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  1. ok thx. btw. i use plain white light.
  2. pls do lamborghini sian next https://imgur.com/CaFtAGU
  3. idk how to post a photo without a link
  4. pls backpack rig. -i want the backpack colours to be white -openable -with black stripes https://imgur.com/f4aOypY
  5. ok! understandable thank you! just need some improvement in my opinion
  6. what should i improve on my lightsaber?? the photo of my lightsaber https://imgur.com/lPX8W3E i need help
  7. im sorry. this is my first time making a building rig. i will probally fix it soon. so just wait im sorry. i will use plain colors next
  8. ok second rig i uploaded. this is an garage so yea! some photo: https://imgur.com/a/y1AH69i what include in this garage thingy -an worst grafitti. -openable iron thingy what worst: -Stretched texture this took me like 6 hours to make download link http://www.mediafire.com/file/ckodo8dnunjfauf/MIgarage.miobject/file you can credit if you want. im not forcing you to credit me tho ok thats it ig?? have a nice day!
  9. ok thank you. i dont know about that because i am new here
  10. cool car rig. btw. can you do lamborghini sian next??
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