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  1. Thanks!! I also did this at like 2 - 3 am so I was was too tired to make it any longer than it was
  2. EmberWing

    Some art

    I draw every single day, and I've actually never used shapes to figure out the body shape. I've seen a lot of people do it and it's something I might try later on. It's actually only been like a week and three days or something and my sketchbook is almost filled-
  3. I'm so late but uh no it's closed forever unless you want to pay me DeviantArt points heheheheeh
  4. You have Copic Markers while I sit over here with the cheapest ones in the store Cra-Z-Art
  5. EmberWing

    Some art

    sigh I spent so much time on this, but I still see so many mistakes I'm too lazy to go back and fix. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one is a drawing that is not my character, but I wanted to try and draw something with strong emotion. I don't know why the mouth looks so messed up but you'll have to deal with it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one was a little collab I did with two of my friends. I made Ember ofc and Friend #1 (They don't have MI Forums so I'm just gonna cal them that) made Zahra, and Friend #2 made the gay duck thing.
  6. Oh

    Almost 300 rep

    Not like I'll get there anytime soon though because I'm not gonna be active-

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dannyboi


      You can probably bump up your rep by trying to make a wallpaper each day, if you decide to. I believe that's how I got past 1K.

    3. Yoshifan33


      *upvotes all recent posts just like last time*

      EDIT: muahahaha

    4. EmberWing


      Yeah, I may try to make wallpapers more often.

  7. Whoops I see that mistake now- I'm still learning though, so I guess it's good for my animation level?
  8. Hi. I'm here for just a second. Don't expect me to me on the forums as often as I used to be, I'm busy with other things, sheesh. Anyways, here is the terrible fall test I made because I wanted to kill CC because I hate her. ksks sorry you have to click the link-
  9. I know Motherrrrr leave me aloneeee
  10. Yeah don’t worry I see how I could fix it. again, I’m just too lazy to do it
  11. Well, I'm like.. Super tired lmao I wore myself out today. It's currently 3 am and I'm still up. Usually I'm not tired at this time. Well anyways, here is the crappily done wallpaper. I see every problem but I'm too lazy to go back and fix it. I'm alive though.
  12. Oh hey look I'm actually alive still


    I mean, it hasn't been that long but



  13. I’m sorry but I will have to cancel any requests that I have :(

    I don’t want to explain why, but I’m so sorry! 

    1. Mineshaft Animation
    2. Ghatos


      Top 10 anime betrayal

      (Nah am kidding it's okay c:)

    3. EmberWing


      Lol thanks for understanding 

  14. Wheres the responses to this? On topic: Where's my spaghetti?
  15. EmberWing

    Major vallis

    What's with these weird names No offense, I can make different name too. These just sound like Japanese/Chinese names or something
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