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  1. welp rip the schematic. and yes pre-release 5 is complicated to use
  2. is it just me or does this actually looks alot alike blender?
  3. congrats! you got poisoned! you're immediately evacuated to OAK hospital dont worry, its just a prank
  4. its just a normal day at the library. everything went well until a random shark enters and start following fersee... no one knows where the shark is from, why is he at the library, and what the shark wants. but the shark is sus. wherever the shark goes, the feds are there. is he one of the feds? or a most wanted person shark?
  5. fersee have some bread to share with you. will you take it? criticism are accepted (not in a friendly way) jk jk yes its friendly accepted
  6. changelogs: -added interior -added seats (the seats is colorable) -added dashboard (you can also color the brown thingy at the dashboard) more updates coming soon also, if you're asking why i skipped to #4 is because i forgot to post this car rig WIP at mineimator forums. maybe i'll start using this thing aswell tell me what you think about this rig in the comments!
  7. idk if this is true or not but i find this tweet saying that @BloxTheRigger we're discovered with a 16 years old teenager. this is the tweet btw, for more info go there

  8. idk if dis sadge news or not but le turistt car rig is cancelled 😔

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