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  1. It's been a while since I posted my render. Here's a found image of Oblivion slaying zombies. Legend has it that he is still ripping and tearing through zombies, until there are none left. Oblivion 6.0 and Oblivion Battle Axe rigs by @SharpWind Bonus Image: Oblivion Dark 6.0 is also made by SharpWind.
  2. Here's a pile of junk if you want to make yourself feel like Doomguy. The Oblivion Rig & Oblivion Battle Axe rigs are made by SharpWind, I don't own them.
  3. These are all that I got, enjoy. I might not appear on the forums for 9 days so, yeah. Have fun!
  4. Here starts the journey of a new Minecraft player. He is completely clueless about the game's mechanics and doesn't know what to do. Also, here's an overedited version of this wallpaper. I made it anyways cause why not? Don't forget to leave some feedback before you go after viewing this post!
  5. Totally original render, nothing much special. No stop trying to find the original one!
  6. The art is pretty nice, but this is not the correct place to post it in. This place is for Mine-Imator Wallpapers and art only.
  7. It's kinda cold out there too!
  8. Enjoy this new render I've made after what feels like months! I'm pretty new to using Highlights, so if you have any type of suggestion regarding Highlights, it would be really appreciated!
  9. I don't have any render ideas at the meanwhile, so enjoy this render until I bring up a new one. Hat was made by Toostrr:
  10. Credits: Tree swing by @PigmanMovie Guitar by @CoLahaust (Just a side note that I cannot reply to your comments due to some technical problems)
  11. Sorry for being late. What is he thinking? Comment what you think about what he is thinking.
  12. Credits to @Kubichi For rendering this out
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