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  1. Sorry for the capital letters in mine imator I get an error called, CANNOT WRITE IN THE FILE, VERIFY THAT IT IS NOT USED BY ANOTHER PROCESS. I do not know what's happening
  2. Ok, number one, the fact that there is no stage is something very simple to explain (and no, I did not want to make a stage.) because that place with white sky and white concrete IT IS ALREADY A SCENARIO (for me of course) Let me explain that place is called space time a place with only white sky and white concrete where there is absolutely nothing there and you can do whatever you feel like doing there, it is not known in which universe it is and it is not very important to know that; And the watermark thing is so that they know that it was created in Mine-Imator and not in another program (o
  3. ok mr Proud(jpro leaves while nothing in the background is playing)
  4. ( yes now it's called Project: Gabriel Requiem and not just Gabriel Requiem As I had in mind I changed it Because it sounds better than Gabriel Requiem just like that, no more.)Hello Mine-Imator Community I am jpro507s and this is the subject is to say that more or less I finish a scene of one of my animations, it is not so good nor is it so bad (for me you can consider it crap and that does not It will affect only do not say dirty words for another subject) as I do not upload videos to the forum and it is not as if I had the time to learn to do it, the animation is uploaded to mediafire;
  5. (and maybe later I will improve this because that is just a very ugly and unfinished render I will not finish since I have to work on the first scene Gabriel requiem and that is not quite what I imagined )
  6. em ok zakku good day and well it was somewhat constructive I am not complaining and I was referring to something else but meh it is not necessary for me to explain that and for now and it is not until I may not be able to enter discord so if I need to share something I will do it by mail (I will not You pass it, I know where you can find it and maybe everything else I don't think you're so stupid not to know where) bye zakku smile that God loves you.
  7. em... ok sir nimi (jpro leaves while giorno theme is playing in the background)
  8. it's a good (pass texture pack)in another computer leave the image of its to me jpro507s so) its a me jpro507s (jpor se leaves while giorno theme sounds)
  9. How strange that no one (not even the staff) has said anything about this. meh I am not going to stress the bottom, it is something complicated and very rare to understand xd Good Night Band
  10. This is a render I did beta context: zakku alv (server partner) of the jpro line (line of the events of my animation) is angry because he did not fulfill the task that Jack found him (which is the one of the animation zakku vs jpro) what was your task? simple to kill jpro (according to the jackpaly of the jpro line to eliminate the competition from youtube and mine-imator (although ironically he was and is very inactive) and since he did not fulfill his task he removed the staff of the krista studio from the line jpro PD (jpro recovers the staff in 2023 by winning a bet that he told Jackplay t
  11. Em Good Answering your theory in theory lasts all eternity but the escape 1 month later since he found a way to destroy the bars that imprisoned him and as he was afloat in a maximum security prison (if you download the project you will see it in the map) knocked out a policeman who had a boat and left with Miku (the cat), luckily he was in another dimension because if not his parents would scold him
  12. It is jpro from the jpro line (line of my events) In 2022 he is in jail for the slaughter of trillion people and this is where he adopts his cat Miku if you find any errors in the wallpaper tell me link of projects : https://www.mediafire.com/file/x7e8npuyg5x12hd/New_Project.rar/file
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