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  1. So, I've finished episode 1 and am moving onto episode 2. The following is a Teaser Trailer for planned Season1. And I need some more voice actors and maybe a music composer. Here is the link to the casting call If you are interested, Post your audition on the casting call. Note: There may be more roles opened later.
  2. I changed it to that that, but everyone kept saying I should call it a competition so I did Okay, it's just going to be a normal collab without winners
  3. Me and Power don't really have much to offer that we haven't offered already elsewhere. Unless you wanted something like specific voice acting, rigging, modeling, skins (things me and Power have a lot of collective experience with), or something like that. I mean, we could offer that as a prize, but I don't know if anyone would really feel it's worth it.
  4. Changed it to a 'competitive collab'
  5. Me and Power are hosting a collab! Have you ever felt the urge to yell something stupid on the top of YOUR lungs? Yeah? But that's not really important.:) The idea is that there is someone being annoyed by something. The animation can be as serious or as ridiculous as you want, as long as it is decent animation. The rules are as follows: Jokes cannot be offensive No Swearing No Inappropriate content No taking God's name in vain No Music, but sounds and dialog are okay No watermark Post-editing is allowed Max 3 entries per person Min 10 seconds - Max 30 seconds PM me a link to your submission(s) Entries are accepted until August 1st (We will use your mine-imator forums name for credit/ watermark, if you'd rather have us use you're YT Channel name, let me know)
  6. I saw a request for this in a random forum, so I decided to make it. Download
  7. Thank you. Also, I did do that.
  8. Sweet Dreams! The pillow can be moved and rotated, and the blanket can bend on the x, y, & z axis. Also, it can be switched to any of the bed colors if you import the texture for it. Download
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