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  1. I would love to see something like this if would be up for it :v
  2. halloween_skon.png

    a quick showcase render I made for my Halloween skin, not really worth a hole topic so here u go 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DragonPixel


      the idea is a skull with spider eyes 

    3. DCTAnimations


      But it has eyes on the skull

    4. insanehelix7076


      @DCTAnimations Some skins have skulls with eyes you know. Btw i like the skin

  3. I have made a new thing !!! This was a lot of fun to make, and changed a lot form the original idea but in the end I am very happy with concept and how it turned out. credits: @Hozq: for the smooth bends base rig/model @Hozq: lantern model The deer rig and character rig are both rigs I made for this wallpaper I am very happy with how they turned out and I learned a lot making them as always feedback is very much appreciated (The Character Rig) (Deer Rig)
  4. I am not sure how up voting a post on a forum for an indie animation software made for making minecraft animations would get Disney one of the biggest company's in the world to unblock your video
  5. the sun is way to bright it looks like it's right behind him
  6. DP_v5.0_test_2.png

    A quick render testing out my oc rig so far I still need to add fingers and a fue other features


    @ShotU for the face rig

    @Hozq for the smooth bending model/rig 

  7. it's not about the pixel size being the same as mc it's about sticking to one pixel size u got like 4 different pixel size on the same rig
  8. dam nice the glowing edge actually fits in this
  9. DragonPixel


    ah yes a blank screen what a classic
  10. there is a quote button u should use to reply to people
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