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  1. Wacom Intuos and pencil+paper https://www.deviantart.com/yizah-rayth/gallery/ this person does i think and their art is really good slfk nope! uhhhh sorta? i dont play mc as often as i used to anymore lskf
  2. three !! theyre not always circle!! theyre more like... round-ish squares
  3. everyones making one so yeah just ask me anything and ill probably answer it
  4. EmberWing

    art art art art

    uh and i have a ton of art gifs but they wont load on here so
  5. after a couple hours of trying to figure out how i'd be able to get this done, and actually drawing it- i actually did it the hair was hard sdf,kskgls
  6. How do i draw heads i just started digital art with a small wacom

    1. EmberWing


      uhh well i just draw
      a circle for head shape ;-;


    2. wafflecakes
  7. EmberWing


    sflsdkgsl yes it is
  8. EmberWing


    well, technically theres three humans with just ears/tail and the rest are furries/scalie
  9. EmberWing


    slkfsl theres like only three humans in the picture
  10. EmberWing

    is that a w E E D

    which led to this: sorry for the multiple posts ._.-;;
  11. EmberWing


    @Hagus @Eliphaz @BaconSandwich @Floofy
  12. ever since i joined the forums or anywhere tbh i've been a horrible person. over the past year i have been trying to fix my mistakes and become a better person- let me just say that old me was uh

    100% an attention seeker 

    and that gave me a bad reputation and i have been trying to fix that and ive been trying to fix my reputation and i'm not talking about upvotes and downvotes- im talking about how im viewed by others. i have made so many mistakes in the past that im just?? i understand that some wont forgive me and thats perfectly alright!! i went back through everything ive done on the forums and i laughed so many times i was just overall a dumb person. i caused so many fights and just unneeded and unwanted drama and im so so so so sorry. the more i think about this apology the more stupid it seems to me. i have changed so much since then and still, there's so much i need to work on and so much i need to apologize for!! i dont even know how to put this into words but i just hope that you understand that i see my mistakes and im working on it-- i really really am. im not saying you have to forgive me i just want everyone to know that i am so sorry. so so so sorry. im sorry that i had horrible grammar and talked/acted like a five year old. im sorry that i made those shit ship renders. im sorry that i called everything i did ugly and terrible and called myself a bad person for attention ("but ember youre calling yourself a horrible person right now!!"). im sorry that i caused fights and drama and just lfkslfkld hhhhhhhhh- these are all bad things, but at least ive learned from the experience and finally realized that i wasnt liked because of how i acted. and im glad that i did something about it. i am so thankful for everyone who has helped me along the way as well, without my friends i really would still be.... whatever i was-- okay well, i really just wanted to say that i apologize for the way that ive acted and im going to try my hardest to be..better, from now on ; -;;



    im sorry i really needed to apologize, it's been on my mind for a very long time and i just slfs

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    2. Jake_28


      Actually i eat drama.

    3. __Mine__


      There's nothing wrong with vent renders in my opinion, since sometimes they are the very things that bring out the creator's best work; when the creator has a personal connection to the subject matter.

      Obviously this has sadly been given a rather bad reputation on here due to trolls exploiting it for sympathy-upvotes, so even mentioning such a thing tends to get downvoted, whether you're being legitimate about it or not. Though to be fair, nowadays it can be pretty hard to tell the difference between "genuine" and "fake" in this regard...

    4. Ethaniel


      That's great, Im happy for you. The only thing you can do is improve as a person and you're doing just that. 

  13. i could click on it just fine though? i just clicked where the name would be
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