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  1. david

    Project Crashing

    Hi Please upload the affected project file so we can look at this.
  2. david

    Transparent-Background surface error

    1. Click the object 2. Open the Graphics tab 3. Change the Render Depth value, make the semi-transparent texture a higher value than objects behind it
  3. david

    Import World Failure

    Hi, please send the affected world file in a PM or as a DL link in this topic. Thanks
  4. Hi, please upload your project here or in a PM.
  5. Hi, please upload the model here or in a pm.
  6. Can you post or PM the project file so I can look?
  7. david

    Models crashes program.

    Hi Can you share the affected project file?
  8. david

    Duplicate Crash

    Thank you, this will be fixed in the next patch.
  9. Thank you, this will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
  10. david

    Bend size error

    The scaling parameter in Mine-imator affects the whole arm, not just the bending, so the entire mesh gets altered. ModelBench has what you're looking for, you can alter the bending size there.
  11. david

    Problem when importing scenery

    Hi, Please post or PM the world file and I'll fix this for the next update.
  12. david

    GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life

  13. Dear David,

    I have a question regarding posting rigs onto mineimator forums.The question being how do I actually POSTING things to my page on mineimator?I have put the rig into a file,and put that file onto media file,and copied the link,so what do I do?Link here: https://www.mediafire.com/#beio0de0bvai5


    1. Rollo


      Well first of all I think you copied the wrong link. I would go straight to the file's webpage and copy the URL just to make sure, since your link brings me to the Mediafire homepage, meaning you probably accidentally copied a link to your control panel rather than the actual file (don't worry, I've done it before).

      Second, all you need to do is paste the link into the topic. Just make the topic, explain your rig, add some pictures of it, then add the download link last (at least that's the standard format. Of course you can switch it up a bit). Some people even add an image saying "Download" then add a hyperlink to the image leading to the Mediafire download. However you wish to put the link into the topic is up to you.

  14. Are the files located in a OneDrive folder?
  15. Hi, Please upload the affected files. What version of Mine-imator are you using?
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