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  1. :0 TREEEEE OH MY OH MY TREEEEEEEEEE!!!! AAAAA!!!!!! TREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! CANT STOP YELLING AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!1 TREEEEE!!!!!!!! edit: its not tree 'D:
  2. fox miner once said

    "the forum is my family"


  3. yes the tree is very romantic! im crying rn liek daamn
  4. hello, sorry if i've been offline these days. my wifi suk!

    and btw, next rig is rolls royce wraith cuz lots of people wants me to do it ;-;
    it will took century!

    but before making rig i want to make an animation :]

  5. i think i will create rolls royce wraith since most people request me to do it instead of jeep renegade, dodge challenger and mercedes benz s class

    1. Zyn
    2. LacaMenDRY


      Do it with Modelbench even better. but you choose.

  6. did you cut tree to made wood?
  7. sup! finally after centuries of creating this rig i've manage to finish it! this is my first car rig so there will be a lot of problem. i'll talk bout it later here are some preview to the car rig ok thats the preview! now lets talk bout whats wrong with the rig 1. the shape is weird and kinda inaccurate liek i said earlier, this is my first rig. a mistake will happen! 2. if you parent ur character in the chair, character will be big as heck suggestion is before parenting turn off scale 3. changing its color is hard as heck! yes. ight thts all i guess, f
  8. :0 NIMIII!!!!! :0 BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :0 TREEE!!!!!
  9. ight to be honest idk wot happen to nimi.

    first, he is not in the mineimator server.
    the thing i questioned is did he quit? or just taking a break for a while?

    second, people are making animation for the dear nimi collab. im joining!

    final question. if nimi quit, who is the next mineimator dev?

    thats all bye xd

    1. An Engie Main

      An Engie Main

      1: Nimi is in a break

      2: nice

      3: i dunno, but Nimi will quit after Mine Imator 2.0.0, after that the code of that version will be published to allow mods and stuff.

    2. animation dude 888
  10. finally my cybertrocc is 85% done!

    just need to add some stuffs and im done!
    here is the preview to the cybertrocc



    discord server :]
    link deleted

    link will be deleted in 1h to avoid raid

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