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  1. im coming to your house

    1. LacaMenDRY


      I'm movin on a new houses.

    2. animation dude 888
  2. i thought you were a mine imator scientist and also i know how he made it
  3. lol you dont need 3 months for a 4 minute animation
  4. grrrr..... BARK BARKO1Faanl.png

    1. Benji


      man i was gonna respond to this when i saw it on the home page and be like bark grr bark but now that i know there's an image it just feels weird 😩

    2. Zyn
  5. man.. why are people bullying me on discord 😔

  6. ah yes, förhandsvisning

  7. mine-imator 1.2.9 release (gone wrong) (fbi came) (100% real) (no virus) (free download for 20$ dollars)
  8. free 5 dollar amogus
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