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  1. Not technically a pic, but.... There's a download link on the video on YouTube.
  2. Riftjaw


    It opens, but there's no interior
  3. Riftjaw


    I didn't add glow to the rig, but it could easily be added
  4. I really like the 'chromatic aberration' camera effect.
  5. I didn't duplicate it on purpose, there was an internet error when I was posting one, so I thought it didn't post and re-tried.
  6. Based on Minecon's unvoted Mob D is Argoth's Hovering Inferno- To be seen in Episode 2 of Diverse... Coming Soon...
  7. Okay, thanks for the advice. Also, it's fine if it would take a while.
  8. So, I've finished episode 1 and am moving onto episode 2. The following is a Teaser Trailer for planned Season1. And I need some more voice actors and maybe a music composer. Here is the link to the casting call If you are interested, Post your audition on the casting call. Note: There may be more roles opened later.
  9. I changed it to that that, but everyone kept saying I should call it a competition so I did Okay, it's just going to be a normal collab without winners
  10. Me and Power don't really have much to offer that we haven't offered already elsewhere. Unless you wanted something like specific voice acting, rigging, modeling, skins (things me and Power have a lot of collective experience with), or something like that. I mean, we could offer that as a prize, but I don't know if anyone would really feel it's worth it.
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