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  1. You can't just take a picture of your street and post it here /s
  2. Soundwave superior. Autobots inferior.
  3. Here i am posting a rig that was supposed to be for a single render, but i said to myself "Why not share it ? I did waste some times one it !" So there you go, a G1 Soundwave with a bunch of features ! Download here !
  4. It was just a normal day in the village.. Until Villager n°14.. Showed his complete distaste for our laws.
  5. This is really nice, you should maybe try and upscale everything to ~5 to get smoother edges !
  6. I'm back from my vacation ! It was really nice, i can't wait to get back to making renders !



  7. Hi everyone !

    I just wanted to announced that i won't be able to post anything for the next 10 days for cause of vacation !

    So don't worry, stay hydrated and keep having fun while i'm gone !



  8. That actually wasn't my intention, i just wanted to make a little reference easy to get.
  9. What a chance, you found Iron at the entrace of a cave ! Let's mine in quick before something happens..
  10. Yeah, i had to make the outline separately using Paint. Net.
  11. After many hours of attemps, i finally managed to get that promotional light effect !
  12. The main thing i did is scaling up the terrain to 5 and the characters to 4.8, the rest is just using lights properly.
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