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  1. Because your account exists for like a year and your first interaction with the forums is this. Your name is a full human name, Wich I have only seen in these people who post a comment under a topic and then later update it with a scam link. Also, this post is a victim of many of these posts, I just reported them and they got deleted in response.
  2. Dude I know you're gonna update your comment to have some kind of scam link why is it always this topic
  3. Yep, but it's three Normal, EntiBrine 303, Null-Zero
  4. Fr The song is even pretty fitting with my lore
  5. Yoo y'all! What's good!

    I somehow managed to get my windows installation BRICKED again, so all the progress I had on any of the models is now gone. I'll try to get them back, but... There's no guarantees.

    1. Fover
    2. Entibrine303



      But it is now reinstalled soo eh






  6. Oh, really? As long as it's in the style of the sonic dlc, that should be fine. Try contacting @tpoap69 about it to see if he's alright with that.
  7. TOPIC CLOSED FOR NOW!! It will reopen when I'm done with the requests I currently have wich can take pretty long since I have a lot going on irl rn. See you soon!
  8. I think they removed that functionality when they revamped the website. Maybe you can get a forum admin to see this post and they change your title.
  9. Hmm... Idk, maybe about a month or so. I have some complicated and a few simple requests for now, and I don't have a ton of free time in a day like I used to have.
  10. Oh, ok. Well then, you'll sadly need to wait until I've finished all my other model requests.
  11. Ok, you'll need to wait a bit since I'm currently doing some other requests. Make sure to tell me if the models should be public or private.
  12. I found this really good one, it isn't mine, credit to @Jossamations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO8GiiEzbzY?si=Qy2DB3oKmjPcTVuL
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