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  1. Happy New Year to y'all Came back after a hiatus, probably going to be back in 15 days or something. any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye
  2. Is it me or @Fox Mineris dominating the popular posts tab?

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      I am crashing the Forums with my Popularity!

      Just joking, the trick is, post some good stuff that people would reply to!

  3. I remember back in the old days when the first monster school videos showed up, those we're actually good, its a real shame to see how the genere evolved
  4. i love this so much (even more taking into account that spanish is my main language)
  5. Damn, this is like the best thing ever, now i would consider this a true successor to Mine-Imator community edition
  6. Hi everyone, today i present almost every render i made during almost the entire year (Incluiding the ones i didn't post here) So that's all, i'll post part 2 next year (this includes the rest of november and december) Anytype of feedback is welcome goodbye.
  7. After long 20 years, this franchise i enjoy so much, still gives me chances to Become and finish the fight all over again. I can't really test the halo infinite multiplayer since my pc can't run it, but i'll try getting my hands on an Xbox one s or series x|s soon. Anytype of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  8. I've noticed the Race of the year thing a few days ago, then why we don't bring attention to The sideshow? Made this since @Shoony and I joined around the same time in the forums and we've made quite a reputation in here. (also this is not a war declaration, just some thing i wanted to brought up lol, we are in good terms) also Thx for @Fox Miner for indirectly giving me the idea for this Any type of feedback is welcome, goodbye
  9. good luck ig, this type of stuff is hard to handle so wish you luck
  10. p a i n well, i guess i can bend the whole thing now (except the head lol) Anytype of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
  11. Today i finished Halo Combat evolved after a long time (i first played it 7 years ago, i didn't finished it until today lol) now i can see why it was so revolutionary.

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Yeah, I got to admit it was awesome, the multiplayer feature was fun as well with my brother... good times good times. But I cant wait to play halo infinite! I just need to get it yet!

    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Halo 2 is the best one imo. It's been some time since I played CE, but I reckon I should before Infinite releases.

    3. KyronCazot


      It never gets old my man

  12. It was necesary to break your bones to use bends right? (r i g h t . . . ?) Anyway so, im using bends again from now on ig, i also made a new engineer model with custom extrudes and stuff Anytype of feedback is welcome, goodbye.
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