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  1. Oh you just turn off “texture filtering”
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Mineshaft Animation. Some of you guys might know or maybe remember me. 


    I’m back on here on the Mine-Imator forums to update on what’s happening since someone asked: I’m doing fine, school issues and troubles with my older sister. I’ve been doing some film making irl and decided to help my friends out with film projects.


    Now that is cleared, let me tell you what I’ll be doing for the future: I won’t be on the forums 24/7 like how I use to, Background characters cycles v.2-any other versions will be CANCELLED, and light bar rig v.3-future versions will be PRIVATE! Meaning I’ll only give it to people I trust or for people who make vehicles on M-I.


    The reason for BCC being cancelled:

    I don’t want to give out a bunch of cycles to lazy animators (even thought it is meant for em.. lemme continue explaining). I’ve realized this when I was animating a few of the cycles for v.2. The purpose was for BCC to be used for background characters (for... lazy people ofc) but I saw a small preview of an animation on a discord server using my pack for the main characters instead. I was a little scared because if I keep having these cycles come out we may never actually see real animators nor will we see original work from beginner animators. Really sorry for the people who wanted the rest. I’ll be giving Jeweled wolf her cycle she really wanted but that’s it.


    Thank you for taking your time reading this.



    Also p.s: I hired a “friend” to lurk around the M-I forums and look for any complaints of downvotes. And I must say I’m really disappointed. Most of ya’ll are around the ages 12-15 and you’re here complaining about receiving a damn downvote. GROW UP! You’re just receiving digital points from a website that isn’t as popular as other websites, just because you received 1-3 downvotes doesn’t mean your little world is going to end. That’s all I have to say. Have a nice day.

    1. Yoshifan33


      I'm glad you're okay, at least. I hope the film turns out okay, and I think that canceling BCC v2 is a choice that I have no opinion on.

    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Well if we ever get to the point where I don’t have to worry about these kinds of things maybe I’ll continue working on BCC v.2.

    3. TheJeweledWolf
  3. can someone tell me what's going on with mineshaft?

  4. Mineshaft Animation

    Superbowl (Jack and Tug)

    Yes, sharp pill shaped brown ball which also identifies as a soccerball in other countries! Very very bad! *I do not understand the concept of football at all*
  5. I logged back in only to see people disagree with me saying we can make our own physics, ethan not accepting criticism, people getting into a beef, and such such... Lemme know on discord when I can come back to a normal forums. And to the 2 PMs: I’ll check you out later.



    *also I got a total of 29 notifications, the ones with ethans wallpaper consists of half of em*

  6. Mineshaft Animation

    Why does MI render improperly?

    You can’t hear a tone in text, but you can see it, and what I see in my point of view with 9redwood it looked like he was blaming the software itself. But we can not confirm nor deny that he is blaming the software.
  7. “Some things can be either left done or undone. But life will always be left undone for your future and done for your past.” - Benjamin, 2015

  8. Mineshaft Animation

    Work bench physics

    Advanced animation program users have a problem with our program not having physics.. I’d show em this and say “we can animate our own”
  9. Mineshaft Animation

    Mine-imator 1.2.2

    Sooo just an update to banners?
  10. Opinions, criticism, and thoughts > feelings

  11. Mineshaft Animation

    Spiderman Into the Spiderverse [4K cinematic]

    Heyyy that’s pretty good! Also keep in mind: I’m trying to remake the police responding to Myles “kidnapping” our spiderman... Just letting you know so I don’t have people think I’m taking ideas from you.
  12.  My ancestry DNA results came in today!! I’m so happy that I’m part Irish!!! B090E746-F2B9-434B-9ED0-2483E1A641CE.jpe


  13. Mineshaft Animation

    First Wallpaper

    Not bad for a first wallpaper.
  14. Mineshaft Animation

    I am in need of some constructive criticism!

    2012-2014 minecraft rigs style nostalgic moments
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