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  1. I only did the ones where people could see the characters at full. (From head to toe)
  2. Aight so I’ve finally came to a conclusion about rejoining the furry fandom again.


    No I will not be rejoining anytime soon.



    The fandom has not yet fixed itself.

    A friend of mine decided to go around and test behaviors within the furry fandom.

    It first started out in an old discord server I was co-lord in (which is now corrupt) when I was going through a tough time when the owner was calling out people for being my friend/knowing me. He decided to join the server and get answers. But this was the day when he started testing the behavior. The moderator he wanted to get answers from is a furry, so he decided to throw some insults in a private chat (where no rules imply) and the moderator took that personally and banned him a few minutes later before he could get actual answers from the owner. (Reason why I’m not mentioning the name of the server is because I strictly asked not to be mentioned in it ever again. So I’m doing the same for the server itself and will not mention its name). After a week of research, going through multiple furry discord servers, throwing insults, jokes, cursed images (harmless curse images with a furry in em), mentioning a furry discord employee abused his powers, and they all still took it personally. 


    Really disappointed me. Was hoping to have a reason to come back. But I’d rather not be part of anything else that still has toxic members inside. (And yet here I am on the M-I forums)

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    2. Ethanial


      Cubic the Furry fandom is beyond toxic.

    3. Rollo


      I mean, if we had a Mine-imator convention it wouldn't be nearly as bad as Rainfurrest turned out. I'd say the furry community goes above and beyond in toxicity.

    4. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      (i'm not actually in the furry fandom anyways)

  3. For the people who want to identify the characters. I don’t know any of them. But I suspect the doge is going to be a room mate in the future.
  4. Anyone notice how there hasn't been an update for model bench for a whole year and 2 days?

  5. But still, atleast make it a little bit brighter. I can’t identify any of em. It reminds me of the crappy photo evidence Fort Worth Police Department shows.
  6. Maybe because most of us don’t like to turn our brightness up to 100%...
  7. Turn on your lights in your dark room then you’ll see the problem.
  8. You’re kidding, right? That thing is dark af and I didn’t even notice it til now.
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