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  1. Decided to make something for Star Wars Day.
  2. Very Scary.. The Two People in the Short: @FOXY TOONS @SKIBBZ
  3. I Know I'm Late for this Meme, IDC I Promised myself i'd make this lol
  4. A Music Video for my Animation "PlayerUnknown's Fortnite"
  5. Tomorrow is My Birthday Yayyyy :)

    1. Field Team

      Field Team

      I hope your birthday goes well 

  6. Another Short.....I don't know what else to say lol
  7. First off: This is By far the Longest Animation By far when It comes to Production Time The Idea for this Video Came ALL THE WAY BACK IN 2018, The Project was Then Postponed Due a dropped External HDD, The Project file was created in May 2020, but I didn't really "add" anything to it until February of this Year, The Project was Supposed to be finished in August, but due to a Major Issue, It couldn't but that's a whole other Story... Anyway, I decided to Post this onto the forums A Day Before the Premiere, So I hope to See you all there! If you're watching this AFTER the Premiere: Please Enjoy PlayerUnknown's Fortnite, Also known as "The Shameless Parody" Because I have no Regrets Making this Video. Also Once Again, Thank you to @LacaMenDRY and @niam for Helping me With the said "issue".
  8. Problem is Fixed, Just had to Delete a Certain Schematic. (It was headphones out of all things) @LacaMenDRYThanks for looking at the project for me and I'll also keep niam's advice in mind, i just didn't expect this project to become this big. Once again Thank You.
  9. Can Someone please Help me with my Project....

    It seems like little to nobody responds in Issues and Bugs

    so might as well ask here....

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Let me know what it was.

    2. TheRealMariobros1045


      Everything is Explained here:


      and after a point it just Stops Loading and just freezes up.

    3. LacaMenDRY


      Okay, Let me Open the Project for you.
      I hope My PC is Strong enough...

  10. As the title suggests, I can't open up my project. as doing so will take a long time, and the result is being stuck on the "Reading file..." prompt. I don't know if it has anything to do with the project, the program, or if i need someone else with a better computer to render the project. (yes I have Backups, but it seems that i can't add more to the backups without it being in the same, unopenable state.) the worse part is that the project is Done, all i needed to do was render. So if anyone can help please help me out with this I would be Very Grateful. Here's the Log:
  11. The Following Video is Satire. (Mostly) none of these are accurate to my actual thoughts about the forums. so please. don't get offended.
  12. Tested out an Hybrid animation thingamajig, This is Just one of my first attempts at this. (I don't Know what Else to say.....chicken.)
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