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  1. Hey Ludo, one question: where did you get the minecraft sonic dlc textures for the sonic/shadow/silver models?
  2. hey, this is similar to my private face rig, so far i love it, (works diferent tho') looks great keep going with it
  3. Fly high potato king... This has really shoked me, i've been following techno since 2015 and i've been there alongside his channel following his content since, i can't do more other than pay respect to the living legend that he was and honor him for all the entretainment he gave us, thanks for everything and my condolences to his family. Any feedback on the render are welcome, moving out.
  4. nice, anyway android support when (jk) Hype is at max level
  5. Use minecraft, way simpler.
  6. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe, A community rising from the grips of a dead game with nothing but their will to play it. And Developers pushing to keep the game up and running, against all the bot infected servers. All these moments, will be lost in time. Like tears in the rain..." Kinda inspired a bit to much in a shot in no way home, feel kinda proud of this render. If you have any criticisms, you can leave it in the comments below, just do it respectfuly moving out.
  7. Been working on this AE86 model for a while, may publish it once i finish the interior.

  8. Title says everything. So, i m i g h t be back after a kinda long hiatus oh and credit to Ghatos for the road pack anyway: Feedback is welcome, goodbye
  9. Happy New Year to y'all Came back after a hiatus, probably going to be back in 15 days or something. any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye
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