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  1. 2 episodes a month is a lot dude I would recommencement taking that down to 1 ep a month
  2. 1 pixel inconstancy is thru the roof 2 linear movement 3 lighting is default 4 no idle motion 5 no overlapping action
  3. Hi every one it's my birthday :DD so i thought it would a good time to announce a couple of animations  I got in the works.

    1's one I don't have a name fore yet but it should be coming relatively soon i will probably post some concept/poster stuff for it in a few weeks it's a short story set in modern day on how I got the fox on my head.

    2nd now this one is a much much bigger project in very early scripting and I would like to keep this a lot more secret the tittle for it is "One Last Time" it's a big project that I probably wont post about it for a long while so if you are interested keep your eye out for it.

    but yea that's all I got for you right now I'v bin in the MI community for over 2 years now and I have learned so much here and have made some good friends along the way thank you to every one  who has help me and in general just took the time give feed back on my stuff.

    (join my discord if u want to learn more/ get updates on this stuff in the future pls it's dead ;-;)


  4. Hi here is a little render from me messing with lighting in the nether and lighting in general if u are not in here sorry I didn't want to over crowd it like my last group render and I made all the Chibi skins by hand (aside from constipating the head texture) but yea this is the first render I my pc didn't what to render lol. Credits: @Floofy for rendering it @9redwoods for the Chibi rig Skins: @JB Animations @Phyre @Floofy @DragonPixel (me) @9redwoods @Frost @ShotUAnimations @TheCollieStalks
  5. OH MY WORD IT'S SO CUTE !!!!!!!!
  6. but it said that you can stab people on the box
  7. I got a knife am ima comen to get ya
  8. were is the wine and baguettes? I don't think this is France : /
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