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  1. I just realized how many phobias I have 😂

    I am Thalassophobic

    I am Claustrophobic 

    I am Nyctophobic

    I am Taphophobic 

    I am Scopophobic

    I am Coulrophobic

    There could be so many more phobias that I have, but those are the only ones I know I have right now.

    My worst phobias right now are my Thalassophobia and my Claustophobia

    😂 I don’t know why I’m sharing this 😂

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. xXsentienXx


      damn boi dem phobias 

    3. Foxtrot0806


      Are they really phobias though, because like. Usually, a phobia is irrational and panic attack triggering.
      And even if it is a phobia, I mean it's not really that cool or that big of a deal about how many you have because we all have multiple fears.

    4. MikTRF


      I have astrophobia, I'm afraid of whether (more specifically bad wind and storms)

  2. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (gtg cause im going to my dads house... ugh)
  3. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (sad XD) Evelyn would be tired from everything that had happened, she hadn't had a good sleep in a while She would sigh She would exit the Navigation room, from the ship she could slightly see Lloyd and some pirates eating, they seemed to be having a good time. Occasionally they would all laugh so loud that Evelyn could hear even from so far away. Some pirates who stayed were.. cleaning. They were fixing things, like the hole in the boat from earlier. It then started to rain, it then rained harder. Evelyn just sat on the Main Deck, in the rain, she would wait for the storm to stop, she hoped it wouldn't get much worse. She was drenched, but she didn't mind. The other pirates would have been down in the sleeping chambers
  4. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    Willow would follow Nyx, while looking around for anything that would interest her Lloyd would be with some pirates looking for a place to eat Evelyn would be in the Navigation Room, trying to figure out where they were exactly Pirate to Evelyn: "Need any help?" Evelyn: "No... Actually, find me something like... A compass, a sailing compass please" The pirate went off to find a sailing compass, when he couldn't find one on the ship, he went to the market and bought one. He returned to Evelyn, and gave it to her. Evelyn: "Thanks. So if we go West..." Lloyd would now be eating with the pirates Willow would have not found anything that interested her, she kept on following Nyx
  5. EmberWing

    Scenery Test

    Again, I know the lighting in the front makes no sense. Thats because I was just messing with the lighting and stuff. This render wasn't for a specific reason, it was just a test. A test for lighting, and to see if I can remember what mobs go in what biome
  6. EmberWing

    A Hard Days Work HD 720p

    The camera is tilted a bit to much, like Hagus said, the pick-axe looks like its in his wrist. Did you remove the ground? Because in the background, there doesn't seem to be any grass... Its just blue.. Try moving the torso more, and not to lift his leg to much. If you are having trouble making it look like he is going up a block without moving his leg up to high, extrude the floor below him, and then move him up. Other than those things, its good enough for an upvote
  7. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    They would arrive, most of them got off the ship, but a few crew members stayed. The crew members were hungry, and they wanted a good rest. They were sick of the food on the ship, and sleeping in a boat isn't so fun (Lol we keep responding 10 min after each other XD)
  8. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    Evelyn: "That's a.. good idea. Well shall do exactly what you said" Evelyn would walk back to make sure the crew members would be doing what they needed to do Willow would steer the ship
  9. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    Lloyd removed his hand from the door, Evelyn then shut the door, she sat down on the chair behind her table, she face-desked Evelyn: "What am I supposed to do..." (Awww, its more fun when you rp with us XD) Evelyn: "Okay, first things first, I have to apologize to Lloyd, and figure out how to survive this storm... Then Ill deal with my problems..." She left her quarters and headed towards Lloyd, she apologized and then she tried to figure out what to do for the storm (im not gonna continue until someone else is here XD)
  10. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    There was a knock on Evelyn's door to her quarters Evelyn wouldn't respond There was another knock on the door, you could hear crew members talking loudly to each other, Evelyn just wanted peace and quiet, so she could think. She walked around her desk and towards the door, she opened it, to see Lloyd, he looked very worried Lloyd: "A storm seems to be forming, I am not sure if this boat can handle the waves, what should we do?" Evelyn: "Im... not sure.." Lloyd: "You aren't sure? You are the captain, you have done this before! How could you not know?" Lloyd would start to get frustrated at his friend Evelyn: "I'm just... not sure... I can't think, all the noise... I can't seem to get some quiet, and I am trying to figure out my own problems, figure it out" Evelyn went to push the door shut, but Lloyd kept it open Lloyd: "What is wrong with you? This ship might be easily sinkable! You really wat to risk losing your ship? Losing your crew members? Losing your friends? Maybe even losing your own life!" Evelyn: "Can't you just leave me alone? I'm sorry Lloyd, but I need to have some time to myself, I need to think.."
  11. EmberWing

    A List of my old Animations

  12. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (Im back, I had to feed the dog next door XD)
  13. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    (No its not lol I tried) (Ima get a frozen waffle and a a bowl of pretzel sticks)
  14. EmberWing

    Elemental Kingdoms

    She would look back, and up at Nyx She then looked back and opened the door to the Captain's Quarters, before she could go in, Lloyd stopped her Lloyd: "Willow doesn't know how to get back to Aquarius--" Evelyn: "Navigation room, now leave me be" She would walk in, removing her captain's hat and placing it on her table Evelyn: "Get ready for me, Aquarius. Hopefully your ' queen ' will make the right decision" She would feel... evil She wasn't going back just to raid a single ship, she wanted to raid them all, and maybe even destroy Aquarius She would question her decision, wondering if she would make the right choice But she didn't know which one was the correct choice To destroy her past home, or to leave them be
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