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  1. I should mention that this story nearly matches with mine.
  2. If you don't know who these two are, they are my 2 OCs I think I did a great job on getting the perfect angle. (Yes, I secretly went there and caught this on 4K)
  3. Guess what his name is, its pretty easy to guess. By the way, how's my new watermark?
  4. Average Minecraft Fan vs Average Minecraft Enjoyer
  5. I know I am a bit too late, but all I want to say is Thank You Nimi for your hard work in this Minecraft Animation software, this couldn't have happened without you. Now, enough talking, here's the wallpaper:
  6. You don't need to go to any website, just import a piece of world from Mine-Imator and Mine-Imator will make you a .schematic file of the imported piece of world in your project folder, hope this helped you!
  7. So I've had this thing in my mind for a while now, and I think it would be great to add. The three options being: 1) Affected by Sunlight 2) Affected by Spotlight 3) Affected by Point Light Since Mine-Imator's default lighting isn't great, we can use these 3 options to make custom lighting For Example: Affected by Sunlight and Point Light = Ticked (for scenery lighting) Affected by Spotlight = Ticked (For character lighting) This would be very effective especially when used for animation.
  8. Put your world into the drive where your Mine-Imator is, or the world won't be imported
  9. Feel free to give me feedback about Composition!
  10. First, put the world file somewhere (You should be able to find it easily) Then, go into Mine-Imator, open up the world option and then click "Import from world" After that, a world importer should pop up. Click "Browse" option, find the world file and click "level.dat" Now, Import the piece from the world that you need and then click "Done" You don't need Minecraft Java for this. (I apologise if you didn't understand my English, I'm not from USA)
  11. Just be sure to Credit me and you are Good To Go! This is basically a beefier version of Hozq's Super Buff Steve Model.
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