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  1. Zerghunter666

    Inhabited Islands (4K)

    Yeah I definitely see what you mean. It's actually the fog and changing the fog to the color of the water was a bit off putting. Thanks for the feedback
  2. Zerghunter666

    Inhabited Islands (4K)

    Working on a map with my friend Terasal on Minecraft and I decided to make a render of what we have so far of the map. Took me awhile to get a good position for the camera but I think it turned out great! Otherwise tell give off some honest feedback. Fun fact: This map may be a world template for Minecraft Realms.
  3. Zerghunter666

    Life in a Cave

    Love the extrudes on the stone and the nice lighting added to the cave and the portal.
  4. Zerghunter666

    Birch Forest (4K)

    SSAO render settings.
  5. Zerghunter666

    Birch Forest (4K)

    My attempt at making good outside lighting in mine-imator. Plan on doing more biomes and different combinations of weather, seasons, and day time. Otherwise throw me some honest feedback Fun fact: This render is NOT edited and took about 10 minutes to make.
  6. Zerghunter666

    Slimp Showcase (4K)

    Completely made by me. Simple humanoid rig I made from scratch that I call "Slimp." The rig was heavily inspired by UnmuteChannel's humanoid rig that he has made in the past. Added my own original look and made everything from scratch. Made within one sitting and is planned to be used in a big project in the future. Tell me what you think about it. Fun fact: I struggled for about 3 hours trying to get the fingers to work and look how I wanted them to.
  7. Something I made while playing around with the cylinder. Never expected to make something like this ever.
  8. Zerghunter666

    Realistic Barrels (4K Realism)

    Exactly what BaconSandwich said. Thanks! I'd hella take advantage of such features if implemented. Otherwise that's what I got.
  9. Zerghunter666

    Realistic Barrels (4K Realism)

    Heh, I wish it was.
  10. Completely made by me. Textures are obviously not but where fitted and "remapped" to fit the spheres. Don't know if I should make these public or not. I plan on making more variants of the barrels and using them in future renders. Edit: I Added extrudes to the metal rings on the barrels. Fun fact: The textures being used for the barrels are in 2K Yes this was made in mine-imator
  11. Zerghunter666

    Thin black line around item

    Try turning on "Texture Filtering" or "Blur Texture" on the object.
  12. Zerghunter666

    Subway train cart

    Where me?
  13. The box prop was made by a friend of mine known as Terasal, while the can rig was made by me. Testing out reflections with photo realistic props and renders. Let me know how you think it looks! I used Adobe Photoshop for the reflections. Fun fact: The can rig is planned to be in an upcoming "Prop Pack" I'm working on.
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