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  1. not gonna lie that was very uncomfortable
  2. I am still alive ._.

  3. oh my.... with 4k readers it takes ages to load and so I just watched the image be reveal from top to bottom....
  4. unknown.png

    what is rong with me why did I make this 

    1. ItsZaaki


      To spread the truth

    2. MojangYang


      Bend his right arm back 90 degrees and viola! A dabbing cap!

  5. Oof hmmm I don't think there is much I can do
  6. step aside boys the bad ass is here
  7. OK WOW that's a big improvement although it dose still look like its missing some camera effects maybe try messing with those some more and it also looks like it's missing ambient lighting although I'm not shore about that. but it's a big improvement
  8. there is nothing used but point lights spot light could be used u could try messing with camera effects I don't know if u used those in the render for my lighting I like to scale everything to 5 and tern bleed light on
  9. I can't see the render ;-;
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