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  1. For the test I will use the simple mobs with out extruded face and I am good at making Rig skin for other rigs i will need a texture maker
  2. Hi dude I can help you in Rigging and my Animations are not bad
  3. anyway Have you downloaded the rig?
  4. you are looking for images? do you have the link?
  5. I dont know how to use Imgur and its link I apologized
  6. At last I post my Template These are some of its option +Auto3D +Bends are like C4D +3D parts dont break while bending Before using the Rig, please read the "Read Me" Im sorry about posting Image and my English / I hope you Enjoy Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zibie8xa9acwhyy/DarkKnight+Template(DKT).rar
  7. I need meme face textures and sound tracks that Ghost Animation (youtuber) uses in all his animations they are funny and they make the Animation more funny PLZ help me Sorry if I have problems in English
  8. I think it could be Cinema4D
  9. DarkKnight

    Ocelot Rig

    ok I would do it
  10. DarkKnight

    Ocelot Rig

    in Iran those sites are filtered and I dont have VPN do you think my rig is Bad?
  11. DarkKnight

    Ocelot Rig

    after wolf rig I make Ocelot rig I put a poll on top it's about next rig I hope you enjoy it download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/314ahw24d1d1i1b/Cats_Rig.rar/file I couldn't upload pic or video
  12. DarkKnight

    Wolf Rig

    ok after shcool's exams I would make
  13. DarkKnight

    Wolf Rig

    like what? every thing u say I would make it next
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