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  1. next rig spoilers, and animation as well

    next rig spoiler (dont click if u dont wish to see spoiler)


    i will make dodge challenger rig. i will try to make it less laggy.....
    and after im done with the dodge challenger rig i will make a yacht (and aswell tries to make it less laggy)
    and also cube pc rig

    thats all for the rig spoiler!

    animations spoiler


    i will make:
    -bonk animation
    -bogos binted
    -car accident

    and ofc christmas special! 🎄
    (and aswell as new year special)

    thats all for the animation spoiler!

    ight thats all from me i guess have a nice day! and happy early christmas! 🎄

  2. some suggestions 1. add a schematic instead of a flat ground. if you dont have minecraft, search one online! there are a lot of em! 2. add some lighting to make the scene brighter 3. instead of using linear, use ease in/out bc that will make the movement much more smoother thats all from me i guess.
  3. QOTD

    how to bonk someone?

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Take a baseball bat and hit someone on the head

    2. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      thanks. take my downvote

  4. this animation looks perfect! i like the movements here are sum tips to improve it 1. instead of a flat ground, add a schematic. you dont have minecraft? search one online! there are a lot of nice schematics in google 2. add some lighting thats all i guess. have a nice day!
  5. have you got your bogos binted?

  6. QOTD

    whats the most memorial years for y'all?

    mine is 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019

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    2. LacaMenDRY


      2016, 2018, 2019, 2020.

      • 2016:My Minecrafty Years.
      • 2018:My Friendship Years.
      • 2019:My Filmmaker Years.
      • 2020:My Memer Years.

      2021:lost My HOME.

    3. niam


      2020 - 2021, y'all know why

    4. LacaMenDRY


      The Reputation Growth Spurt.

  7. lol! i actually didnt came up with the idea of setting fire. but i accidentally add a fire. so i guess, why not add a fire to the render to make it funnier?
  8. so, i have learned how to spin. now i need to know how to survive train D I S A S T E R

  9. sum random disclaimer there are 5 fersee's. 1. the true one 2. the 2nd one 3. the wise 4. the stupid 5. the chibi the fersee in da video is the 2nd one and the chibi here is da animation. have a nice day! :D' and idk what the heck did i just type
  10. how to spin?

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      Not in motion:

      X Axis Rotation (default 0°)

      Y Axis Rotation (default 0°)

      Z Axis Rotation (default 0°)

      In motion:

      X Axis Rotation (default 360°)

      Y Axis Rotation (default 360°)

      Z Axis Rotation (default 360°)

      An equal spherical spin

    3. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner


      That is the right way to do it, but my way is possible too! :D

    4. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      k thabk for help

  11. da IMAC rig! best computer for work and for planning riot as well...... its fireproof and it wont set any building on fire kinda..... and also waterproof...... it can cook BBQ for ya! just set it on fire and done okay ignore those render ;-; plz ignore it do it for me anyways. here is da download link https://www.mediafire.com/file/8sol46mjud6mx4k/IMAC.zip/file feel free to private message me if you have any issue with da rig or other issues and also, dont forget to check the poll if u want to vote for next rig thats all i guess bye! have a nice day
  12. what will you do with ur laptop/pc if it burns?

    me? i will make BBQ with it! :meatcooked:

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Burns like on fire, I would straight throw a big blanket on it to put out the fire.

      Burns like that it overheats, I would turn off right away, I don't wanna lose this one here, for god sake please no!

    2. niam


      I'll go fix it, if its possible and worth fixing.

      interesting fact, my laptop was literally burnt and then resurrected from its death.

    3. FredMCGamer


      my pc once became a fog machine, the smell was awful but the vibin got me dancing on the ground!

  13. what is this place? i cant remember this mineimatorforums ting

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    2. Fox Miner
    3. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      ok gib bing chilling or am send bing chilling

    4. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Just eat your ice-cream make the joke and go to jail! Or it will be 3 hours of jail.


  14. yesterday was worst for me.
    i am stressed with my homework, so i went to take a drink cuz i was thirsty too. and when i was about to grab a cup, i passed out. now my arm hurts. but my head is okay

    edit: why do i even type this

  15. some small rig update



    this time i will make PC rig!

    the type of pc i will make:
    1. gaming (w glow)
    2. imac
    3. cube computer :D'

    first thing i will make is imac since its easier

    more details is classified


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    2. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      i cant :steve_tearful:

      but the gaming pc and the cube pc is my own

    3. niam


      i mean, your real life pc/laptop

    4. animation dude 888

      animation dude 888

      ok i will do my laptop after i am done with this 3

  16. repost if you have a mcdonald wifi 🍔

  17. my youtube channel barely even grows these days!

    but this doesnt mean i ask y'all to subs to my channel, i just want to ask.
    do u guys have any tips for me to increase my subs?

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      That's how you do it smoothly, but no I don't, just don't care, live your life! Head out and play and when ever you want you can do a new video

  18. imma also do render but for the weekly and monthly :D'
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