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  1. Wait, are these highlights a new feature ? Or have you simply placed some gradient texture on the models ?
  2. Another year almost completed, it gives weird feelings, eh ? What could i say more other than : Merry Christmas to every Minecrafters here !
  3. That looks so great i might even use it as my desktop background !
  4. Improved it so it's more similar to the old one847JrTe.png

  5. Just made myself a new PFP for this month !JVgpKAu.png 

  6. I'm not saying it's not art, I'm saying i want to set it on fire ! -Dedicated to a great duo of my childhood.
  7. Sometimes i feel alone. I feel like i'm not interesting or fun to be with. I know that its normal, that it's not uncommon. But i don't know how to directly talk about that to my relatives.
  8. Oi ye wanna fight ?! YE WANNA FIGHT ???!!! COME AT ME BRO I'M WAITIN' FOR YA ! I really like your render, it looks really cool !
  9. Do the Family Guy death pose
  10. Ha Ha


    I'm STUCK!!


    Its REAL

  11. Diamonds are temporary. But DOOM is Eternal.
  12. Allow me to giv you a lil' tip: Try to scale up everything to get highlighted edges, but it doesn't work with the base sun, if you do that you'll have to use spot lights Still a great work ! I really am looking forward to see your next creations !
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