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  1. zYLeeH1.png

    My experiences creating photorealistic scenery with basic geometry in Mine-imator has helped me tremendously with my current project. Working on a fps engine with Clickteam's Firefly.

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Doing something realistic inside Mine-Imator makes the realistic texture looks like a 2007 video games, because everything looks mate in mine-imator. Anyway Keep it Up!

  2. Play around with the ambient lighting a bit, otherwise it's bussin respectfully
  3. Hi, I've been using mine-imator since 2013 and to this day I still enjoy using it and making new projects with it. I'm not entirely sure if this has been suggested or mentioned as a planned feature, but over the years and past couple of projects I always have to change the render settings even if my previous projects have their own unique adjustments in the render settings. My suggestion is to implement a feature that can embed the render settings into the miproject or allows us to save render setting presets as a file that can be shared and even used as templates for specific styles of r
  4. Don't be afraid to put actual light sources where light should be present.
  5. I told myself never to trip balls again. This render has inspired me to do the exact thing I told myself not to do again.
  6. You'll just have to play around with the render settings until it meets the requirements of "Mojang lighting."
  7. You should look into MCCToolChest. It can convert bedrock maps to java. I'm not sure if some parts of the map will always convert over properly. There is a paid software called Universal minecraft converter that should convert the maps flawlessly.
  8. Jm3GyTe.jpgSometimes I have it in me to create something I'm really proud of and resembles what I would've imaged it to be made like, but sometimes I get stuck with the limitations mine-imator has. I tend to scrap more projects then actually produce.

  9. I see what you're going for and I really have to agree with the minecraft modeling tips. Minecraft consists of linear 3D planes and obvious blocks. Your model resembles something that was made for a voxel type game or art format that doesn't really fit into minecraft without it having the "looks off" thought to it. My biggest suggestion is to understand minecraft and how it's current models work aesthetically with its limited shapes and proportions. If anything work on some rough draft designs of how a barrel may look in a minecraft world before texturing. Helps me a ton with my own
  10. Like an OBJ or an FBX? It has been done before by Nimi, but it's probably never going to be implemented. Mainly because it would ruin the whole reason of this software's iconic existence as a minecraft animation software. At that point you might as well just use/learn the more professional software if you're wanting to use them.
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