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  1. The Following Video is Satire. (Mostly) none of these are accurate to my actual thoughts about the forums. so please. don't get offended.
  2. Tested out an Hybrid animation thingamajig, This is Just one of my first attempts at this. (I don't Know what Else to say.....chicken.)
  3. Here's Episode 9 of my series
  4. Thank you, that was getting WAY OUT OF HAND..

    1. Ghatos


      what happened?

      EDIT: Nevermind, I found the post.

  5. Well, these past 24 Hours have been....Interesting to say the least.

    all I have to say about this is: PIE

  6. What's sad is that out of all of my other posts, THIS is the one with the most responses. even if it is a flame war...
  7. I've Been gone for Hours and I come back to a Mini Flame war.... and This is why I regret post crap most of the time...
  8. I made a Pie model, simple as that. Includes Alt Textures for Various pies (or you can make one yourself.) IMAGES: https://ibb.co/9pxsHMD https://ibb.co/jTTNMxb https://ibb.co/gvDLQBr DOWNLOAD
  9. @9redwoods please don't hate me, that intro segment was a joke.. after a month of hard work, my next animation is finally complete, this was made as my homage to the "Moments with Heavy" series, also to celebrate My Channel turning 10 Years Old (Please concider Subbing). I hope you enjoy my Video!
  10. "That Gun" From Blade Runner and Fallout: New Vegas
  11. I made 3 Hand Models but I'm a bid conflicted on what to use, so I made a poll to decide which one i should use.
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