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  1. Installed and tried using MI BRDF, doesn't seem too complicated but it doesn't give me much ideas unfortunately.

    Maybe i'll at least try to do something with it ?

  2. No wonder he couldn't beat the first level, neither his console or controller are connected
  3. Making 100 friends isn't easy. Making 100 friends with extreme social anxiety is worse. Turns out it wasn't that hard, the only thing you needed was someone who can understand you without you using words. Can't wait for season 2 !
  4. Barry Steakfries best video game character ever
  5. Should've photoshopped a thumb-up hand on the hand
  6. Wait, are these highlights a new feature ? Or have you simply placed some gradient texture on the models ?
  7. Another year almost completed, it gives weird feelings, eh ? What could i say more other than : Merry Christmas to every Minecrafters here !
  8. That looks so great i might even use it as my desktop background !
  9. Improved it so it's more similar to the old one847JrTe.png

  10. Just made myself a new PFP for this month !JVgpKAu.png 

  11. I'm not saying it's not art, I'm saying i want to set it on fire ! -Dedicated to a great duo of my childhood.
  12. Sometimes i feel alone. I feel like i'm not interesting or fun to be with. I know that its normal, that it's not uncommon. But i don't know how to directly talk about that to my relatives.
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