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  1. bruh why do you have 1002 frames selected in the timeline
  2. Time to give a lesson to those scammers This Wallpaper was made for the #DearNimi Collab (Official topic below) This work, including many others, was made in apreciation to the one and only current developer of Mine-Imator There's nothing we can say but, thanks as always: any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye
  3. I'm proud to be a part of this collab, and also this community
  4. Yea, i have tried but my face rig breaks when i do that, (With "break" i mean there's a lot of Z-Fighting) i might update it so it dosen't do that still thanks for the tip.
  5. The only thing standing between the bed and them. Based on some playing sessions of bedwars in hypixel with some other dudes (btw i'm going 4 of these, this is the first one) Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  6. I like how the first intro is more fluid and better in general than the animation itself
  7. It's finally here: the full Meet the team Render/Wallpaper Anyway, so i've completed this thing, anyway, now i gotta complete meet the heavy any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  8. Really like the asthetic of this Megathread ngl
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