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  1. that what realy good I like the simplistic design.
  2. I love it the lighting was amazing the animation was smooth it was so good
  3. WOW that is very good and I don't really have much else to day other than that.
  4. I like it is is very nice
  5. Hi I wood like to complain about the foxe rig tail bends is just looks extremely broken.


    please fix 😟

    1. Dannyboi


      It's like saying "my car is broken", there's a bunch of things that could be wrong and you haven't specifically described any of them. Is there something specific about the bend that looks bad or is it glitching in a certain way? It's help if you posted a video of a GIF displaying this issue.

    2. DragonPixel


      um right I will get to that as soon as I set um a way for me post pictures. 

  6. I like food but I have not tried crab so yea
  7. yay you will definitely see my entry in there
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