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    I am interested in becoming a Minecraft Animator who is known by many people, including Indonesia.
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  1. [ZulFachrie_Animator] I Have Said That This Topic "Is There No More Updates For Mine Imator Community Build? Will the Version Stay Forever in Version 1.0.3?" It was uploaded by one of our colleagues [ReyZocKing], because [ReyZocKing] made an animation with Mine Imator Community Build. While our other crew [Minecraft Animator Studios Indonesia crew with me [ZulFachrie_Animator]] * except [ReyZocKing] | Very Awaiting Update From MI 1.3.0 Actually, the video on Youtube is just an old video * The video of 2018 before the formation of the team called "Minecraft Animator Studios Indonesia" The Channel and My Team Was Not That But The "F4 Channel Official" We Actually Only 7 People Only * Including me | We Are Developing Our Channel With Our Team. But That Seems Impossible, Because Now No One Believe In Us Again. -The Team Members- | FahruRozi_LBS | Damara_Tim | ReyZocKing | ZulFachrie_Animator | BlogKu_Internasional | Muhammad_ZulReyAlRo | Alif_Gaming | [IT'S NOT THEIR CHANNEL YOUTUBE NAME] [We're Working On Continuing From Weapon Change Animation]
  2. Okay I apologize, actually this topic was uploaded by one of our colleagues who use the MICB [Username: ReyZocKing], while I and another colleague [ZulFachrie_Animator and other Minecraft Animator Studios colleagues] are waiting for the latest update from MI who is immediately using Volumetric Rays. [THIS IS A PUBLIC ACCOUNT FOR INDONESIAN STUDIOS ANIMATOR MINECRAFT] So Anyone Who Posts Topics That Can Be Different People, Including One of Our Topics!
  3. I'm Sorry I Will Do What You Suggest To Us, I Will Try To Chat Privacy with Other Members
  4. [ReyZocKing] Is There No More Updates For Mine Imator Community Build? Will the Version Stay Forever in Version 1.0.3? I first made a Minecraft animation in 2017 December 17 using Mine Imator Community Build. But now it's 2020! We Really Want Updates From Mine Imator Community Build, I Am More Simple And More Comfortable Using The Mine Imator Community Build Version. But I Have Not Found An Update For That. I Hope Mine Imator Development (Nimi) Changes My Mind And Makes A Small Update From Mine Imator Community The Build [I Thought That The Most Expected Update Is: Supports ModelBench; Supports the Import of the World from Minecraft Version 1.14.2 and above, items (I hope it was added [because it is really needed once in a while]) and a few minor improvements. I dare say the Mine Imator Community Build Version is more convenient because some small points are: No Eating Lots of Memory; Supports Older Graphics Cards (And Does Not Take Up Much Memory On The Graphic Cards); It Looks Beautiful And Comfortable In The Eyes And Viewed. Maybe That Is All I Can Convey Who Agrees Upvote To Mine Imator Development (Nimi) We Minecraft Animator Studios Indonesia Hopes That Mine Imator Community Build Update Is Available. So We Can Work More Comfortable And Make More Animations.
  5. ok,Dah Di Subscribe... Ngomong ngomong RIG Mu Pernah Corrupted Ya.... Aku Juga ya... kunjungi.... Aku Paling Suka Video "Evolution of LMD minecraft Animation 2015-2019" Semangat..........................
  6. Saya Juga Mau Intro Identitas Saya : Nama Saya Muhammad Zulfachrie Nasution,Username:LickedRainbow Bergabung Sejak Tahun : 2020 (15 hari 6 jam Yang lalu)
  7. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm too late to make this topic, Minecraft Optifine 1.15.2 (Optifine HD U G1 pre13) was released on April 1, 2020. By the way, downloading directly from TLauncher is Guaranteed 100% safe and harmless, Direct Download from Optifine, usually installed for Minecraft which launcher Titan Launcher version 3 and above.And the proof is I did not get any problems when I downloaded optifine from the era of optifine 1.9.4 until now.
  8. I don't use Forge anymore (I used it during the Titan Launcher period), in TLauncher There are various versions available: Starting from Forge, ForgeOptifine, LiteLoader, LiteLoaderOptifineForge, and Release (* LiteLoader and LiteLoaderOptifineForge are only available in versions 1.7.10 and below [If I'm not mistaken]) and yes I'm not here to promote TLauncher Official OptiFine Is Not Yet Included The Official URL To Download Alpha or Beta from Optifine Minecraft 1.15 and above
  9. No It's Not TLMod, I Downloaded Directly From The Official Site, and I didn't download the mod (Actually, TLMod is for Downloading Mods for Minecraft Not for the Launcher itself wafflecakes But My Launcher is the Old Version (2.66), now the version (2.69), I'm lazy to update it.
  10. Finally, Optifine for Minecraft 1.15.2 has been released to the public (still pre-release) namely: Optifine HD G1 pre-13 Ultra (if I'm not mistaken, I doubt whether pre13 or pre-13 release) You can Download Via TLauncher. This is the proof :
  11. Wow, I Cannot Explain This, This Can Only Be Solved By Developers Only And Who Are Experts In Their Field
  12. Is your account issue fixed?

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