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  1. i'm not sure if this is even going to get noticed, but here goes.

    so i just saw a topic about adding more shader effects to MI (normal and specular maps, volumetric light, etc.)

    i know that this is not likely to happen, but somebody also mentioned that there are free programs that can edit or add in these effects. i was wondering- do you happen to know of any of these programs, or could you recommend some of them to me?

    thanks! :)

    1. Rollo


      After Effects is a very popular one, I know a few big creators who use it all the time. Although, you can only get so far with effects in editing.

    2. Draco63


      i agree. 

      though, AE is usually used for VFX, not shader effects as far as i know.

  2. Happy day of birth, you fairly decent human you

  3. happy birthday. you didn't die this year, so that's a good thing.

    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      it was funnier in my head. point is, happy birthday david. thanks for Mine Imator and to everyone that helped make it.

  4. Happy birthday, David! thanks for creating Mine-Imator!

  5. The best of birthdays to you! Thank you for making all of this happen. I don't know what I would be doing with out it all.

    1. MineWallpaper


      Happy birthday to thy legendary MI Creator!

      How can I make a birthday wallpaper for you if I couldn't know your skin?

    2. JjCinemas


      @MineWallpaper a steve with a creeper mask works

  6. Happy birthday, David! Thank you for all you've done for Mine-imator, and making it so great!

  7. happy birthday david, thank you for all you have done  :Cake:

  8. Happy day of birth, Father of Mine-imator.

  9. Happy birthday, you absolute legend.   :Cake:

  10. Hello, if you look closely the 4 notifications are all different, 2 are for being featured on the Mine-imator Twitter while the other 2 for the showcase Also, this was not mentioned in the announcement topic, but wallpapers need at least 10 rep to be qualified for the showcase, while animations only 5, due to them generally requiring more effort to create.
  11. Made some tweaks to the tweets and treats in the showcase: ;) 


  12. Hey y'all, I made some changes to the showcase and the top animation tweets. Showcase: Users will now get a notification when their creation is featured, you can change your preferences here: Notification Settings Added "Posted ..." displaying the date of the creation. Hidden topics are no longer displayed in the showcase (note: the showcase is still updated weekly). Twitter: Top 3 weekly animations will now avoid duplicates of previously tweeted animations. Users will now get mentioned in the tweets (@-ed) if they have a Twitter set in their forum profile. If multiple animations have the same rep score they will be tied to the same spot. You will get a notification + email when your animation is featured. Again, this can be changed in the Notification Settings linked above.
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