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  1. ***I DO NOT OWN THE ORANGE JUSTICE DANCE CYCLE NOR THE WEIRD DANCE ONE (the one @BoltedJames is doing) CREDIT GOES TO THE PEOPLE WHO MADE EM IF I CAN FIND THEM BOTH*** Download in the desc. of the video cus once again lazy to bring it here
  2. Mineshaft Animation

    Happy B-Day to me

    Happy birthday big bird
  3. Mineshaft Animation

    Orange justice cycle

    https://gyazo.com/47c007afed7fcc5827c618d284ac5f03 WHERE WE DROPPIN BOIS?
  4. Mineshaft Animation

    Orange justice cycle

    Here come the memers
  5. Mineshaft Animation

    Anybody have a B.a.l.l.o.r.a rig from fad that I can use for Mineimator?

    Atleast you have the guts to talk here with a lot of complaining children about FAD/fad
  6. Mineshaft Animation

    Protect and Serve

  7. Ay bro sorry there was something wrong with your interests so I fixed it for you, thank me later


    1. 9redwoods


      Oh, that wasn’t a mistake. Thanks anyways. 😂 

  8. Mineshaft Animation

    Endless (2K)

    tbh it looks ok but it doesn't really have the FEEL of the good old days.. but atleast you tried
  9. Mineshaft Animation

    Protect and Serve (Looking for a few voice actors)

    it's alrig- wait broda... is dat you in yor profule?
  10. Mineshaft Animation

    Protect and Serve (Looking for a few voice actors)

    Go ahead it's open
  11. Hello! I am currently looking for a few voice actors for an animation. If anyone is interested you can record your voice (obviously) and read the lines I have down here. (Serious moment, sound more scared/willing) All available units we have a 10-64. (Officer) 10-20 dispatch? Downtown on Blocksvill Ave. suspects vehicle is a black 2015 F1-50. (Officer) 10-4 dispatch show me responding. (Officer 2) Suspect just 10-50ed into a mail box. (Officer 3) Suspect is now on Forest Hill St. (Officer 1) SHOTS FIRED SHOTS FIR- *cuts off* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Serious moment, sound serious..... yee) (dispatch) All units we have a panic button set off at grandalmill Rd. situation is unknown. Please respond. (Officer 4) Show me responding code 3 (Officer 5) 10-4 responding as fast as I can, est. time arriving on scene is 1-2 minutes (Officer 6) Dispatch I'm in the area, 13 seconds est time on arriving. (Officer 6) Dispatch requesting a 10-52 we have an officer shot, on the ground, seems to be a kid next to him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Yet another serious moment, sound more... annoyed/bored for the news reporter and sound serious/sad/a lil pissed off for the chief) (News reporter) Breaking news coming from you live at Dallas fort worth where we just received a report of an officer shot, chief of the FWPD is here now giving us details of the situation. (Chief) We are currently searching the area for possibly 2 suspects that are armed and loose, I have also just received information that this was a street race at first but ended up being an MVA, Officer Daniel is now in the hospital and we will be praying for him to make it through the situation he is facing right now. I am really hoping for this project to turn out really good. Thank you for reading this post. also just send me it thru like an unlisted video or google drive idk idc.
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    What Are You Guys Listening To?

  13. Mineshaft Animation

    How I Make My Videos

    Holy crap I should start using a computer!
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