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  1. Planning to add a much needed major overhaul to Simplistic Facerig, aiming to begin development on Tuesday since that's when my Thanksgiving break starts. I just need an external keyboard and I'll be set, if things go right I should have it before Tuesday. I'll be experimenting with the new 2.0 features as well! (However to keep it stable and nice for previous versions, I most likely will only stick to 1.2.9)

    I've got like a ton of ideas I really really wanna add that could make things look 100x better, and those new default skins mojang released weeks ago is going to be awesome for this :D

    1. HyperBlackShadow77_YT


      can the simplistic face rig be used on a villager?

  2. simplistic face rig v1 when

  3. hey ya'll, about the hold up on the simplistic face rig:

    school's right around the corner, so I won't be able to work on it as much as I want to. this means I can't make much progress which means there won't be new content.

    however, I want to wrap things up on it by adding up to 50 more dedicated mouth textures for a wide variety of emotions and also get rid of overused/similar textures in the process. :)

    as always, if you have any feedback or fall into any sticky situations using it, let me know! ^^

  4. Weird at it's finest, by the way how did they fall into such an unlucky situation???
  5. That's good to hear, no like really, I had a hard time trying to get a good camera angle and scenery set up LOL. I was thinking about having lava on the side to emit a lot of light onto the characters, but it interfered with way too much, so I didn't lol
  6. It's all okay until you hear a party from both directions in the distance... Eerie caves are spooky! Enjoy this fancy new render I had such a blast making, I'm glad to have made it! Credits *.+ BetterVanillaBuilding for the texture pack Simplistic Face Rig for the face rig The original map screenshot taken with BSL shaders I'd love your thoughts on this, it's def gonna be a keeper.
  7. Hey! Thank you for the tips. Unsure if I misunderstood what ya said but here goes. The mouth is actually a customizable item sheet, in it's settings, you should be able to find a Item tab. In that Item tab, you can find other variations (or items) of different mouth textures you can use. I'll be adding more mouth textures later on since there's a very limited selection as of right now. If you've got any ideas for mouths that you'd like to see, let me know! Thanks for checking it out. ^^ I'm actually quite surprised I haven't seen this properly done yet, maybe it's because the alternative was making several skin textures instead. However, I'm glad you're enjoying it! If you've got any ideas, find any bugs, or just wanna reach out to me and show a creation that you made using this, let me know!
  8. I can help answer some of those! Well, yeah! 13 and older, because of Discord's TOS. Yuppers, we used Discord to contact and share our plans, progress, and other things. Can't really answer this, but it's mostly just 'do-it-whenever-you-wanna.' Honestly, this collaboration project has ran really quiet. Glad to still see other people interested in though!
  9. Version 0.0.1 For MI2.0pre5 users Please disable custom material maps before using this face rig! This face rig contains items, which as of right now can crash your program if you try to modify the item's properties. A simple mojang-styled face rig that has customizable eyes, pupils, eyebrows, eyelashes and mouths! Make your renders spring right back into life! Please note a couple of things: This is far from done, polishing and updates will be done later. I rushed this because I worried someone else would beat it before I did. If you use this in any of your projects, let me know how it goes! I'd love to even maybe feature your renders on this page too. If you find any issues, or you have any suggestions; don't fret to leave a reply! That helps me wonder what you guys want for a future update.
  10. you could export your modelbench file into a .obj and import it into blockbench, then export it as a .json maybe?
  11. try messing around with render depth maybe?
  12. funnydusto

    World Edit

    if importing a small selection in your world, a dialogue will pop up and ask "would you like to have X blocks to be animated?" however because of performance issues, exporting large chunks will not have that dialogue show up
  13. make sure you're not selecting any keyframes in your animation maybe?
  14. we're in phase one of the 2.0 pre-releases. phase one is focused on performance improvement, multi-monitor support, and platform support. phase two will cover most if not all of the features that have been teased here and there.
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