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  1. I’ve never realized how terribly animated the GTA V police lightbar (the modern one). Really is making me wanna buy the game only to release a mod fixing the dang things. 

    1. DragonPixel
    2. 28stabwounds


      bruh i can relate the baton is just pure plack 

  2. So basically the "Justice for women" movement will one day find this and will use it as their own comic to show "proof" that men are just the "worst" *cough* anyways. Great job.
  3. Ok, buddy. You're not making much sense here with any of this.
  4. So.. you're saying this option has no use for you at all and you want something completely different?
  5. I believe they don't know fluent english. Judging by the fact that they somehow quoted your english comment into what I believe is japanese.
  6. That’s not the moon idot, it’s obviously a Capri Sun
  7. I was going to post something else that’s bothering me with Fort Worth, Texas but I just wanted to give a quick update that the girl from yesterday is now having a relationship struggle with the guy she just started dating. 




  8. Yes I use this, no I don’t post a lot of my creations public anymore like how I used to, no I don’t know who you are but the name sounds familiar.
  9. I watched the voice actor for gumball’s video about minecraft. Gotta say, the dude really speaks truth about the other versions of the game.

  10. Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin/Mineshaft animation. So today I was being bothered by a girl who was on my friends list and I barely knew who she was. She was asking to date me, I asked her “How would that work exactly? We don’t even live near each other” and she claimed she would try and make it work out and also claimed she wouldn’t cheat on me. 2 hours and 13 minutes later (specifically timed) I come back to be honest with her. I was going to tell her I didn’t know how to respond to this and that I’m not really up for dating people I barely know (in the nicest way possible [plus I don’t do online dating anymore]) but before I could finish my message I get this..


    Introducing, the Ithot xR



    Tbh it’s normal for me nowadays for people to tell me they have(/had) a crush on me or if they want to “date” straight away. I mean I had to reject a Junior high student (girl [Plus in the nicest way possible]) at this place I’m volunteering at because of the laws we have here in the American school/work system. I can’t remember what it says exactly but it is strictly against teachers/workers/volunteers dating students (Which I support due to many reasons [THE LAW, I'M TALKING ABOUT THE LAW]). 


    Anyways, that was my TED talk, thank you everyone for coming.


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    2. Ethanial


      Why are you (Straight) 

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      @Ethanial I’m in a few servers that I like that have a lot of gay people/supporters in them, so I’m trying to be clear on who I am and what I’m interested in.

    4. Ethanial
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