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  1. That's pretty cool, how did you do that? By the way you can take out the watermark for free by just registering
  2. I had the same problem, but I rely a lot on walls so its a problem. Guess I'm sticking with 1.15 for now
  3. Diorite walls does not connect when importing terrain as seen in the door, it leaves a hole
  4. Fair enough, I do agree probably the guy inside was a bit hard to see since its so dark and custom walk cycle is one thing I need to work on for a long time
  5. How did I do this time guys?
  6. Alright I listened to your advice changed some things. Made the edge more foggy, added some more buildings in the background, darkened the shadow and removed the station platform light. Keep in mind this is right at the edge of the set so that's why the edge is more defined, the station platform is quite long after this part. Here's just an opening shot
  7. Hello guys, I was wondering if you know how to better light this scene? It looks really flat and I know for sure it can be a lot better, but I don't know exactly what to do. Any ideas?
  8. I watch your animations and they look so smooth man. There's definitely like some sort of skill level difference that I don't know how to comprehend

    1. OzFalcon


      Thank so much :)

      I'm still far from amazing but it's a lot of practice

    2. CraftyFoxe


      I have a question on how to animate characters with folders. So do you make it so every single limb and head has it's own folder and does that folder go into yet another folder.

  9. Thanks for giving me feedback, I appreciate it. I do need to utilize folders a lot more. I thought I could manage without them, but if people hate it this much, it must be really bad. I wouldn't mind negative feedback as long as it gave me some sort of lesson. Last time I posted this, I got downvoted by 2 people and then a 3rd guy wrote in the comments pretty much that sucked and that was it. And one of those guys put in the effort again just came back in spite to downvote again. If that isn't hate, I don't know what is. There isn't a whole lot of people animating vehicles around here and I wish there was someone I can look up to, but everyone is doing characters so Idk what is considered natural for a blocky minecraft car. I agree though obvious things like clipping is def can be fixed. The worst thing I want to do is make a really unrealistic animation, so I will try better next time to practice more
  10. Let me know what you think, what can I work on, since last time I post this a lot of people hated it
  11. I appreciate the feedback, quite new to the whole putting folders to animate individual axis, this was actually the first animation I tried doing that with the camera, but I haven't really though of using it to animate other things. You make some good ideas on what to improve on. I'm happy you think its a good animation. I know I still got a lot of stuff to work on, but I think I improved a lot from previously and will continue to learn how to animate well
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