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  1. This is the fourth time this has happened to me. Whenever I render certain projects (usually longer projects, but once it happened to an only seconds long project), at some random percentage, some Win32 error pops up (what it says varies, but it says something about being unable to create some stencil or it's unable to accomplish some task). I was using MI version 1.2.2 this time and it has become a recurring issue. It even happens to projects I render a second time after the first time worked.
  2. Download Based on the 1.14 lantern from the current snapshots, this model is fully animatable featuring a toggleable chain and manually animatable flames (there are three overlays that you can toggle using keyframes). You don't need to credit me if you use this; however, I'd love to see what you make with it! I originally made this model for my own personal use in my WIP Diverse Pilot Episode (the same story for the Illager Beast [a.k.a. Ravanger] that came with the pillager and crossbow that I uploaded previously). But I think you guys could make good use of it too!
  3. Well, I was going for how the actual mob was (it bends like that in the actual mod), but I can make a smoother version. I don't plan to do an extrusion, I was looking to make this mob in the same style that mine-imator has the vanilla mobs.
  4. Yes, the Naga. The guy that hisses and falls apart as you hit it. One of the bosses from twilight forest (a mod for Minecraft that I own no rights to). It is fully animate-able. Download Dancing?
  5. Cool. I just wanted you to know, I've made the Illager Beast as well (It looks pretty much exactly the same), but it's nice that you've made all of this and put it together.
  6. I extended the due date so more people can have the chance to enter and finish their projects. February 18th is the new due date.
  7. A simple addition where you could set an object or body part to always point towards a set object based on the object's rotation point. Also, with the option for this 'point towards' to affect a body part's bending (so that when, the leg for instance, is straight the leg's lower half will continue bending towards the set object). This function could allow mine-imator users to be able to make their own IK for not only characters, but models and items and etc.. I assume it wouldn't be too hard to add.
  8. The idea is to make an animation featuring some sort of technology that you come up with. It can be a spaceship, high-tech bio armor, a speeder chase, or maybe even a meteor-sized robot, it's up to you. I want to see your creativity and imagination in your entry. Rules: No swearing No inappropriate content No gore The video has to be at least 10 seconds and at most 60 seconds You can have sound in your animation, but you can't have music You have until February 18th to send me your submission. PM me the youtube link to your completed animation when you are finished. (Also, if you are entering please say so in reply to this post, I'd like to know who's in)
  9. Actually, I didn't use much linear animation, It just appears that way. Thanks for your input though
  10. Huh, I had that problem before, but I thought I fixed it I don't know who that is ?
  11. UPDATE: Pilot episode is over 50% done! Pilot Episode Coming Soon...
  12. I don't know if you still need help, but I'm pretty good with modelbench
  13. Download So I looked around online for free armor walking, running, and movement sound effects, but, first off, I couldn't find many, and, second, they didn't seem to be free. So me and Power Animation made these sound effects for public use. If you use these, you don't need to credit us (attribution isn't necessary). These sound effects are of basic armor. These sounds include: basic movement in armor, walking & running in armor, jumping in armor, getting knocked down and getting up in armor, & getting hit with wood & metal in armor. I think these will be very useful to mine-imator users and hope they aid you well! I know it's a little late, but, Merry Christmas!
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