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  1. why is the room tilted, it's making the door clip through the wall
  2. hy-imator when

    1. MojangYang


      as in Hytale -imator?


  3. anyone here remember when I made content regularly. was it good

  4. I too never actually stretch my arms while stretching, super efficient.
  5. Oh wow, an abbreviation, such a tragedy Christ you people make a fuss out the dumbest stuff
  6. What does this even mean, do y'all really not want feedback? This is stupid sorry
  7. I miss when comics were a popular fad here sometimes

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. YoshiHunter


      Anyone remember Hagus’s comic?

    3. Hagus


      Oh I still make one. It's just not on the forums.

    4. Nedia


      Fighter's comics were pretty good. IIRC his f.n.a.f. comic was one of the very few pieces of f.n.a.f. content this forums enjoyed.

  8. If you recognize this image you are qualified for a veteran's discount


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    2. YoshiHunter


      MCedit, my favorite!

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Isn’t this a tutorial for how to import schematics into Mine-imator using MCedit?

    4. Ethaniel


      Man I need MCedit to update so I can freakin finish my default structures pack. 

  9. I never realized how many guests there are online wow. Imagine if those folks were members

  10. Fake. This has way too much color and not enough wooshing sound effects 0/10
  11. Stop it with this bs argument because almost everything here has been done a million times, not just fad. You all just love to hop on the hate bandwagon for it though cause the popular forumers here hate it too.
  12. in case you missed it

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