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  1. @9redwoods please don't hate me, that intro segment was a joke.. after a month of hard work, my next animation is finally complete, this was made as my homage to the "Moments with Heavy" series, also to celebrate My Channel turning 10 Years Old (Please concider Subbing). I hope you enjoy my Video!
  2. "That Gun" From Blade Runner and Fallout: New Vegas
  3. I made 3 Hand Models but I'm a bid conflicted on what to use, so I made a poll to decide which one i should use.
  4. that's Fryzzle The Pork and i don't make many wallpapers so i'm still trying (not the word i was looking for, but still)
  5. Still a WIP i'll release it when i feel like it's perfect
  6. A wallpaper I made because it's Spring and i got bored.
  7. PORTALS NOT INCLUDED SADLY Since I made the Gravity Gun Model, I figure that I make one for the Portal Gun like the Gravity Gun Model, it's colorable -Includes Default, Atlus and P-Body Texture RULES - Do not touch the operational end of The Device - Do not look directly at the operational end of The Device - Do not submerge The Device in liquid, even partially -Credit Me, if you use it DOWNLOAD
  8. I only made the animations, That Channel is owned By my Bro, Mb1045 Gaming.
  9. This is a Series that my older brother made, I'm posting it here because I helped out with it. A LOT. I started making Animation for the Skits around Alex vs Petra. but this series deserves a watch. let me know what you think about it overall.
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