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    trying to be a good animator XD

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    on your attic
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    im interest in lightsaber
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    i dont have one

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  1. @LacaMenDRYwhat rule did he break?
  2. i will stop posting wallpaper here for a while

    yes, because i cant paste any image to the forum.
    idk whats wrong but i hope i can do it soon

    1. LacaMenDRY


      This can be caused by your internet speed connections. 

    2. animation dude 888
  3. henlo! its been a long time since i post something on yt LMFAO so here it is rule and stuff: -do not reupload without permission, you can ask for permission via discord (join my server and dm me) and mineimator forum private messages note: if i dont respond your permission thats mean im busy, just wait -there is no rule 2 ok thats all! have a nice day
  4. hello there! 

    idk what happen but today i cant paste any pic, thats mean no may the 4th wallpaper......
    if you want to see it just dm me on discord because i cant paste any images

    my discord ID
    idk what is my name#0658


  5. nice i like the new forum update, the banner look awesome and woohoo! dark mode here.
    old theme we will miss you

  6. alright! imma spoil my schedule for wallpaper a bit -tomorrow i will do may the 4th be with you special -after may the 4th, star wars render -and then 135 subs special wallpaper & animation -aaaaand 15 doges in the kitchen
  7. i like the new forum ngl goodbye old forum;-; henlo new forum! finally the thing people have been waiting for, dark theme!
  8. lets do a trade offer you give me 1 week to do it, and i give you 15 doge in the kitchen. if 15 not enough message me thx :D
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