casting incorrect shadows Fixed crash when undoing changes to the sunlight color Fixed a crash when deleting bodypart keyframes Fixed timeline length not updating on some keyframe operations Fixed various crashes when importing scenery from a world
    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Jake_28


      @9redwoods most likely the features they showed off in the feature gallery..

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      I believe Nimi said on Discord once that 1.2 has other things in there besides what was shown. Could be wrong.

    4. Mahdakcraft


      hey @david why dont u surprise us and realeas the pre-realeas 1 day soon ? :D

  7. Do you have filters enabled in the world import window?
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    2. PigmanMovie


      I can probably get used to this very quickly (i hope so)

      This update so far is pretty cool

    3. Che3syPlayz


      Oh my gosh yes we need this xD

    4. CraftyFoxe
  8. 8b8b917641381359d42759a442966902.gif 


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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      This looks amazing! Now, are these blocks effected by wind, or will there be some sort of wave feature, that you adjust separate from wind?

    3. YoshiHunter


      Holy crap that is awesome!

    4. david


      Nope, it's the regular ol' wind, however there is some new code to make sure the kelp sticks to the ground for extra realism ;)

  9. david

    Project Crashing

    Hi Please upload the affected project file so we can look at this.
  10. david

    Transparent-Background surface error

    1. Click the object 2. Open the Graphics tab 3. Change the Render Depth value, make the semi-transparent texture a higher value than objects behind it
  11. david

    Import World Failure

    Hi, please send the affected world file in a PM or as a DL link in this topic. Thanks
  12. Hi, please upload your project here or in a PM.
  13. Hi, please upload the model here or in a pm.
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